Ahmadinejad praises election

TV address

New York Times: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday made his first televised address since Iran’s disputed elections, calling them “the freest” and “healthiest” in the world, while opposition leaders seeking to revitalize their movement demanded an end to the government crackdown and the release of hundreds of arrested protesters. Faced with rising clerical and political opposition, Mr. Ahmadinejad tried to rally support for a second term whose legitimacy has been questioned before it has even begun, adopting conciliatory language even as his allies in the security services worked to extinguish the burning embers of opposition by force. Despite the crushing of its street protests, the opposition vowed to continue its movement against what it calls a fraudulent election, planning major rallies in three cities on Thursday, which the government already appeared to be trying to derail >>>

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by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

Can someone tell this monkey to shut up and stop saying lies.


Better Speech than that of Zarkoozeh

by wgm1919 on



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by پیام on

Don't even bother to waste your time on this.


Oh my god... He should be a

by Alexito (not verified) on

Oh my god... He should be a stand up comedian.


did you see

by omidyar 222 (not verified) on

the way he reacted at rhe begining when he went after the fly? lol


پادو خامنه ای‌

mehrano (not verified)

همانطور که هیتلر به جائی‌ نرسید توئ پادو هم به جائی‌ نخواهی رسید. خوب قیافه اصلی اسلام را نشان دادید.



by capt_ayhab on

This monkey makes me sick to my stomach, I swear.

My apologies to all the monkeys



khoobeh vallah adam intor vaghih baasheh

by Shameless (not verified) on

One can only draw one conclusion when one sees this guy!


shut up you....

by Anonymous-USA (not verified) on

Roo kh neest, sang payeh ghazveeneh. He and Khamanei are like Monkey and a choolagh donkey playing together in a zoo called IRI.