Norooz at Camp Ashraf (2008)

While Iraq contemplates relocating Mojahedin

Washington Post -- Iraq's national security adviser said Friday that the government intends to move an Iranian opposition group from its sanctuary near the Iranian border to a location where leaders and "brainwashed cult members" will be separated and the latter "detoxified." Mowaffak al-Rubaie's remarks about the future of the Mujaheddin-e Khalq, or MEK, were his most detailed to date on how his government intends to deal with an issue that has been an irritant in relations between Iraq's government, which has built close ties with Iran, and the U.S. government. The group received support from Saddam Hussein's government and has been designated a terrorist organization by the State Department, but U.S. officials credit the MEK with providing information about Iran's nuclear program >>>


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Here's my solution idea

by Ostaad on

General amnesty for any rank and file member who wants to go back to Iran, and war crime trials for their leaders.


Sag-e zard baraadar-e shoghaaleh

by Pontiff (not verified) on

MKO is the same as IRI
(different races ...., same masters)


بنگاه شادمانیِ مسعود مامانی



وای خدا مردم از خنده! البته مسعود خان بخشنامه کرده بودن که........
- به این سیاه بازی ٣٥٠٠  نفر «باید» بخندن، وگرنه بعنوان «اعضاء مسئله دار» من میدونم و اونا!

من میگم کنترل سه راه سیروس و حومه رو بدیم به اینا و بذاریمشون در رأس اتحادیهء مطرب های روحوضی، مبارک و خانم آغا ها، زنجیر پاره کن ها، مارگیر ها، پرده خون ها، طلسم نویس ها، سر کتاب باز کن ها و رمّال ها.......   موافقین؟
 گر چه سیاه بازیشون هم مثل مبارزه شون بدرد عمه شون میخوره ولی بالاخره باید به یه دردی بخورن نه!

پی اس.
پونصدی! وقتت رو حروم  نکن واسه بر چسب زدن به من، نمی چسبه!



They are NOT the opposition

by Alborzi (not verified) on

MKO tries to get everyone including (AIPAC, JDL , USA ... ) to think they are the sole opposition to mullahs. You have to be a prostitute or you are agent of mullahs. In fact thats a lie, the real oppositions are students and the people of Iran. Even if its not perfect, there is some press coverage, votes and student protests. Iranians would listen to RP and Israel before they would consider MKO. The hatred for MKO is far far greater then those and RP and Israel are not popular either. I would trust Iranian people.

Paymaneh Amiri

From Camp Ashraf to Camp Nowhere

by Paymaneh Amiri on

Here's a blog I wrote about the recent news on Camp Ashraf residents. 


Outside their group of followers worldwide, the People's Mojahedeen Organization members inside Iraq is a doomed group these days.  Many Iranians disdain the group for its perceived collaboration with Iraqi government against Iran during the Iran-Iraq War.  Many others hold this group responsible for the emergence and success of the Islamic Revolution.  Yet some others scrutinize and dislike the group for its militant and Islamic ideology, believing that if ever in power, they would do a lot worse to Iranian people than the IRI has.

Just the same, a group of the organization's followers have been living in Iraq inside what is known as Camp Ashraf, trying to keep up appearances of bravado and legitimacy.  The truth is that since the US military turned the Camp's protection to Iraqi officials, the group has been a sitting duck in the fire range of Iranian government who of all its opposition groups, hates and fears none more than the MKO.  IRI has repeatedly asked the Iraqi government to turn the remaining Camp Ashraf residents over to Iran. 

An Associated Press report released just now says: 

"Iraq plans to move members of an Iranian opposition group from a camp north of Baghdad to remote areas elsewhere as it steps up efforts to rid itself of a major source of tension with Tehran, a top government official said Friday.  Iraq's Shiite-led government has long sought to get rid of the People's Mujahedeen Organization of Iran, which fought alongside Saddam Hussein's forces during the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war and is considered a terrorist organization by the United States as well as Tehran.  But the efforts have taken on new urgency as the U.S. military has turned over responsibility for the camp's security to the Iraqis, raising concern about the residents' welfare.  National Security Adviser Mouwaffak al-Rubaie gave no timeframe for the move and reiterated government promises not to deport or forcibly expel the exiles. But he warned that they must leave the country.  "The residents should understand ... that their days in Iraq are numbered and we are literally counting down," he told reporters at a news conference.  "We will not use force until, unless the residents use force against the Iraqi security forces," he said. "This whole process will be pain free if they cooperate."

Yes, people, we can continue to ignore a group of by now middle-aged Iranian men and women who seem to have no country, wanted only by their enemy, and who are about to be "released" from the only home they have known since 1986, Camp Ashraf, further losing any protection of their very lives.

But can we please also remember that they are human beings, too?  Can they not be saved and salvaged?  Do they not deserve to live the rest of their lives in a safe environment where they can be integrated into real communities of the world, able to work and conduct ordinary lives?  What do you think should be done with PMOI members left in Iraq?


It is sad

by mrlayl on

To feel like a dead man, walking. Have some compation.


PMOI stopped the Iran - Iraq war

by Iranian city in exile (not verified) on

They are not the best solution for Iran. But, they are the only one fighting the Mullahs. I encourage you to look at facts and not recycling Mullah’s misinformation against them. If there is hope for any change in Iran, they will play a significant role.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Anonymous 500

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Are you kidding? Kidding me? You guys were pawns. Saddam used you guys like toilet paper to kill Kurds and others who tried to over throw him. He used you against Iranians. Both times you lost. Kurds are now relatively free and autonomous. The Coalition even used you. The f-ing americans you tried to buy off with the "nucular codes". You guys are pawns. What will you do now? Start an insurgency in Iraq to stay there!? You are lucky they won't deport you like dogs. The new regime in Iraq, as close as it is to Iran, is being pretty nice, considering most of these people will be allowed to go to Europe. 



by siah baaz (not verified) on

"As much as I hate the current regime"

loool.. chakhan torki????. areh , hamatoon hamino migid. boro khanoom khodeto film kon.


MKO is a puppet to AIPAC, ADL, JDL, UK, US, all enemies of IRAN!

by gol-dust on

MKO did not know about the nuclear Power in Iran, it was AIPAC who acted on behalf of a RUssian Jew who passed on the information to Israel and ended up in AIPAC's laps. The fox AIPAC arranged a news conference whereby MKO was used as a mouth piece getting credit with the so called revelations! That way, the report got more credibility and belieability becasue MKO used to be Iranian citizens, and AIPAC and Israel were spared of any involvement (this is documend in books)!

As much as I hate the current regime, I hate MKO 100 times more! MKO is a real terrorist and taitor organization who should be send to live in Israel to help their spy agency! But, Israel wouldn't take them, it only uses them! Shame on MKO! MKO is all about power and self interests! Bunch of brain washed terrorists VA KHAEN!


The Only Terrorist is one who calls the Iranian Resistance Terro

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

First, "Ostaad," the only "Terroist" here is one who calls the Iranian Resistance "terrorist" or Saddam's "Garbages"! Got it? I hope so, because I don't have much time to tell you to go and read thousands upon thousands of documents that have been published in the past 30 years around the world recognizing the PMOI as a legitimate Resistance Movement against the God Father of International Terrorism, the Khomini regime.

Second, the PMOI has been put on the terror list because Europen and American Governments shamelessly attempted to deal and wheel with this criminal and terrorist entity that has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Iranians in the past thirty years.

Third. the PMOI has now been delisted by 7 Europen High Courts of Justice that unlike you and your ilk, understand the meaning of legal defense and exculpation processes in a court of law. It simply means that no EU or american Gov has been able to provide a document to the court showing that PMOI acts in the capacity of a terrorist org.

Fourth, the PMOI, unlike you and your ilk who act as the garbage mouth-piece of of the Khomeini regime, are welcomed in Iraq by the people of Iraq as documented by a wide range of Iraqi national and international sources. There are all kind of published documents that attest to this fact that any one interested can check for themselves.

Fifth, no body has said FU to the Iraqi Gov, but the PMOI has said that the members of the PMOI in Ashraf enjoy the status of Protected Persons which is an internationally recognized status based on 1945 Geneva Conventiosns. The Iraqi Gov is a signatory to those conventions thus it can't touch Asharaf, can't dismentle it, can't force the Ashrafis out of the camp and can't send them back to Khomeini regime to be summerily executed. Is this what you desire?

Sixth, it is only the GARBAGE Khomeini regime and its supporters who regularly demonize the PMOI on a regular basis on this and similar BBs as a terrorist organization and that includes you too, despite the fact that you call yourself "Ostaad" (ay zereshk!!).


Anon...500, what's exactly...

by Ostaad on

"illegal" about the elected government of Iraq's plan to put Saddam's garbage into another dump? Iraq is a sovereign nation with an elected government, which I would not insult if I were MKO and I wanted to stay in Iraq any longer. This government as decided to clean up some terrorist mercenaries left over from Saddam's era. Are the MKO terrorists are going to tell the Iraqi government, FU we're staying here and you can't do a damn thing? Is MKO arguing Ashraf is autonomous because the MKO terrorists "built it" themselves. Is there anyone out there among you who is still capable of contemplating reality?!!!


Is this what bothers you Mr. Abarmard?

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

:-)) Mr. Abarmard, it always amuzes me when I look at the NIAC and its "smart" representatives on this BB whose one and only prioirty is provide a breating space for this regime; I guess, in your "CULT" of samarties, the IRI does not act like the Pol Pot!! It is the Opposition and especially the PMOI right? That is why any time you hear the name of the PMOI you start shouting t the top of your lungs that if the PMOI were to to get the power, it will act like the Pol Pot!

If you believe that this is cute, it aint and I will tell you whay. There was a time that those political gadflies, the likes of Amir Ahmadi, Gary Sick, Bani Sadr, Bhaman Nirumand--way smarter than you and your buddies in the NIAC--used this "Ablah" to-its-core analogy to demonize the PMOI ironically when the IRI was busy killing left and right every one who voiced a concern about its crimes. Now it is your time, a political simpleton, to use this type of "samrt" politics to demonize the PMOI.

What is comical is that the likes of you, with some sense of provincial "justice," have no problem in demonizing the PMOI as you try to persuade the world-over that this crime ridden IRI is redeamable. This is quite understandable as this is what a lobbyist of the IRI is supposed to be doing, but what is interesting (for the likes of me who despise this regime w/out ifs and buts), is that subconsciously, you seem to sense it that the alternative to the IRI is a democratic government that will come sooner or later and, mind you, the dynamic and historical engine for this eventaulity is none other than the NCRI and the PMOI.

Is this that bothers you Mr. Abarmard? Is this the reason why you want to persuade the world that the PMOI is worse than the IRI?


What's scary is how

by Patriot (not verified) on

What's scary is how backwards the Iranian people have become. How can you call a group "brainwashed" when there's numerous reports coming from third party sources indicating the opposite. The only people that are brainwashed are those that refer to the group as a "cult", taking pages out of the Iranian regime's dictionary. If they were "Saddam's merceneries", wouldn't you think they would have been eliminated by now? They were involved in the Iran-Iraq war because the war was not in Iranian people's best interest. It was a bloody war carried on by Khomeini to keep him in power. Do your own research and stop repeating the Mullah's propaganda. They have been interviewed and are staying in Ashraf by choice. The Americans have offered them safe haven in other foreign countries but they have declined the offer. They are the only legitimate force against the Islamic Republic and the international community has come to realize that.

The terrorist Mullahs in Iran know of the threat the MEK poses and are trying everything, including offering financial contracts to foreign countries, to have them abolished. They tried with France and now they're trying again with Mowaffaq al-Rubaie in Iraq. The Iranian regime is losing its influence in Iraq, as its bankrolled agents continue to lose elections. This is the last opportunity for Ahmadinejad's gang to strike at the MEK.

They do have power in Iran and its evident by the slogans university students are chanting in their rallies. Massoud Rajavi is alive and has spoken to the people in Ashraf many times. The overwhelming support the group is getting in the European parliament, US, and Middle East is a hard pill for the Mullahs to swallow. The Islamic Republic's days are numbered and whether you like it or not, the MEK is only WILLING and CAPABLE alternative.


It's funny

by MRX1 on

how women and men are seperated (so much for equality of sexes) and women are wearing stupid hejab. And these guys are supposedly the resistance? vaghean ma mardom bad bakhti hastim.....


Interesting, scary, and puzzling

by Abarmard on

It always interests me to look at the cult of MKO. Dear I have a crush, their level of education as you have mentioned and their loyalty is what scares many. They are much more dangerous than the "normal"! fanatics and dictators. I would assume if they take control of Iran, they are more similar to the North Korean President and his style of governing the land. That is the scariest image that comes to my mind.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Why do you guys hate them so much?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Especially you all who might be itching for war? THANK THEM! They gave up the nucular codes that might help bring about regime change! Kiss their butts or hands, at least! 


This is a reposne of the

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

This is a reposne of the National Council of Resistance of IRAN (NCRI) ro Mr. Mowaqqgh al Rubaei:

شوراي ملي مقاومت:
انتقال ساكنان اشرف زمينه ساز يك فاجعه انساني است

همبستگی ملی - 8 فروردین
انتقال ساكنان اشرف مطلقا غير قانوني، از مصاديق بارز جنايت عليه بشريت و زمينه ساز يك فاجعه انساني است

همزمان با سفر پاسدار علي لاريجاني، رئيس مجلس آخوندي به عراق، موفق الربيعي, براي استمالت از فاشيسم ديني حاكم بر ايران، موفق الربيعي در يك كنفرانس مطبوعاتي در بغداد, به تكرار دعاوي غير قانوني عليه سازمان مجاهدين خلق ايران و ساكنان شهر اشرف پرداخت و از جمله گفت در نظر دارد ساكنان كمپ اشرف را به مناطق دورتر منتقل كند.
اظهارات آقاي ربيعي مبني بر انتقال ساكنان اشرف به يك منطقه ديگر عراق مطلقاً غير قانوني است و زمينه سازي براي يك فاجعه انساني در اشرف است. ساكنان اشرف هرگز خانه و شهري كه 23سال است در آن زندگي مي كنند و همه چيز آن را خود ساخته اند، ترك نخواهند كرد>>>FULL TEXT

Those who still think the PMOI is composed of a bunch of brainwashed individuals, should check the world wide campaign of Iranian supporters of the PMOI to get an idea as to what the PMOI represents for a democratic Iran of the future.


Idiot MKI

by Sarakbar (not verified) on

It is annoying to see bunch of mercenaries of Saddam still in uniform!!



by T.h.e.P.o.p.e. (not verified) on


Azarin Sadegh


by Azarin Sadegh on

I guess these people could work as haji firuz in Westwood, or seat-filler in Hollywood..:-)

Thanks Irandokht jan!  It was very funny! Azarin


Camp Ashraf, or Camp Shame

by hassan 09 (not verified) on

How sad, how depressing, and how revolting to see these guys end here and still remain uninformed and stupid. They should revolt against their leaders and returne to their contry and start a decent life before they reach their soon to come old age.

Multiple Personality Disorder

I couldn’t watch the whole thing

by Multiple Personality Disorder on


Men and women are still segregated. God help us if one day they commingle.


just one question

by anonymousjack (not verified) on

I only have one question I want to ask these "MEK". Just one.

What was their objective when they were fighting with Saddam against Iran? I mean, lets say Saddam was victorious. What then? Would they then be installed as a puppet regime of the Bathists? And what, all of Khuzistan and other parts of Iran would go into the hands of Saddam? Was this their deal? Give half of Iran to them and clench power in Tehran?

I hate the MEK more than anything. I'd take 100 Khomeini's over them.


It is very sad to see these guys betraying their own country!

by gol-dust on

It's indeed a shame! What politics and brain washing can do! When they are all together and have no outside contacts, their belief only gets stronger, if they question it they'll be be killed by themselves!

Ms. .....Trebek, you said: "....Israel did..." talk to terrorists.  But, ISRAEL IS A TERRORIST STATE! It was established by the terrorists and remains so up to now.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

These people are fascinating

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I'm not saying I'd join, but you have to admit that they are one hell of an opposition. Not only are they a huge number and loyal, but they are very educated, wealthy, and talented. It's very strange how brainwashed they are despite those other qualities :( What do they feed these people? I know IRI is bad, but how the hell do they draw so many supporters after all these years? Even the monarchists have dwindled. Also, isn't it true that Masoud is dead?

I also find it very very very funny that the US relied on MKO (terristsss) to fight another terrists. How can you trust a terrist? I thought we didn't talk to terrists? We did, Israel did, and hopefully it will not turn into some crappy regime change war. I don't know if they can f up Iran more but I think involving this group against monarchists and contractors will be a disgusting combination......without emphasis on the nation :(

Merci IranDokht.