For Neda ...

Thank you my Neda, my voice, thank you for your Blessings


For Neda ...
by ShaahrzadCJN

for my Neda, ....

I too saw Neda, the brave Iranian young woman who went out on street to show her face and protest and yes I too saw hor brutally and savagely slaughtered by a sniper right in her heart to be taken away from the midst of all that is happening across Iran but more importantly from the friendly warm and secure arms of her father and the rest of her family, along with all the other Fallen Angels.

I look at her, see her eyes wide open, looking to the sky, not knowing or even realizing what was happening to her, I feel her eyes, I feel and hear her thoughts, her last silent scream for help and for hope to live.

I hear her voice, I see her eyes, see her blood and am hurt, deeply, deeper than ever I could 've imagined, in my heart, in my trust, in my beliefs and in my dreams and in my future and in that of all of us. I cry, I drop tears, many tears, like you and I and all of us and can't even think of who painful the news would have been entering their house, I don't even want to know how much her mother is suffering, her father, her family and friends.... I just can't...Is she going to be the Iranian persian of Che? or all those other famous Martyrs? No, I don't want her to be like them, she is more than that... She is a Fallen Angel, she is my Angel and I try to ease the pain by convincing myself of the fact that her death wasn't just an accident or was it?

Another accidental co-incidence these days??? NO, sure not... Neda means voice and am sure God has seen us, HE is there and follows us, perhaps HE wants us to know that HE is with us and has blessed us all and therefore HE chose Neda, that sweet beautiful Angel, as HIS way to announce his presence amongst us all.

Neda is my voice, she showed us not to be affraid, feel no fear and be there, go out, no more tears, no more nonsense, no more useless hopes and no more blind beliefs...

I am hurt, we are all hurt, deeply, deeper than ever we could have imagined, we all lost hopes, beliefs and tursts, but am sure she now wants us to look at her eyes, feel the pain but be happy as she was a chosen one, a Fallen Angel that got the chance to go back to her creature, to stand next to HIM and encourage us hearing her voice, Neda, all over the World, and see her face calling out for help....

I look at her, I see her eyes and yes I cry, cry at loud, so loud my neighbours can hear me, but this time, I know, her voice is heard again and will keep echo worldwide even more and louder...Yes, Neda, you are my voice, you are my hopes, dreams, beliefs, trusts and lives! You gave us the hope we needed and the blessings we were looking for, that God has blessed us all and won't leave us alone in this battle for hope, peace and life itself. We will live our lives fully instead of you carrying you wherever we go for the next 1000 years to come.

Thank you my Neda, my voice, thank you for your Blessings, for your being and for your Name that sounds so sweet and for your eyes but eyes that hurts me so deeply. ... I will carry your heart... I will be your sister and all sisters together will be the daughters of Iran and your parents could always rely on us and see you in our eyes... your voice is the only voice that needs to be echoed and needs to be heard and believe me, you are heard... ....

I can't write more...I don't know what to say .... just tears and I wish my tears could express themselves.....

Goodbye Neda ..



Dedication to Neda

by OneWhoWeeps4Neda (not verified) on

The Basij murdered a brave young woman. Her name was Neda agha - Soltani. she gave the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of her beloved country.



NEDA, the voice of young people fighting for their freedom

by Mehrdad IR (not verified) on

The blood thristy regime of Iran fights for freedom of Lebanon, for freedom of Palestine, and Syria, and it supports these countries financially by our money. The rights of people in Iran is the last thing that this regime will take care about it. I have a great doubt that these people on the power are real persians. I hope that the time is coming to remove these dirty foreigners and strangers from our country who are acting like cancer cells, killing innocent people since thirty years. Lets pray for free Iran and freedom for every Iranina.
NEDA, you are in our heart and in the history of Iran forever.


Thanks Johnny

by wow (not verified) on

Thank you Johnny for this amazing song for our Neda.


Islamic Republic bans prayers for Neda

by BK (not verified) on

Iran's regime has issued a ban on memorials for a young woman whose death has become the focal point of protests against the clerical regime

Neda Agha Soltan, 27, was dubbed the Angel of Freedom after a video which appeared to show her being shot by a government sniper was posted on the internet.

Graphic scenes show Neda – her name means "the call" – walking with her father among demonstrators, then separately when she was shot as well as attempts to save her life.

Online posters of the woman covered in blood quickly emerged, included one modelled on a prominent image of Barack Obama during the last US presidential campaign.

Some online posts speculated the image would rank alongside that of the unnamed man standing in front of a tank in Beijing's Tiananmen Square in 1989 and the summary execution of a Vietnamese Communist prisoner by Colonel Nugyen Ngoc Loan in 1968.

Footage was posted on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook and was viewed by tens of thousands. Messages of sympathy and outrage flooded the internet following the posting of the videos.

The Iranian authorities have now sent out a circular to mosques banning collective prayers for the woman.




sarzamineh man and Allaho

by cezare on

sarzamineh man and Allaho Akbar. Funny name for someone who shoots off his mouth freely without proof. You accuse me of a basigi? I didn't accuse you of anything so what gives you the right to label anyone? All of you who are using Neda for your worthless revolution are pathetic, petty people. Let her rest in peace. Reports are she wasn't even participating but a spectator. Who gives you the right to label her as your martyr? You bloodthirsty condemned to be rebuked by the Lord. As far as fear? I tell you what; I only fear the lord, not man nor his ideologies. Question your bravery first away from the keyboard and if you want to engage in an intelligent conversation bring it on or else keep your accusations to yourselves.


We will all remember Neda

by Allah Akhbar (not verified) on

and that Cezare is basij...


gift of NEDA

by capt_ayhab on

Lets celebrate the gift that IRAN gave us. The gift of NEDA. The young heroine who gave her innocent and young life for us, for our children, for freedom.

As my emotions grip my voice, as my heart trembles with sorrow of this young woman, this young daughter of IRAN I know now that we are not alone. 

NEDA took our spirit, cry of our freedom to the heaven, and she is watching over us, proudly and seeing from every drop of her pure PERSIAN blood, 1000's upon 1000's of NEDA's are rising up.

NEDA is our guardian angel, our beautiful, innocent and brave WOMAN of IRAN. Lets celebrate the gift of NEDA..... FREEDOM, lets not let her last cry for freedom be ever silenced.

-YT for NEDA Daughter of IRAN



by babakkhoramdin (not verified) on

it breaks my heart to watch this brave woman die in front of the eyes of the world.....but she has delivered a DEATHBLOW to the mullahs....there is no way for the akhoonds and their arab goons to wash their hands of her blood and that of hundreds of other brave warriors. millions of people have seen this on the internet and the news....the cat's out of the bag!
the mullahs' days are numbered! and although I would love to have neda with us here today, her sacrifice will be the beginning of the end for the mullahs' reign of terror.
javid iran and neda!

Anonymous Observer

Symbol of Courage

by Anonymous Observer on

امروز هر ایرانی‌ یک ندا است...


Rameen. You need to watch

by cezare on

Rameen. You need to watch your mouth. I think you are the coward. You type bravely and you accuse freely yet your mouth smells of the grave. Keep your accusations to yourself you petty human being with no regards to life.


This innocent face will

by Sarzamineh Man (not verified) on

This innocent face will never be forgotten, all of us must always keep her alive, we must never forget what she died for and who killed her.

I want to know her address so I can send flowers to her love ones, if anybody know that, please let me know.

cezare, this is all you could say after watching this ?? you think Iranian are Tarso and Bozdel like yourself ??? hahahaha


Neda will never be forgotten

by BK (not verified) on

Her cold blooded murder, and those of other innocent hamvatans, by the agents of the Islamic Republic will one day be avenged.

Shaarzad jaan, thank you sincerely for your heartfelt and emotive words. All decent Iranians with an ounce of humanity share in your grief.

She was taken way before her time. Here’s to young Neda and her memory.


They killed Neda

by Shoghi/Kleine (not verified) on

Neda sedayeh mardom iran ast. Sadii keh hamisheh khafeh mijahand bekonoand. Ma beh khater Neda hayeh fadakar bayad in jang ra edameh bedahim.


The Prince

Her Killers could be these. Please circulate

by The Prince on


They killed our neda

by iyzad (not verified) on

They killed our neda
dont ever forget this.
come out
take down these tyrants.

the Persian will only survive by being able to decide his own destiny.

I cried hard for neda
because she wasnt a gift from god, or some angel
she was neda, and she did her bit in iran's century old fight for democracy.

she fell last night on a smoky street in tehran.
my back is broken



by Parvin Rostamian Sharifabad (not verified) on

I now live in Vancouver, Canada after fleeing from the tyranny of the Islamic regime in Iran. I hope the likes of smiling cheats like Khatami do not use this event to their own advantage.The Basij shouting Ya Ali, Ya Ali, Hyder, Hyder and mercilessly killing people, show the true nature of what is Shia Islam and Shia Islamic culture of the Iranian people
Parvin Rostamian Sharifabad

hamsade ghadimi

شهرزاد جان

hamsade ghadimi

ندا همیشه با ما خواهد بود، به نقل نیاگان باستانی ما او به صورت فَروَهَر همیشه در اوج آسمان بر ما پرواز خواهد کرد. برای ما گریه کن ولی‌ برای او خوشحال باش.

چو مُردی، تو را سایه بیدار باد!
چو خُفتی، تو را خوابِ خوش یار باد!
چو بگذشتی از دخمهٔ تنگِ مرگ 
چو شد دربِ زندان به روی تو باز 


Cezare, You are a Huge Coward!!

by Ramin A (not verified) on

So you mean to tell me that her blood does not mean anything to you??
you are a bloody coward!!!!!!
How about revenge? You bloody coward!!!
People of Iran must put an end to this regime!
They can not stop now!!
I bet you that you are not Iranian, or let me guess, maybe you are a damn basiji, Mullah or an ayatollah!
Well, whoever the hell you are, why don't you go to your rathole and hide!!
People of Iran are way to courageous, they are not like you!!
You damn bloody coward!!!!!!

Organic NUTritionist

verrry sad...

by Organic NUTritionist on

and yes heartbreaking :..(


The best thing you can do to

by cezare on

The best thing you can do to avoid another Neda is to call on everyone off the streets and back to their homes. This fight is not for young Neda and her likes. This enemy is much too powerful and ruthless. It takes a bigger power to fight this regime. Come to your senses now to avoid further heartbreak and bloodshed.



by Nous Defions (not verified) on

I hope the Iranian people win their freedom. I hope they don't give it away once they have it.

De Oppresso Libre


The Never Ending Sorrow

by shirazie (not verified) on

As father of 20 year son and 16 year old daughter, I can not stop the sad image of Neda' last moments on the earth out of running through my mind.

Neda's tragedy will not be in vain, it may take 10 years to get ride or IRI thugs. But it will happen, and the person who took her precious life will face their day of justice

I want to extend my condolence to her family and friends.

Long Live Free Iranian People, we shall over come

rosie is roxy is roshan

A bit more on Neda

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

a bit more on neda from (please note the link to the original blog in persian)


A bit more on Neda. A blogger apparently in touch with Neda's family members offers some new details (translated by reader Nima): she was born in 1982, apparently her full name was Neda Agha-Soltan, and she was at the protest with one her professors and several other students. She was, they said, shot by a basiji riding by on a motorcycle. Also, she was apparently buried today at a large cemetery in the south of Tehran. ABC News' Lara Setrakian writes, "Hearing reports Neda was buried in Behesht Zahra cemetery earlier today, memorial service cancelled on orders from authorities.

khaharam ast



Iranian Heroes

by HRE (not verified) on

Good luck and good fortune to thousands of Iranian Heroes. Freedom is worth the fight. Were I younger, I would love to come help!!

I am proud of you all!!!!

Big Boy

My heart breaks every time.

by Big Boy on

In death, Neda will live forever.  Every Iranian will know her, every Iranian will tell her story.

But my heart breaks every time I see her face.  So peaceful, so calm, so beautiful.

God bless you Neda, and God give your family the strength to persevere. 


We knew...

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

Most of us always knew how blood thirsty the Hezbllahis were. We knew that if they are opposed, they will kill you. They will kill your parents, your children, even your unborn children.
They will indeed try to destroy us. They can, however, only kill us physically. Mentally, spiritually, we are the free spirits, who will never die.
Go ahead, Hadji! Go ahead low-life Basiji! Go ahead Khamenei, Ahmadinezhad! Shoot! Shoot to kill us! We are not afraid. We are the Khas o Khashak, who will live forever. We are life and you are death!



by ash (not verified) on

How many generations of iranians have to die so one day we may get justice.



by Hodhod on

هرگز نمیرد آنکه دلش زنده شد  به عشق       ثبت است بر جریده عالم دوام ما   

 باشد که خونه این عزیز  و عزیزان دیگر نهال آزادی را باور کند به امید آن روز پیروز.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek


by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Thank you for what you wrote. I can't imagine what her parents are going through.