Man jumps down building

Apparent suicide in Tehran




by capt_ayhab on

Dear Anony.9999

Seems to me you are the one not getting the point. Here are some stats from all arround the world published by WHO[World Health Organization]about the suicide rate in various countries.

Highest ranking suicide rate goes to Lithuania with 87.4 per 100,000, followed by Russian federation, Finland, Ukraine, France, Denmark, Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, Sweden and USA.

Question is: Why do people kill themselves? This is an extremely difficult question to answer.

Although there are many ideas or theories about why people commit suicide, there is no single comprehensive theory that describes and
explains all life-threatening behaviors, unless you have come up with your single theory of blaming it on IR?

The major theories of suicide can be categorized into: psychological theories, and biological theories.

Psychological theories of suicide typically focus on conflicts within the individual; the role of one's thought processes, emotions, and
personality characteristics; the person's developmental stage; and the ways in which the person's family functions.

Biological theories are based on the examination of biological aspects of suicide such as the influence of genetics, hormone levels, and
neuro-transmitter levels in the brain. 

There is a third and perhaps least favorable theory which is sociological theories.

My point is, which part of this complex problem you people have been able to solve, in which you attribute the world wide problem of suicide to IR regime only? Are any of the countries that I mentioned earlier under IR rule that we do not know of?

Deal is, it is because of stupid exaggeration like these that most every resistance and opposition group have lost their credibility.These exaggerations has gotten to such a ridiculous level that some people even blame the recent soccer loss of Iran to Saudi as product of IR. This is to say IF IR was not in Iran, Iran would have been the world cup winner VERY YEAR. Not to mention all the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in Olympics.




P/S MiNeum71 khan, I did not mean to repeat your numbers just wanted to make few points there.


Dear "OmidKarimi"

by MiNeum71 on

According to WHO there are no saved data of suicide rate in Iran for the last years. European part of the former communist empire, rates rose dramatically in the last 10 years, these rates are also quite high in the USA, Canada and Australia, following by the Western EU countries. According to the inofficial data of many NGOs also many people, specially women, in Middle/North Africa and also in the Middle East and India commit suicide.

You´re right, suicide has no country or religion, it´s root is hopelessness. I critisized Iranians not because of this suicide or this one clip, I used UN data to show the sad and embarrissing abuse rates (women, children, animals, criminals, minorities). And these data, which are not political propaganda, show the advanced cultural disease of the Iranian society.




by Alp (not verified) on

RIP poor young guy!

I don't understand the political debate over this. This poor guy was probably suffering from depression.

Someone should contact YouTube and ask them to remove this disturbing video. I think posting murder/suicide videos are against YouTube's policy.


I have seen iranian

by notsurprised (not verified) on

I have seen iranian execitive in high tech company who lies and laughs and uses iranian worker and then gives promotions to israelies to please his boss. Then when the guy leaves his team he tells everyone he was no good but then he calls the guy and says: you are great, can you come to fix my computer at home.

so some iranians are not as good as you think they are. this video proves it.


iranian ?

by gholam hossein hajiagha (not verified) on

this is Iranian
یکی نرفت کمک کنه خندیدن این چهره واقعی ملت ایران برو زندان سیاسی نویسنده ..شکنجه شو برای کی تو کانادا سر پول چاقو کشی می کنند اسلحه رو هم ...تو لس آنجلس هم همین طور...بعد من اریکاتوریست برای این ملت خودم رو فدا کنم پاسپورتم داره حاضر می شود لطفا سابقه خراب من رو از روی ایرانیان بردار
احترام سلام علیک را نگهدار
حاجی أقا

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

WOW what a load of bull this is

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

So these Iranians who chose to film this and laugh at it for entertainment represent the entire nation of Iran. Thank god/dog for youtube! And that dog who rescued the injured colleague in the other video represents not only all dogs, but also how Sh*TTY humans are. These are not stretches or exaggeration. This is called "MiNEUM's law".


Age of DOGS standing on a higher MORAL ground!

by 135 (not verified) on

Nowadays, crowd's reaction is usually the same whether west, east, north or south.

I bet each and every one of you at least once have seen similar stupid encouraging crowds on tv. Prior to 60's people's reaction even in a film was far different than what see in real life since after. Movies and tv have gradually changed the natural human reaction, from caring and discouraging to cruel and encouraging.

Intentionally or not, there is a very powerful and sad message on today's pictory page;
Dogs rescue dogs
Humans encourages humans to suicide

And we "humans" use "Dog eats dog" in our literature!! hell man, we are unbelievable.


Well what about western

by OmidKarimi on

Well what about western nations were religion is a non-player, how do you explain the suicides there? The school shootings? Suicides are common in all societies. Unless you have factual numbers showing that suicide tolls are higher in Iran than say England, France or Germany, I cant see the point of your argument any other than thin casuality, or using the video of this tracig death as a cheap political club to wield with.



For movies/clips about Iranian society, check out my website at:



to capt-ayhab

by Anonymous9999 (not verified) on

I think you have problem understanding the point made by some posters. They pointed out that because of Islam we have poverty in Iran which is right, because of Islamic rules like banning people of having fun, dress code(imposing rules to people how to dress), lack of freedom of speech because of Velayat fageeh that is a islamic tradition and many other problems people see no reason to live and are very depressed. Believe me it is very easy to understand the point made by them, you just need to get rid of your Taasob and think is logical way. Islam plays a very negative role in our daily life and is like a poison for our society. Get it.


Let's be honest! This and

by Anonymousbaji (not verified) on

Let's be honest! This and other societal norms in Iran demonstrate the collective soul of the Iranian people. Who do you think the mullahs are? They are us and we are them. Our leaders reflect the soul of our culture and society. Deal with it.

We have a long way to redemption.


Dear "capt_ayhab",

by MiNeum71 on

I hadn´t got the point, sorry for that ;)  You´re welcome.



not suitable

by iranian4ever (not verified) on

I agree that this video should be taken down. Yes, I realise life is very tough for many folks in Tehran and this sorta thing probably happens a great deal and we feel for them all. But this clip should not be advertised here, it's sick and sensationalistic. Folks who enjoy this sorta thing already know where to find it.


Dear MiNeum71

by capt_ayhab on

I as well detest IR , and that is my exact point.

The oppositions, by making comments like these that the suicide is because of Islam are really discrediting it self. Can you imagine how ridiculous it sounds to say that people in Iran commit suicide because of Islam?

I meant that as satire to demonstrate how stupid it sounds. And thanks for you taking a note of it.




Some of you need to Pay attention

by Darvish maslak (not verified) on

Some of you folks have gone overboard and jumped the gun, based on what is merely in front of your eyes! Like alborzi said, has it even crossed your enstein-style intellectual minds that someone may have just called in and alerted the authorities but it was too late anyway?
Hey. I know that the IRI is absolute and pure evil, and some ofthe guys who are in this video are not the best this society has to offer in the compassionate and caring category, but quit unloading your misguided generalization of the people in iran and how demoralized the society is.


Dear "capt_ayhab",

by MiNeum71 on

I´m really not a fan of these IRI idiots, but you can´t blame Islam for this. Suicide has no religion or country, it has only roots called hopelessness.



April’s fool

by Gullible (not verified) on

What did you guys see that lead you to believe beyond a shadow of doubt that this was jump to death? May be it was a stunt.



by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

You are ab right my friend.


to sosad

by Anonymous&&& (not verified) on

Bravo, well said.


I wish Jahanshah would take

by ganselmi on

I wish Jahanshah would take this video down. It's obscene and pornographic in its own way, even though there is no sex involved. It was filmed by the same bunch that was egging the poor guy on to jump, and watching it makes us all complicit in their cynical apathy.

I feel so sad for my country seeing this. I know suicide happens everywhere, but Iran right now is such a social pressure cooker, such a monstrosity that you can't help but draw certain conclusions, not just about the young man jumping or the a**holes watching and laughing -- but about our entire nation.



Whether this has anything to

by sosad (not verified) on

Whether this has anything to do with influence of Islam or continued colonization/repression of Iran by foreigners including, Arabs,Turks, Mongols, Brits or whatever, one thing is clear: the country has a death wish.

When stoning, hanging on cranes, eye-gouging, limb-amputating, face and tongue cuttings, wife-beating, child-beating, polygamy, legalized prostitution (sigheh), Legalized pedophilia (age of marriage is 9), secret torture chambers are accepted norms of the society,

what does that say about that people of that culture??


Blame it on Islam

by capt_ayhab on

Reporting from Los Angeles and Washington -- The suicide rate among Army soldiers reached its highest level in three decades in 2008,
military officials said Thursday in a report that pointed to the inadequacy of anti-suicide efforts undertaken in recent years.

least 128 Army soldiers took their own lives last year -- an estimated suicide rate of 20.2 per 100,000, a sharp increase from the 2007 rate of 16.8.






by capt_ayhab on

Specially the one cheering him to jump.

Does anyone know the faith of the man who jumped?


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

These a-holes are having a great time watching him then feign shock when he jumps?

Makes me wonder which is the greater tragedy.....that this man died, or that these jerks lived?


Daryush go get a drink

by MRX1 on

First learn  to spell your name correctly. second of all I am old enough. for your info I have been in Iran not too long  ago, in August as a matter  a fact. I suspect you don't live in islamic paradise, but then again none of you guys who support this filthy regime do. you are rude and obnoxious but then again that's standard for  all you omati boys. Finally it's better to live in a dream land or have positive dreams instead of facing mecca five times a day like a brian washed sheep!  


نظر من

Anonymous Mehran (not verified)

در این ویدیو بوضوح شنیده می شود که تماشاگران با دیدن پرش مرد بسیار ناراحت شدند.

نباید به آنها خرده گرفت که چرا می خندیدند. من دو بار شاهد این گونه صحنه ها بوده ام و هیچ کدام به خودکشی ختم نشد و فقط باعث راه بندان و مزاحمت برای مردم شد و مردم هم می دانند که بیشتر اوقات این موارد به پرش منجر نمی شود.

کسی که واقعا قصد خودکشی داشته باشد معمولا چنین صحنه هایی ایجاد نمی کند. برای همین است که تماشاگران ابتدا می خندیدند و سپس با دیدن پرش او شوکه شدند.


You got it wrong again

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Folks, I was not saying Japan is bad, all I was saying, "gooze be shaghighe che rabti dare", its not the guys religion, Japan was brought as an example, now they do it in Northern European countries (Finland but I am not sure and can't locate the article).
I also was pointing to the phenomenon of not believing the out come.
About Iranians not calling 911. It could be a number of issues, maybe they are not used to calling 911 as here.
911 itself may not be all that good, (I have not tried) but maybe they do not answer so promptly. Maybe someone called.
Essentially, you guys jump into conclusion too fast and you have your guy to hang him.


MRX1 yap

by Daryush on

Transfer the fault to one source. That's the way to fix everything.

For your info, Iran has always been like this, you just never knew.

The other thing is that most of these guys are not sure what's happening, and they react with sympathy once they know it's for real

Third, you don't know if someone had called the 110 or not, so don't talk none sense.

I am not sure how old you are and when was the last time that you lived in Iran, but if you don't know something, it's better to stay quiet and listen (read) so you learn. Rather than have opinion about everything that you obviously are clueless about.

Don't mean to be rude, but from your writing I can tell that you are in a dream land in regard to Iran today and probably Iran ever!


lower and lower

by MRX1 on

Mullahs have succeeded in making us a totally degenerate, uncompassionate, uncaring human beings and the result shows. In any half ass civilized society sane people will try to get fire dept and police involved and they go out of their way trying to persuade a person not commit  suicide, but here people are making fun out of it.. We have sunk so low in the past thirty years.....…..


Based on the formula provided

by Daryush on

With the great eyeranian scientists in this site, the Japanese government and religion is the worst in the world, and US is not too far off based on the level of suicide in those countries.

Faghat Irani mituneh K-- o beh sher intori rabt bedeh; honar nazd e Iranian ast o bas



by MiNeum71 on

This is the evidence of the bullshit Iranian culture. Committing suicide is always very sad, and in other countries people try to stop him from jumping. But in Iran? They motivate this guy during Matalak Zadan and having fun.

This country is full of Ahmagh-haye Vahshee-haye Beefarhang-ee, the social culture approaches zero. These people deserve IRI, death sentence and human being abuse.

Go to this article Dog saves dog, in Chile even dogs are more intelligent than Iranian people, in this case one dog saves another dog.

Shame on you, Iran,
Shame on you, Farhage Iranee.