Galloway's "Iranian Democracy"

Former British MP George Galloway defends Ahmadinejad election


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to those who admire this slimeball

by fozolie on

Explain to me how a leftist mp drives around in the latest S class Merc. and lives in the lap of luxury. Did you not read the parliamentary report I put up on the monies he received from Saddam and his involvement in the Oil for Food scam? 


Mr. Fozolie

babak pirouzian

Bavafa: What he said is important not when he said it.......

by babak pirouzian on

1-check his entire show, without any intruption., he keep repeating the same things over and over again.

2-you said " But any logical person if he/she listen to the entire recording and consider when it took place will agree that he is stating the facts. " I do not think you are serious!!. Facts about democracy in Iran? Freedom of speech, equality, political prisoners, imprisonment of blogers, students, ?Transparency about where the money goes?  

I wished he was as vocal about Chechan and Chinese Muslims as he is/was about Palestinians.

He lost his credibility big time.


I admire his steadfast

by Bavafa on

I admire his steadfast stands against the Zionist so very much. He speaks passionately and logically. In regards to this clip which was taped prior to the uprising has been cut & pasted and it is out of context. Do I agree with every thing he said, certainly no. But any logical person if he/she listen to the entire recording and consider when it took place will agree that he is stating the facts.



Follow the Money

by LanceRaheem on

If one wants to know where this Scottish piece of human excrement stands on any issue, all one needs do is follow the money.  There is no opinion that this self-promoting snake oil salesman holds that isn't bought and paid for by someone. 

No respectable news organization would hire George Galloway to even clean the company toilets.  The only way he got off the dole a year ago was to become a paid stooge of the IRI vis-a-vis Press TV.  He is utterly pathetic.  He rants and raves about how Western governments formented the post-election turmoil in Iran while he dismisses the extreme violence inflicted on the unarmed citizenry  which protested the legitimacy of the elections in the streets only because they had no other unbiased forum in which to lodge their complaint. The world would be a lot better off if this phat phuk would choke the next time he's shoving a sandwich down his face hole. 

And, to think I once innocently presumed that Scots came from noble stock after I saw the movie Braveheart years ago.  I wonder what old William Wallace who fought for Scotlands freedom 700 years ago would think of his contemporary countyman, George Galloway, who does his part and the IRI's bidding in denying our people that very same freedom.

Payandeh baad Iran!


Galloway has been a political rent-boy for years

by ramintork on

He is a political rent-boy, who is good at using his mouth for the right price!


I am so happy about this

by TheMrs on

I am so happy about this clip. For a while, I admired this man's views on issues of human rights. Now, it's clear he is arab parast and is either dumb or has an agenda he shares with arab heads of state who are either silent on the Iran issue or support IRI.

It is to be expected though. This man supports the arab resistance movement. IRI gives those goups cash. He wants those groups to get cash. He is a prostitute!

Let's give ahmadi's govt the benefit of doubt. Ok. They got majority of votes. Then, they can prove it in front on international agencies. Why not? Why not clear their name and prove this precious democracy they claim they have?

Let's give ahmadi's govt the beneft of doubt. Ok. They won the election. The losers are not happy and are protesting. Ok. Why are they disappearing? Jailed?

Mr. Galloway, what kind of a god damn democracy (Iranian, islamic or any other " kind ") is it that gives a green light to authorities to shoot at people?

Khak bar oon sareh ghermez alcoli manandesh. He needs a turban.


Used to respect Georgie G.....

by Khar on

But, this shows what kind of fraud he really is!



by shushtari on

i really have to bite my lip on this one!

the last thing we need is a BRIT to tell us anything about our country!

the akhoonds are a creation and a tool of the brits.....this is exactly what they have a backwards iran and get free oil under the table.....

the shah stood up to them in 78 by not signing a 25 year extension of the contract which they were using to rape iran since 1908....and they got rid of him...

so keep your mouth shut and your govt's meddling days in iran are finally numbered! 


Galloway is simply DE$$$$$perate..

by faryarm on

Nazis too, had their own form of democracy...




Trouble with this man is he

by Suomynona on

Trouble with this man is he sounds reasonable, and indeed has said some reasonable things in the past. Many reasonable people have agreed with his positions on other matters.

But on this occasion he is DEAD WRONG.

The only chance IRI has left for a peaceful transition of power is to allow the country to hold a referendum on the nature of government in Iran.   (sound familiar to those advocating it for Palestine? - A.N., Khamnei, Galloway, are you listening?)

Otherwise, people will cease control of their country by force, and the cycle will continue.... 

Reza-Rio de Janeiro


by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

I used a foul language in my earlier comment against Galloway and was RIGHTFULLY censored! And I do apologize for my choice of words!

But this lunatic (Galloway) with his ignorant views about my tortured country and people by the evil hands of I.R.  really makes me  angry and sick to my stomach! For GOD sake, the whole world saw what happened to our people after this so called "Democratic election" !!! The world saw how many innocent Iranians were killed ,impriosned and have been tortured since!!!Who is he fooling and why???

We are living in a very sick world and people like Galloway must be held responsible for defending EVIL enteties, insulting Iranian nation and misinforming the world with their filthy lies for their own personal $$$$ gains ...

Free Iran and Iranians.


I love it

by fozolie on

That the eyes of so many Iranians have finally (close friends and family included) opened to this odious man. It defies belief that the same people kept ignoring his record and support for Saddam throughout ( during and after the Kuwaiti invasion). 

Mr. Fozolie

PS: When there is justice in this world, it works very slowly. House of Commons investigation 2007:


The record of the meeting between Mr Galloway and Saddam Hussein in August 2002

46. On 8 August 2002, Mr Galloway had a meeting with Saddam Hussein, and a document which purports to be a record of this meeting was obtained by the Commissioner. According to this record, Mr Galloway made remarks which implied that some of his activities in support of the Iraqi regime may have been financed through an oil-related mechanism.

52. We take the view that the alleged record of the meeting between Mr Galloway and Saddam Hussein in August 2002 is authentic.

Iranian Reader

I'm sorry about this guy.

by Iranian Reader on

I admired Galloway for his protest and outrage at the Gaza massacre and posted on this site links to his relief and aid efforts. I had my reservations about his sensationalistic tendencies but I figured that's just deficiency in taste.

But I certainly do NOT admire his politics on Iran. Anyone who expresses definitive opinions on Iran is suspect in my opinion. We will never know what the people of Iran think or want until we have freedom. And when there is genuine freedom we'll see that there is not a single voice in Iran, nor should it be. Why is this basic point so hard to understand?

"Democracy Iranian Style," "Islamic Constitution": he can't possibly be serious, can he?


Kiss of death

by Fred on

Is this the same guy who used to defend Saddam & his form of Iraqi Democracy and now cooperates with the Islamist cutthroats republic’s English propaganda satellite channel Presstv? If so, then love the guy for he has a proven record in defending tyrannies on their way out.