Shappi Khorsandi

Comedian writes book on being an Iranian immigrant in UK

"A Beginner's Guide to Acting English, Ebury Press (2009) is a funny and heartwarming memoir about an Iranian girl growing up in 1980s Britain. Five year old Shappi and her beloved brother Peyvand arrive with their parents in London - all cold weather and strange food - without a word of English. If adapting to a new culture isn’t troubling enough, it soon becomes clear that the Ayatollah’s henchmen are in pursuit. With the help of MI5, Shappi’s family go into hiding. So apart from checking under the family car for bombs every morning, Shappi’s childhood is like any other kids – swings in the park, school plays, kiss-chase and terrorists.">>>


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I find her to be very sharp

by Varnsen (not verified) on

I find her to be very sharp and spontaneously witty - especially when she's appearing on a BBC Radio 4 panel quiz, for instance.


Anonymous 77...

by Journalist (not verified) on

... not funny as opposed to whom? Djalili and Jobrani? Those bastions of originality and inspiration? Perleez


such a pity

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

she's so likeable but I find her so unfunny and full of cliches.


She's cute!

by Parham on


anonymous fish

yep... another one!

by anonymous fish on

just read marge's blog on azadeh's new book and came right here... lol.  i think i've got enough to keep me busy for awhile!  thanks to all for such great suggestions!  more power to you!!!!!

peace out.


Quick, the movie rights!

by Mazdak (not verified) on

Another film in the making about the plight of poor rich Iranian refugees from the IRI, penned by a liberated (look Ma, no veil) woman. Just kidding. She seems like a funny talent girl.


Great !

by Souri on

Add me to the list too!! I will pre-oredr it right now. thanks

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek


by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Here I come pre-order city.


This is fantastic! Knowing Shappi's comedy,I must read this one!

by gol-dust on

This is great. I am familiar with the work of Shappi, Peyvand & Mr. Hadi Khorsandi, which I call "Three Amigos & Amiga!" We Iranians are truly blessed to have such talented and KHAKI family! I can hardly wait to read this book! God bless them all!