Neda's Song

Neda's Song
by Tina Ehrami

Her name was Neda, she was only 16
She was a young girl who got caught in between
A bullet and her flesh and some place serene
And now Iran will never be as it’s been

Her name was Neda and she wanted to show
That fear of death wouldn’t keep her below
And now all of you will come to know
How far Iran’s people are willing to go

She’d been shouting and running, days on end
She didn’t go to school or work, days on end
She called out for justice, days on end
But in the end for her it was just the end

She did what she could to get back what she lost
She wanted her vote back that someone’d tossed
But it’s a damn shame that this is what it cost!
It’s a damn shame, but if we must, we must

Her name was Neda, she was only 16
There was still so much that she should’ve seen
But she’d seen enough, even as a teen
She was so tired of things as they had been

Her name was Neda and she was taken too soon
She was a beautiful child, her parent’s full moon
But from now that moon will glow red and maroon
So that people will start singing in a different tune

She took that bullet in her heart, for you and for me
She wanted a better tomorrow, for you and for me
Her name means ‘sign’ and this’s one for you to see
That freedom’s worth dying for, so fight to be free!


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Dying Eyes (a song for Neda Agha-Soltan)

by larrydlefever on

her eyes roll back and far to the side
she's gone, gone now, nothing left to hide
unjust, insane, unholy, fair unfair
it's neither here nor there
she was taken away by an age-old war
hope we can now see what she died for

the blood now flows from mouth and nose
somebody pressing the wound screams
but she's gone, gone now, that we should see
she's gone, gone for eternity
all now red, white, black it seems
but it's not just Neda here we can now see

i saw, i saw a woman die
i saw, i saw her dying eyes
i saw, i saw Neda die
i saw, i saw her dying eyes

a symbol, a message, a meaning she may be
once a woman, a daughter, a sister there to see
but now gone and never never a mother to be
and though once a danger there to somebody
and maybe somehow even now or yet to be
that's not just Neda there we can now see


she was often covered there, hidden, had to be
under a thumb, that chador she sometimes wore
but while dying, on her we could clearly see
sneakers, jeans, modernity
Neda now plain to see
Neda now plain to see

peace be upon you, Neda
peace be upon you, Neda


This song for Neda made me cry

by Sanjar (not verified) on

It was powerful to me, gave me a shiver.

Milad - Green Leaves



Message to the Iranian Government from an Iranian Prophet

by Terry (not verified) on

For what thou hast done, thy kingdom shall be thrown into confusion, and thine empire shall pass from thine hands, as a punishment for that which thou hast wrought. Then wilt thou know how thou hast plainly erred. Commotions shall seize all the people in that land, unless thou arisest to help this Cause, and followest Him Who is the Spirit of God in this, the Straight Path. Hath thy pomp made thee proud? By My Life! It shall not endure; nay, it shall soon pass away, unless thou holdest fast to this firm Cord. We see abasement hastening after thee, whilst thou art of the heedless. It behoveth thee when thou hearest His Voice calling from the seat of glory to cast away all  that thou possessest, and cry out: "Here am I, O Lord of all that is in heaven and all that is on earth!"

Maya Parsi

Another Dedication to Neda and To All Iranian Freedom Fighter

by Maya Parsi on


Maya Parsi

Updating My Old Anonymous Comment

by Maya Parsi on



Nada has touched America ...

by American Prayers Go Out to Neda (not verified) on

Because you are not ours
We turn away
From sidewalks painted red
As young men pump the heart
That would not beat again
A face bloodied resolute
No words on dying breath
But freedom screams
That echo in the streets
Your ears now filled with shrieks
The last you’ll hear
They are not yours
You are not ours
We carry on
And where in such a world
Can we exist?
We pass the days
We pass the days
You have no more
Nor others with you
Does it matter to the martyr
Why death takes them
Sooner than they’d hoped?
And will you ever be
More than merely them and theirs?


A notre occident, à notre

by Raham (not verified) on

A notre occident, à notre orient, regardez un vrai peuple, une civilisation d'une grande culture, un pays musulman qui vous montre que ce que vous pensez d'un peuple peut être faux. Le peuple iranien nous donne une leçon de courage pour le combat du droit. En avant peuple iranien, montrez au monde que la pacifisme peut faire trembler même les montagnes les plus hautes.

Darius Kadivar

Tina Jaan Beautiful Tribute

by Darius Kadivar on

Thank you for sharing this tribute with us.

May she rest in peace and may her death not be in vain ...


Tina Ehrami

I'm sorry if I didn't get

by Tina Ehrami on

I'm sorry if I didn't get the facts right about her exact age. I just used the information that was available at the time. But whether she was 16 or 27, the fact remains that she was killed in Iran for the simple fact of being on the streets while riots were taking place.

She was there because it was important for her to show her support for the cause, otherwise she wouldn't have been there. She was just one of the many people who have been killed these days in Iran. It's a horrible thing to have images of your dying child, sister or friend everywhere, but those same images shook the world and made them look, made them aware that this regime and its thugs have gone too far.

Azadeh Azad

Neda of Iran

by Azadeh Azad on

Thank you for this beautiful poem, dear Tina.

We shall overcome,


Nazy Kaviani

Neda Agha Soltan

by Nazy Kaviani on

Tina Jan. You have written a beautiful poem. Every one of the people on the streets is a brave soul. The fallen victims of the protests should be revered and loved for their courage and for their precious lives, ended so senselessly and unnecessarily. Today I heard that Neda Agha Soltan was a 27-year old Philosophy student. She had gone to the protests with her friends and her Philosophy professor. The man by her side is her teacher.

Rest in peace dear Neda. Your life and death were not for naught.


برای ارسال به ایران از طریق ایمیل

Anon3 (not verified)

برای ارسال به ایران از طریق ایمیل

هموطنان عزیز:
قدرت ما در اتحاد ماست. بهترین سلاح سرکوبگران پراکندگی ماست. آنها از قدرت ما وحشتزده هستند. پشت هم باشیم و با اتحاد برای آزادی خود و هموطنان مان تلاش کنیم.
اگر می‌خواهید کمک کنید، خون بدهید. احتیاج شهید به خون در بیمارستانها هست.
برای بی‌ برقی آماده شوید. کپسول گاز و نفت آماده داشته باشید.
بزودی اعتصابات سراسری آغاز میشود. از جمله شرکت نفت . برای کمبود سوخت آماده باشید.
اگر بیسیم دارید فقط در حال حرکت آنرا روشن کنید. خاموش وقتی‌ که در قرارگاه هستید.
اگر هلیکوپتر میبینید. لاستیک بسوزونید تا آنجا که ممکن هست.
هر طور که میتوانید نیرو‌های دولتی را گیج و سردرگم کنید. آدرس غلط بدهید.
خطوط تلفن و ارتباط شون رو قطع کنید.
دوشنبه، چراغ ماشین‌ها روشن برای نمایش همیاری و همبستگی‌.
اگر توانستید بیسیم بخرید..
دارو آماده دسته باشید. مبارزان احتیاج به دارو دارند.
اگر گاز اشک آور بود، لاستیک بسوزونید. دود آثر گاز را کم میکند.
فردا ساعت ۴ همه جای کشور به بسیج و سپاه زنگ بزنید و گزارش غلط تظاهرت خیابانی به آنها بدهید. دور تا دور شهر. جاها‌یی‌ که تظاهرات نیست.
گزارش غلط راجع به مبارزانی که وجود ندارند به بسیج و پاسداران دهید.
اونها رو گیج کنید.
اگر میتوانید سر کار نروید. اعتصاب در تمام ادارات دولتی.
پول برق، آب، گاز، و تلفن را از امروز ندهید. این روی دولت فشار میگذره.
دولت در شرف سرنگونی هست. کنترل آنها بر اوضاع با سرعت در حال از بین رفتن هست.
جنبش با قدرت جلو میرود. راجع به شایعات دولتی هشیار باشید. آنها دائم اخبار درروغ راجع به مبارزات مردم میدهند. هدف اینها ترساندن مردم هست.
آنها سعی‌ میکنند با دروغ و ایجاد وحشت ما را دلسرد کنند. ما بیشمارنیم. هوشیار باشیم این نبرد مهمی‌ علیه طالبان ایران است.
مبارزه با جنگ روانی و ارعاب کودتاگران و شجاعت دادن به کسانی که هنوز در تردید به سر می برند.
گرفتن مراسم سوم و هفتم و چهلم شهدای آزادی و بزرگداشت خاطره ی آن ها در مناسبت های مختلف.
تشکیل هسته ها و شبکه های ارتباطی موثر (زنجیره ی ایمیل، تلفن، بلوتوث، ...) و سازمان یافته طوری که وظایف هر کدام مشخص باشد.
وضع تحریم های سازمان داده شده علیه حامیان کودتا (صدا و سیما و ...

آزاد و پیروز باشید.
آزادی، آزادی، جمهوری، جمهوری.

David ET

what's the wait?

by David ET on

Why Neda has not been named as Iranian of the day?

or the month

and the year?



she was 27

by neda is sacred (not verified) on

azian, please get your facts right before posting comments or any kind of material... at this time it is crucial not to give the thugs any excuse... this includes numbers of the martyrs and their personal information...
thank you

The Prince

Her Killers could be these. Please circulate

by The Prince on


Listen Tina. You are drunk

by cezare on

Listen Tina. You are drunk with innocent blood. Are you
trying to drive the point that it was okay for Neda to die in cold
blood and her picture used as a poster child for your worthless
revolution? How much more of those images would satisfy your lust for
revenge. Is it any wonder you are just a commentor and not an elected


Death to Mullahs and Ayatollahs!!

by Ramin A (not verified) on

So is this the way you are showing your cowardness now??
You have your Basijis hide in the buildings and target young girls like "Neda"?? Shame on you!!
I live for the day that I see all you Mullahs and Ayatollahs are being hanged from every crane!!!
Is this what your religion tells you to do?
Damn to your religion!!
Damn to your genes!!
Damn to your mothers whom gave birth to you!!


Bichareh Neda Gool Khord

by ??? (not verified) on

Khoda OOra Beyamorzad ...


This is Dedicated to Persian/Iranian People.

by Maya Parsi (not verified) on

This Canadian man is singing for NEDA, who was murdered on the street beside her father.
This is for the Brave, Young Iranian/Persian People on the street.
So please as a token, accept my dedication to you PERSIAN people. Long Live Freedom and Democracy.





Here is a another poem for Neda

by shiringhobadi on

Dear Neda

Neda you have not died in vain
Your voice still resonates loud and clear
Your death has woke the world-  
Your blood has paved our course
In your honor and those of your fallen friends
We stand and demand your vote –
We will not succumb to tyranny and force
And fight until we prevail.
No Neda your death is just a start.
The marches will go on and on
until wrongs are undone
until freedom in ours
O – Neda – The lioness of  my heart – my soul
You are the symbol of our pride
You have made our nation proud
You are my mother, sister, and child
You gave voice to us all
No you have not fallen in vain
You have given us cause to rise
And when that day of freedom come
We  will cry out your name from the rooftops of Tehran
for all the world to hear
That Neda was our guide our grace.
O dear Neda –  in your sleep .. thousand lionesses have risen to fight
And they are proud to say.
That their name is too Neda..

With humility and with heart full of anguish and grief I offer this simple poem  to honor her memory and those of other people who have dies.  May justice prevail and punish her killers.



by Peykan on

گفت من آن آهوم کز ناف من
ریخت این صیاد خون صاف من
آنک کشتستم پی مادون من
می‌نداند که نخسپد خون من
بر منست امروز و فردا بر ویست
خون چون من کس چنین ضایع کیست
این جهان کوهست و فعل ما ندا
سوی ما آید نداها را صدا


here is more info on neda

by Anonymous2141 (not verified) on

here is more info on neda and her pic : //
she was 27


Hi, She wasn't 16 she was

by Anonymous1231 (not verified) on

She wasn't 16 she was born 1982....

Big Boy

Breaks my heart every time!

by Big Boy on

In death, Neda will live forever.  Every Iranian will know her, every Iranian will tell her story.

But my heart breaks every time I see her face.  So peaceful, so calm, so beautiful.

God bless you Neda, and God give your family the strength to persevere. 

David ET

Neda's video before

by David ET on