Ali Daei

Sacked as Team Melli coach Ali Daei has been fired as coach of the Iranian national team following their 2-1 loss to Saudi Arabia in yesterday's crucial 2010 World Cup Qualifier. Iran's conceded two late goals in the match, and the defeat leaves them struggling to qualify in fourth place in Group Two with just six points from five games. Iran's official state agency, IRNA reports that the Iranian Football Federation (IFF) felt they could not ignore the pressure from both media and fans >>>


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For Daie Haters

by shirazie (not verified) on

Do not look. You are going to be wishing for Ali Daie.

They just announced the new Mullah Coach??? Oh boy, Turn off the light, party is over

At least I will be cheering for USA football team in 2010


I don't understand what the

by Meehan (not verified) on

I don't understand what the big fuss is all about? What is the big deal? We lost to the saudi's? So what? We lost our country to a bunch of terrorits in 1979 who are now running our country. You are worried as to why we lost football to Saudi? I am amazed.


Jeddan? Well In that case,

by KouroshS (not verified) on


Well In that case, since i am totally against fights and Ghahrs and forcing my ideas upon anyone, i will withdraw my offer to accompany you. How is that?
I can and DO take jokes, so long as the party i am dealing with demonstrates the same capacity. i don't think... i can say that you belong to that category.
Baba jann,. Khob why do you deny harfe rast. You don't receive jokes as well as you think you do.

I have enough hoseleh, for logical and decent conversations and not for tit-for-tat on end. something you are demonstrating a passion for.
I will always have fun doing so, And yes ali is very fat indeed. Whoever denied that to begin with?


Dear "TheMrs",

by MiNeum71 on

You ask: What the heck is personal anyway?, and then call me Minumum 69? I called you respectfully Dear "TheMrs", and you had to prove your Iranee-bazee? Is this Funny?

Besides, Ghar-kardan and Lajh-bazee is also very, very Iranian.



Kourosh, I can take your

by TheMrs on

Kourosh, I can take your comment word by word and direct it to you. But anyway, na kheily mamnoon, no need for the company. Biay dava mishe. You can't take a joke. But then if you don't and I say you don't you'll say why can't I take a joke if you can't take a joke. Hoseleh dari? Noch. Have fun watching soccer. Dai is still too fat.


Ajeebeh vallah!!

by KouroshS (not verified) on


How is it that you are free and azad in making jokes at anything or anybody, but we don't have the same right? This gets interpreted as us not having janbeh?
If anybody is here taking things seriously and is in an analytical mode it is you. Shame on us for being mean to you??? excuse me!! whatever happened to freedom of exchanging of opinions?? When you talk people need to look at it as only jokes, but god forbid is soemone calls you on something, they become Bi janbe, they are mean to you... etc. this is not being MEAN lady. Have some respect for the usage of the word.

Bezar maham berim yakam vase to ghose bokhorim ke ehsas tanhayi nakoni. heyfe.


Please refer to my first

by TheMrs on

Please refer to my first comment, I thought it was funny. It was a joke. Perhaps those who take themselves seriously didn't see it that way, that's ok, we all like different things. No biggie. But look at Kourosh's response to me.

What the heck is personal anyway? Who says any of this is personal? You people have no janbeh and are so fragile. I made a joke, Kourosh took it seriously and started analyzing it as if we all have to be sports experts.

I just said he's eating too much and looks like rafsanjani. Any one can tell these aren't reasons to lose a game. Come on. I didn't blame him. In fact I said blame IRI if you want to. I just went on to a braoder discussion that Kourosh was willing to get into.

As for familetooneh, IT"S AN EXPRESSION. IT"S A JOKE. If I tell you, get out of here, does that mean, come on, physically get out? Oh please... 

As far as my comments, I am often very nice and have fun with lots of posts here. If you see comments you don't like then maybe you focus on them and remember those. Man chi kar konam?

Minumum 69 your hatred of your own culture is pitiful. I would say, it shows a willingness to think others are better than Iranians. Now isn't THAT typically Iranian? To focus on things that appear to be negative instead of analyzing and recognizing different forms of the same behavior in others? I would say THAT'S typically irooni, but I'm not racist against my own kind. And I think everyone is the same.

Here's an idea. Hate me will ya? You want to leave Ali Dai out and blame me? Ok. You don't like a OBVIOUS joke? FINE. How about this deal, the Team Melli lost because of theMrs.

Hala bezar beram ye goosheh beshinam geryeh konam. Shame on you for being so mean to me. Aslan gooreh babaye ali dai. Be man cheh.


Dear "TheMrs",

by MiNeum71 on

One of the community members wrote once:

What is unique to Iranian discussions is, when the debaters arrive at a plateau, they proceed to have what I call a 'face-off'. They turn an intellectual argument into a 'personal' one as if they bear a vendetta. So they go for below the belt attacks. That's unfortunate. It is possible to argue and not get personal and, in the process, maintain credibility.

I don´t know why you always (in all discussion I´ve came across your comments) get personal and insult the people, but this is not ok. Stop Iranee-bazee and to behave typically Iranian.



Goornoone adame chiz fahm

by KouroshS (not verified) on

I have a crush on Alex trebek

Thank you for speaking the truth:)


The MRS. Ki asabanie? man ya to?

by KouroshS (not verified) on


You did not have to make it personal. Vaghean ke az khodet class neshoon dadi.

One needs to count others's grammatical mistakes, when she uses perfect grammer rules in her own sentences. Yours leave A LOT to be desired.
You want to "kaf" so bad, do some for yourself.
I wish That "resigned" would be the only thing you did not Understand...

This is not about denial of team melli not being able to deliver good results, As i said before. Like i said... what the heck. Why am i bothering? It is pretty much like banging my head against the wall.

Your theory is nothing but a joke. What does ali dayi's Kheek have anything to do with The game? Nakhori be divar. Kheili tond miri Javoon.Heyfe az oon divar...

Does he have to be a FAmeel? I am not offended by anything, I Just hate people Pointing the blame finger on Totally unrelated factors and elements. Okay baba, you expressed your opinion, but you do need to know the difference between someone else expressing his opinion vs the claim to know everything.

Oh, Thanks for your concern. I did take a pill, you know the kind you always take when you get all bent out of shape and angry as hell. I guess it does take one to know one. Hmm.. Thanks for commending me on my ability to maintain my compusre.
I know you have been there and done that too.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Stop debating like lunatics over Daei and his weight

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

This is so sad and serious AND unbelievable. A lot of people are depressed about this and you guys are talking about him going on a diet? I would also like to say, F saudi arabia va arabha. Iran will be back and strong. This will pass.


Suggestion to I.F.F, Staff and Team Melli

by Concerned-Iranian (not verified) on

What is gone is gone! Holding Ali Daei alone responsible for our collective failure as a Footballing nation is unfair...

Overhauling the whole entire Iranian Football Federation and Organization with Professional Coaching Staff, Plans, Football players, Player developments (From age 8 yrs.), Professional Leagues and Clubs, Mentality, Tactics and so many other real issues surrounding us as a Nation demands Real, honest,hard working people in charge with Millions of Dollars and relentless efforts in short and long term...

We all know I.R. wont do that for us, as they have not done anything right, proper and positive in Iran and for Iranians so far...

I have one short term solution for Team Melli Players and Coaching staff before their next game,

Please work really hard on your player's Diet, Stamina & Conditioning!!! I have seen pictures of their training camps and they look unbelievably below minimum standards for a National/ Professional Football Team, and you wonder why they get such poor results!!! ( The fact that they have made it so far has always been due to Individual talents in this Team!)

The entire Team Melli must Start run and do their entire training on a Beach Sand (Kish Island for example), so when they are on a Grass Pitch, they can actually play, have some ball control and run a little faster than most of their opponents!

Also, please start replacing your Chelo Kabobs diets with Acai and Guarana instead and watch the clip below to be inspired,learn and hopefully imitate:


Free Iran, Free Team Melli...


I freely admitted to not

by TheMrs on

I freely admitted to not being a soccer expert, merely a fan like so many others. I fail to see why you keep on insisting on this issue of expertise. Mikhay barat kaf bezanam?

“He got resigned” what the heck does that even mean? It’s a grammatical crime. Forget about soccer, why are you butchering words like this? I didn’t understand your sentence.Y

ou can sit here and talk about coordinated movements as if it’s ballet. But at the end of the day, no matter how coordinated these guys are, they can’t deliver the goods consistently. Chera mikhay deny koni akheh?

My theory for this loss is that Ali Dai is eating too much. The mountains of rice are blocking his view and let’s face it, too much tahdig clouds everyone’s judgment. You don’t think it’s the best, most detailed, informed analysis?...Boogh bezan boro kenar. For the record, I prefer Zidane to all of them. The guy plays the game AND puts on a great show. It’s 2 for the price of one.

Hala mage familetooneh? Chera behet bar mikhoreh? This is a free forum and I can express my opinion too. There's no reason to call a doctor. Not just yet. But I would like to suggest it to you. People who think they know everything about everything have...eeeshhheeooz!

Take a chill pill. I know you are more angry then everyone here put together. But you're doing a good job at mainting your composure and remaining loyal to your boyz. But if you keep it all in, you might start crying at your office meeting. So relax.


The Mrs. See a doctor aziz jaan.

by KouroshS (not verified) on

So many things you truly do not comprehend. You see the game as if it is only about winning or losing. I know that, it is what matters when it comes down to getting into major competitions, But if you really Understood the game you might have been satisfied with a tie, had you seen a real coordinated and well-played match between any two teams in the world.

I never Blame the IRI for a loss in soccer match or the government of any country for that matter. I can't believe that some people actually fall for the fact that a team's players were told to lose or to win! Bullsheet. It all comes down to what traspires on the pitch and nothing else.

Man deny nemikonam dali dayi's weight gain. what nonsense. But che rabti dare be mozooe loss? he could be as fat as kevin james or as thin as Motombo, so what???????????

Hamoon. You said it so well. You are looking to check out Nice behinds and cute faces, and that is why you are all coming up with all sorts of non-factual statements and comments not related to soccer.
One last thing. To say that "i play in my backyard but i am one of the best in the world" is not the same as having "caliber" or "class" on the international level in football. Baz dari Golabio ba Pashe compare mikoni ke!! I amtalking about those who have been playing on such a level and are well known.
I am saying that amongst all players of the world and in all Top leagues, If you look really closely, there are instants where someone like beckem, does not necessarily live up to the expectations.
He Got resigned??? dude jan, or Dudett jan, He has a 5 year contract and he has barely getting started, how canhe be resigned already? arz nakardam you are a bit misinformed?
He is on a loan to some other team . that ought to tell how badly Galaxy needs him!!


Daei is to blame!

by choghok on

It does not matter what Daei did in the past as a player. He chose to become the coach and should have quit much earlier just like Ahmaghinejad. I saw one of Irans game when I was in Iran,I think when they played against UAE. They play really terrible. Iran has good individual players but they do not play as a team and that is the coaches responsibility. He has to create the mentality so that the players play as a team.

Unfortunatly Iranians usually suck as managers, just look how the country is run and also most of our rulers in the past.

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim



by TheMrs on

I understand enough about soccer to be able to join the millions of NON experts who enjoy the game. But here's your answers.

- don't make any expert or even spectator's comments on something you don't quite know much about?

Why not?

- You have done a great jog bashing Dayi.

He's a public figure, if he gains weight I can comment on it.

- What is "loser quality team" mean anyway? new terminology?

Yeah, you like it? I wish I could copyright the expression. Ok it means a team that consistently loses at high profile matches. Now even if in it's own right, the team melli does good. The reality is that in comparison to teams who get in the world cup over and over and over, it's a loser team.

- Beckhem is the best player in the world

Nah not really. But for sure, he's been in better positions than dayi. 

- You know, the caliber of a player is not necessarily and directly proportional to the billions he gets paid

Sure it is. You cant say I play in my back yard but I'm the best. 

- In many games that he playes, especially here in LA, he displayed a lower quality than even a college player.

If that's the case, he won't get signed agian and he'll be a "loser quality player"

- iran's fan, you would appreciate a lot of techniques they demonstrated

This is competition for getting into the big leagues. Technique is nothing if they can't close the deal.  

- Padon me for saying this, but I doubt ifyou truly understand the game

You think millions of people watching soccer are experts like jenabeh ali?

- and think that just by throwing money on the issue and creating private investment funding, all the problems are solved.

Maybe not.

 - but for the love of god don't make any expert or even spectator's comments on something you don't quite know much about.

Get real pal. This is a web site not the court of law. We can all talk about what we see. You know more than me, fantastic. 

We all want them to win. And maybe they are great players and maybe the game wasn't all that bad. But wake up and smell the golab, they're not a winning team. Lots of reasons for that and it's unfair to blame one person. Blame IRI, they don't do nothing for this sport.

And Dai has gained weight. Eva chera mikhay deny koni? Besides, I'm a girl, I can watch just to see the cute guys. And I don't like seeing ghab ghab.


Different Game

by KouroshS (not verified) on

Omid karimi

Are you sure you were watching the right game? Our men were runnin' around confused? This. despite the fact that we Dominated the first 45 minutes and most of the second half. in terms of number of counterattacks and penetrations? DId you noticed how out of shape Their defensive line was, thereby giving Khalatbari the chance to send it over to shojaee, and how he took advantage of that chaos to score?

Get over it You cry babies.



by reality check (not verified) on

mahdavikia don't have two wifes, just one.

He just had a fair, which was over.


The MRS. What do you know about soccer akhe?

by KouroshS (not verified) on


I don't want you to take this as an insult, but for the love of god don't make any expert or even spectator's comments on something you don't quite know much about. You have done a great jog bashing Dayi. Great, Good job. What is "loser quality team" mean anyway? new terminology?
In your world, Beckhem is the best player in the world, which is really notthe case. You know, the caliber of a player is not necessarily and directly proportional to the billions he gets paid, and his kinda output for you is the gold standard. In many games that he playes, especially here in LA, he displayed a lower quality than even a college player. his team endured massive defeats with him as a starter.
Whereas, if you really watched the game and paid close attention, as at least a minmially knowledgeable football fan and NOT EVEN iran's fan, you would appreciate a lot of techniques they demonstrated, in this game and some of the previous ones, which were not based on sheer Luck.

Padon me for saying this, but I doubt ifyou truly understand the game, and think that just by throwing money on the issue and creating private investment funding, all the problems are solved.


Blaming Daei alone is wrong

by OmidKarimi on

We all saw the game. How the Iranian players celebrated the first goal like if they won a trophy, then layed back for the rest of the game as they did against Mexico in the last WC. The Saudis scored, and they were tearing the hair out of the Iranian player to get the ball and score more.

I would have liked to have seen Karimi on that field, Teymourian. But when I saw the game I felt that our players were better fit, had more talent, but for some reason, the strategy and tactics were completly out of reality. Anyone else noticed that we gave KSA's thin sprinters alot of space to move on? That they had robust formations, while our players ran around confused?Or that we absoloutly had no marking in our defence for every corner taken? (The first goal was even valid, KSA won the game 3-1)

And for those who are still breathing life into this dying flame, its gone, Iran wont see South Africa 2010. In order for us to do so, we have to win 2 of our matches and draw, AT LEAST. The best would have been to win all 3, something I doubt when our team draws against teams like Thailand... or needs penalties to win over Kuwait.

This is the price to pay when you blend politics, ego and business into soccer, it blows up in your face.

But then again, we did the same thing to Australia before 98, so now we know how it feels like.


For movies/clips about Iranian society, check out my website at:


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

The IFF felt they could not ignore pressure from both the media and fans.

So, the media and the fans make player and coaching personnel decisions? I guess that's why they have been so instrumental in their success over the years.

Funny, there's no mention of the role of the defenders and the goalkeeper in allowing two Saudi goals.


he doesn't have two wives.

by Assal (not verified) on

he doesn't have two wives. That was Mahdavikia..our once great forward midfielder who couldn't net the easiest goal possible in the Saudi game!


Too Bad!

by aaminian on

Daei is most definitely the BEST footballer Iran has ever had.  The
Iranian National Team has benefitted from him more than it has from any
other player throughout its 68-year history. So what if Team Melli lost a game to Saudi Arabia. After all, it's just a game. Besides, we still have three more matches in order to qualify for the WC 2010; a lot can happen in three matches.

They say "It is a lot easier to criticize than to create...".  Right now, that statement could not be closer to the truth anywhere than on this blog!

Please cut him some slack, give him some credit; he deserves it.


Perhaps one of the reasons

by TheMrs on

Perhaps one of the reasons we lost is that daie, the coach, is setting a bad example for his players. Why does he keep ballooning up? Put an amameh on him and he looks like rafsanjani. Someone needs to tell this guy to shut his pie hole and just put the fork down and step away from the rice. And now he's been fired, he's probably going to crawl in the fetal position with an ice cream bucket and chelo kabab every night.

It all comes down to practice. These players don't have top of the line coaches, sports doctors, massage therapists and so on. They don't get to play in the best fields on a regular basis. They don't travel under the most relaxing circumstances. You can't expect Beckam output when you don't give them posh spice. Come on people, get a grip. It's just a game. If it were more than that, the IRI would invest in it, which it doesn't. Now, let's accept we are being represented by loser quality team which happens to win by chance every few years or so. You don't like it? Create a private fund and start investing in them.


Hmm does he really has two

by aliali (not verified) on

Hmm does he really has two wives ?? i just read his bio and there is no mentioned about his two wives.



How is he going to feed his two wives?

by Poor baby (not verified) on

I wonder how he is going to support his two wives and children now!


Many Guilty Actors

by MiNeum71 on

Daei made mistakes concerning the tactical formation (there is no team in the history which has won the WC, the EC or the CL with a 4-2-2-2 formation) and there are probably better coaches for this team (Qotbi), but there are also many realities which weren´t caused by him:

The whole football system lacks professionalism. better coaches did not want the job. friendly games were cancelled by foreign governments because of politics, the abroad players are too weak to lead a team (it is not Daei´s job to show the players the basics. like Mahdavikia who failed to score alone in front the goal, Nekounam who failed to score not once but two easy headers into the goal, Rahmati who didn´t put a player to the second post, Karimi who behaves in a strange fashion).

Since 1978 we couldn´t make any finals of the Asian Cup (8 ACs) and qualified twice for the WC (7 WCs); our football meets many structural problems.

Besides, Daei was the one who reformed the national team after the embarrising matches in the AC´07; he brought Rahmati, Khalatbari,
Rezaei, Zare, Khalili and Shojaei.



blame also goes to some of the players

by Darya1001 (not verified) on

A few of our defenders did not do thier positions/jobs when Saudis scored both thier goals toawrds the end of the game which Iran was ahead
1-0 till about the 80th minute.

A few players on attack lost sure goals when they were one on one w/ the Saudie goali. In all there were 4 possibly 5 sure chances to score for team melli


Success and Failure

by Concerned- Iranian (not verified) on

Success and Failure are both the same , The only thing that separates them is Time...

Free Iran , Free Team Melli Iran...



by shirazie (not verified) on

Now put in the mix the missing link ..

Ahmednajadi pushed Ali Daei over the edge..