by hadi khojinian

I put down the crown of vanity under my feet

I swear to myself

To live and breath only your air

I wash my eyes from time to time

So as not to let the freshness of your eyes get old

I soak my body in your scent

That takes me to paradise

Where I am pleased that

I exist

I am giving birth for you

Giving birth to the

Infant of my heart

Labour was not hard, but agonizing

My baby doesn’t know anything

What is wrong? or what the world is?

He doesn’t see black or white

Everything is green

Everything is orange

Everywhere is colourful

I can’t feed him

May I beg you to nurse him

While I am gone

They say your milk

Revives the dead

So my baby will grow

While I am gone

Come and take him

He is moaning


He is wailing

I can’t do anything more for him

Please take care not to catch cold

I will go out for a while

I need a break from all this

May be

I should go somewhere

I should meet somebody

I should do something

I will close the door by myself

I don’t want you to bother

I washed windows last night


If tomorrow isn’t rainy

The sun will shine on

You and my baby

I’ll come back some time


The time comes


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