Seyyed Ali Shah

An open letter to Ayatollah Khamenei


Seyyed Ali Shah
by KamranBehnia

You did it, man ! On Friday June 19, 2009, you told your people to shut up !

Now, that was a fateful moment. Your well-articulated speech was heard and watched by the global village. You made your declaration loud and clear.

Loud and clear enough to be noticed and picked up by the future generations as a crucial moment of their history! Unborn Iranian children whose parents have not yet met will become familiar with your speech in their history courses.

All of us know those pathetic words pronounced by the late shah : "O' Iranian people, I heard the voice of your revolution." It appears that the poor guy was the first to call what was going on a "revolution". Everybody else was just talking about a "movement".

But you are no amateur! Facing unidentified social events, a head of state should closely watch his mouth. And in Iran more than elsewhere! I even suspect that you had a few words in private with the clown who had said "khas o khashak" a few days before. After all, "ridiculous" has never been one of those many unfavourable adjectives that the opposition likes to associate with your name.

In your carefully chosen words, there is no sign of weakness.  You were present in 1978, when the Shah gave that awkward speech and you know how it works. Give "them" a finger and "they" will ask for your whole arm. After all, then, you were one of "them".

Now you are at his place. You are the shakhs e avval e mamlekat.  And you are not going to repeat his mistake.  No revolution is going on here.  Just a number of loyal people having some difficulty with arithmetic and with admitting their defeat! You refused to give a fingernail! Nothing! Hichee! Rien! Nada de nada! Any sacrifice would only sharpen the appetite of the beast.

There is no way for those future schoolchildren to mix you up with Mohammad Reza Shah, that wimp.  You got guts. But those kids may have difficulty distinguishing you and Mohammad Ali shah, the one who had a beard and who ordered to bomb the Majlis a hundred years ago.

Do you remember your history courses, Seyed Ali? I am talking about Mozafareddin Shah's son who ended up in exile like all other rulers of Persia wince then and before the arrival of your mentor.  By the way, did you know that Khomeini's main achievement was to rule Iran and end up dying in Iran?

It is a tough job to rule this country, man. Since 1848, with two exceptions, no ruler of Persia has died of a natural death in his own country. You were close enough. What a shame! After twenty years, with a few words articulated on June 19, 2009, you deprived yourself of such a privilege.  

Kamran Behnia

PS- Of course, now you have no time to read such a letter, now. But, if you survive, you will have plenty of time later. For example, during one of those sleepless nights in Caracas or Moscow, wondering what went wrong and when...


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We leave the light on for you

by Majid on

By welcoming Mahmood AN  Moscow oppened the door for them already.

Nice piece.


He is not an idiot

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Say what you want, but one thing is sure he is not a coward idiot, he does not imprison his supporter ayatollahs, appoint a new president and take a flight to hell. Well he is more old fashioned in this regard.

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

Great piece of


Marg bar Diktator

by XerXes (not verified) on

Marg bar Khamenei


What a useless letter

by Mehdi on

I hope Khamenei doesn't spend time to read such a waste of time. Do you even have a point or are you just venting your frustration with life?



by Peypey (not verified) on


آغاز خروج گسترده پول از ايران

Nemidanam (not verified)

روزنامه ايتاليايي خبر داد: آغاز خروج گسترده پول از ايران

روزنامه ايتاليايي la stampa به نقل از يك منبع آگاه در اداره اطلاعات ايتاليا گزارش داد كه بانك هاي صادرات، ملي، سپه و ملت در 48 ساعت اخير شروع به انتقال پول از ايران به تركيه، مالزي، پاكستان، اندونزي و امارات متحده عربي كرده اند. پول ها با حواله هاي كمتر از 10 ميليون دلار خارج مي شوند.

طبق اطلاعات نيروهاي امنيتي ايتاليا پول از حساب بنيادهاي مختلف غير دولتي ايران كه تحت كنترل روحانيون هستند، به خارج از كشور منتقل مي شوند.فعاليت بنياد هاي مستضعفان , جانبازان، بنياد شهيد و ساير سازمان هاي مشابه تحت كنترل شديد ادارات اطلاعاتي غرب است كه با دلايل متعدد معتقدند از طريق همين بنيادها تهران به حمايت مالي از گروه هاي تروريستي در خارج از كشور، از جمله حزب الله و حماس مي پردازد..


آقازاده ای در بیت رهبر

Nemidanam (not verified)

آقازاده ای در بیت رهبر
که دستش به کودتا و خون آلوده است

آقا مجبتی-هیچ کجا ظاهر نمی شود تا عکسی از او در دست نباشد. او پشت کودتای انتخاباتی است.روزنامه گاردین در آخرین شماره خود، در باره کودتای انتخاباتی در جمهوری اسلامی نوشت: مجتبی خامنه ای - پسر دوم خامنه ای- یکی از عناصر اصلی برخوردهای اخیر و بازداشت هاست. مجتبی از حامیان احمدی نژاد و کلید اصلی دسترسی به خامنه ای است.

حساب بانکی مجتبی خامنه‌ای
با1 میلیارد و 600 میلیون دلار

منه ایدولت انگلستان حساب بانکی‌ "مجتبی خامنه‌ای" پسر علی خامنه ای را در یکی‌ از بانک‌های لندن به مبلغ ۱ میلیارد و ششصد میلیون دلار مسدود کرد. با آنکه دولت انگلیس از مدت ها پیش اطلاع داشت که این حساب بانکی متعلق به کیست اما بهانه ای قانونی برای کنترل آن نداشت، که با فاش شدن نقش وی در کودتای اخیر، این مجوز پیدا شد.

گفته می شود حساب های مشابهی در آلمان به مبلغ ۸۰۰ میلیون دلار به نام مجتبی‌ تهرانی‌ و ۷۴۰ میلیون دلار به نام فردی به اسم شجونی وجود دارد که در صورت اثبات نقش دارندگان این حساب ها در کودتای اخیر، این حساب ها نیز می تواند تا رسیدگی به آنها و مشخص شدن ارتباط دارندگان آنها با کودتای اخیر در ایران مسدود شود. مجتبی تهرانی می تواند "آقا تهرانی" رئیس مداحان طرفدار احمدی نژاد باشد که نقش مهمی در تمام حوادث 4 سال گذشته و در بسیج حزب پادگانی و حوادث 10 روز گذشته در شهرهای ایران علیه مردم و کشتار آنها داشته است. شیخ شجونی نیز از اعضای رهبری حزب موتلفه اسلامی و از جمله دست اندرکاران هدایت تیم های چماق بدست در روزهای اخیر است.

تا آنجا که ما اطلاع داریم، جمع پول هائی که افرادی مشابه افراد یاد شده در بانک های اروپائی دارند نزدیک به 10 میلیارد دلار است، که عمدتا پولی است که رانت های نفتی و دریافت حق کمیسیون در قراردادهای نفتی جمع شده است.


توصیه های عهد حجر سید علی خامنه ای

Nemidanam (not verified)

نواری از توصیه های عهد حجر سید علی خامنه ای
می گویند سید علی خامنه ای پیش از رهبری شعر می خوانده و موسیقی دوست داشته است . مدعیان این ادعا به پیپ کشیدن او شاره می کنند و می گویند او آدم روشنفکری است و آتش از گور اطرافیان او بر می خیزد ، ولی اینطور نیست ! در این نوار ویدئوئی که هیچگاه بخت پخش از صدا و سیما را نیافت و در زمان صدارت آقای خاتمی ضبط شده است ، سخنان روشنگرانه سید علی ، پرده از درون او که به قدمت 1400 سال است بر می دارد . خوب است در این روزهای سرنوشت ساز دوباره نگاهی به این نوار بیندازیم



Marg bar Khamenei

by Mashty (not verified) on

Marg bar Khamenei va pesaresh Mojtaba

Khamenei haya kon
saltanato raha kon

Ya marg ya azadi


Why don't you just kill this

by TWrif (not verified) on

Why don't you just kill this guy and some of his inside people and get on with it?
You didn't vote for him, so just give him what all dictators deserve. You're all creative people; I've kept an eye on what's been happening in Iran since the revolution of '79.

You realize, of course, that if you went this far; the US wouldn't be far behind in helping you to any extent you wish or backing off completely...ALW in southern USA



by mahmoudg on

All the way to the end I could not tell whether you are for or against.  You are a natural.  Beautiful piece about this monster and his sons, namely one at least, Mojtaba, who will be brought to justice no doubt.



Prophetic indeed..

by Aarash (not verified) on

What a lovely prophtic letter..I actually could visualize him on his sleepless night in hell!

Ahmed from Bahrain

My Tuppence

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

IF I were Kahmenei, I would do the following:

1. Tell the Iranians that because of this unrest, all the election results are now null and void.

2. Set a specific time for the new elections under supervision of a few non-aligned international movements. The time should not be later than two month.

3. I would open candidacy to a few more candidates.

4. I would request the people to go back to their lives assured of this new election and if the actual date comes and there is no election, then I would give them every right to protest peacefully and work towards making the new election a reality.

5. I would also give them my solmn vow that after the elections and the formation of the new government I would resign from my post, thus paving the way for a new era of government by the people for the people.

In recent Iranian history there has been moments where the leader has had golden opprtunities to rise above his own frailty. This too presents such a golden opportunity for Khamenei.

I strongly believe he can rise from the ashes, otheriwse he will burn in the ashes.

Peace be upon ALL Iranians.

Ahmed from Bahrain


stop it stop it!!! XD

by Ali Akbar (not verified) on

that has got to be the best article i've read....


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Moscow? Caracas? how about HELL? ANtarctica?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Maybe Caracas. But I don't think the Russians have this much faith or loyalty/mercy toward this regime. They are just as bad. GREAT article. Thank you.