Mohseni Ejeie

Ahmadinejad fires Intelligence Minister

BBC: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has sacked one of his ministers, a day after he was forced to cancel the appointment of his vice-president. No reason was given for the sacking of Intelligence Minister Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejeie. Meanwhile, the culture minister quit, saying the government was weakened. The president is due to announce a new cabinet after he is sworn in for a second term in 10 days' time, following a disputed election victory. Amid the turmoil, Mr Ahmadinejad's office also denied reports that three other ministers were sacked. One of those reported dismissed, Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister Mohammad Hossein Saffar Harandi, said he was resigning because of the confused reports >>>


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The story of 4 Million Deposit

by dinairani on

Does anybody can relate to the story of son of Amini which was killed and his father started to share the whole story. In a part of story he said he found a middle man who was asking for 4 Million to release the son... and later in the day it was gathering and even Ejehi has been there and he shared all this with him and also gave him all the phone no. and name he had. But on the next day he got a call that his son is dead!... So i think Ejehie has been officially on the spot?

Behind the stage the game got so dangerous that god knows what is going to happen on the next few days!...

To me it looks more and more that Piroozi kheili nazdik ast... 


Ahmed from Bahrain

Abarmard azizam

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

When I look at the old Persian miniature painitngs, I see a lot of difference in clothing between Ayrabs and Eyrainians.

The Ayrabs have not changed much - except for their four wheel drives - but they Iranians certainly have. It tells of the story of two people; one locked in time, the other more conducive to change.

To be honest, I can not be the judge of who is who but one thing I know for sure; is that a loving heart knows no boundaries.

More precisely, I am a monkey who loves fun but all I see around me are bulldozers razing my habitat; then I hold my head in shame for being a monkey whilst aspiring to be human.

One of these days, when I have enough funds, I must upgrade myself to being a human. May be another couple of re-incarnations but then am not sure if humanity can wait that long?


Ahmed from Bahrain


Interesting speculations

by Iran_e_abad on

Interesting speculations however the reality is different.

Here is the reason for Ejeei' sresignation.



There are two theories of what is really going on:

by Hajminator on

The one is what Choghok pointed out and that is, all these maneuvers are to divert us from the reality in the ground. The second is that Mahmoud has become a nervous bum that can’t even choose the guys with whom he wants to govern (If one can designate the term like that). If we look deeply there aren’t any normal man who aches to be in Mahmoud’s cabinet nor anyone else that A.N. trusts.

In both cases, A.N. is likely to have daily nightmares with massive headaches. There is a poem posted on the front page of IC sometimes ago, that resumes well my thoughts for A.N



‫به ک*رم گر غمت پایان ندارد       ‫به تخ٭م گر سرت سامان ندارد
‫‫بشا٭م من به این کلهء ک٭ریت     ‫که ک٭ری تر از این امکان ندارد


It is a setup

by tehrooni on

am i the only one who think this is a setup?  I mean why should ahmadi fire such person? radical he is not? well he is. karihol manzar he is not?  well he is. dozd va jani he is not? well he is. a perfect match for ahmadi.

This is a setup so issue goes to majlis and he ahmadi already arranged for vote of confidence there which puts a stamp of approval on his fraud presidency (so they think).


Was heard on BBC!

by choghok on

BBC interviewed a man that was looking for his son that is in Evin. The man was well connected to the establishment and had been in talks with them all beside Khamenei he said. From what he said the justice system in Iran is not in touch with anything to do with this. It means that Shahrudi has been sleeping for a month now and looking the other way while people were tortured and killed. He also said that from what he had heard that Ejeii has been in disagreement with Ahmadinejad over Revolutionary guard and basijs role in the unrest. Ejeyi were upset that they were given too much freedom according to what he had heard.

Bu it all sound a bit odd to me, I think that this is just theater to get our mind from what is going on.


Ahmed from Bahrain

by Abarmard on

The clothing is not Arabic. Check your history more carefully and how people use to dress. Similarly, many of the Arabic words and grammar is made and transfered from Iran.

It's that Arabs are taking from us not the other way around. So you may relax.


khar too khar!

by mahmoudg on

khar too khar!

Rostam - e - zaal

Funny to see what he is thinking

by Rostam - e - zaal on

I bet these guys all think that they will be given another position soon in another government and/or will step in and say we were against this regime.

They just cant see feel the shaking that has caused the foundation of the IRI  to crack its core and about to fall.

Just see what they look like without thier beards so those responsible Iranians can bring them all to answer for their crimes and lies and betrayal to the Iranian nation.  

Long live a free Iran and free Iranians


Nothing new

by Anonymouse on

Ahmadi did the same "maneuvers" during his first term.  He sacked Larijani who was head of his nuclear negotiation team.  The next day Khamenei put Larijani in charge of a newly made council of overseeing the nuclear negotiations!  One thing Khamenei does not lack and seem to need more of are "advisory councils" of various kinds.

This guy will soon be a council overseeing something in Ahmadi's regime.  Rezaei mentioned this in his debate with Ahmadi that Ahmadi can't even hold on to his own cabinet members and has to sack them left and right.

Ahmadi is a tongue in cheek kind of guy and he constantly dismisses and ridicules others sarcastically.  He displayed it "eloquently" during his debates.  Khamenei is no different, now that he is "elected by a landslide". BTW this is one of the fears of opposition of the possibility of another Venezuela type Government, i.e. burlap revolution ;-)  It'll be interesting if Khamanei gets tired of Ahmadi's antics and pokes him with something :-) 

Everything is sacred.


In response

by KouroshS on

In response to everybody's concern as to the weaknesses of the government, or the rift between Ozma joon and ahmadinejad, mr. half-elect president had this to say:


Ahmed from Bahrain

Rude Al of Persia

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

What I can't understand is why these guys try to imitate Arabs! I mean a genuine Arab is one thing but an imitation Arab!!At least try Harrods of London.

Not that I am a racist as I was born in Arab land. I do like the genuine article, wahtever it is, yet as a Persian, I never wore Arab gear except once in a fancy dress party and that was England in seventies!! when Rudolph of Arabia was a raindeer and I was trying to win hearts; female ones.

So, explain to me again when and how did the great Persians became imitation Arabs?

And please don't blame Prophet Mohammad as I do love him; and the poor guy didn't mean to do the vilayate faqeeh on the Persians, since he had much admiration for Salman the Persian.

Now thats a fine dreaming (as the Abo's would say) for Ari.

Pardon my rants under the influence!!But  laughter is best medicine when faced with tragedy.

Ahmed from Bahrain


Plus, he's much better looking than...

by Ostaad on

you-know-who.The problem is even the US doesn't have laws to impeach the president for lacking the skills to do his job. In that case GW was impeachable through and through.

American Dream

Impeachment of the President?

by American Dream on

It must be investigated if the President of Iran can be impeached for lacking skills to do his job.

Iranian people should sign a petition that would impeach Iranian President Ahmadinejad.

In his place actor Akbar Abdi should be elected Iranian President.

Akbar Abdi is both funny and will probably not offend anyone on the world scene.


gitdoun ver.2.0

good article

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

JJ your analysis is allll money !!! i can't agree with u more


JJ, I'm with you on that one...

by Ostaad on

Mahmoud has become a lame duck, as we say in the States, even before being inaugurated. I also see, as you alluded to, a very interesting or rather tumultuous Majles when he's introducing his "new" ministers. He had a really hard time to get an Oil Minister confirmed during his first term, and that will be nothing comparing to what's coming.

My hunch is he will be the sacrificial lamb for Khamenie and the Sepah. The combination of Khamenie-Sepah will move to the forefront when it comes to any dealings with the West. Ahmadinejad may only be given the economic portfolio, and he better deliver.

I would keep a close eye on the Sepah and the regular military reshuffles. That's where the action is.

Seems like his coattails are shrinking by the minute. 



by Benyamin on


Ari Siletz

Should nominate Maxwell Smart

by Ari Siletz on

A shoo-in.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

This is very odd. I have a feeling that this move is Ahmadinejad's revenge against Khamenei.

Ahmadinejad was embarrassed by Khamenei's terse public demand to take back the appointment of Mashaie as vice president. So in return Ahmadinjad has sacked Khamenei's most loyal servant in the cabinet.

Ahmadinejad must be quite paranoid at this point. He has seen an unprecedented, massive, angry reaction to his fraudulent election. The country is in political turmoil. The last thing he needs is an Intelligence Minister who is not completely loyal.

In the current political mess, what Ahmadinjed needs more than anything is a sense of security. He needs his own lackey in charge of the secret service. Someone he can trust and control.

It will be fun to see the Majles debate over the merits of the Intelligence Minister nominee and whether he will get a vote of confidence. Ahmadinejad has a knack for picking the most incompetent retards to run key departments. His luck may be running out though. Too many of his allies may now see him as a serious liability to the regime.