Where the home is


Where the home is
by Midwesty

My love

The home is

Where you are


Not the money

Not the fancy appliances


Not even any amount of 

Sweet promises


Can make a house

Like a home


My love

The home is

Where you are


The close

Circle of the family

Closes on itself


The room might be tight

So are many of its ties


Any circle has a center

Where it acts like an anchor


My love

You are the anchor

In which family starts


As the owner

Of the light

Puts it in this way


The women of the house

Is the light of the house


Oh God

Please let there be 

No house

Without a light


To the cycle of the life

To the circle of the family


To the light of the house

To many of her memories


My love

The home is…

…Where you are  


Midwesty, Winter of 2009


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Thanks Nazy,

by Midwesty on

You are amazing! Take care!


Nazy Kaviani

On Love

by Nazy Kaviani on

Dear Midwesty:

I don't know what changes you made to your poem, but it still has the same effect on me--it makes me really happy and excited not just for the love that you so obviously feel for a woman, but also for knowing that love is alive and well, still making the rounds!

The bliss and joy you have described is not unfamiliar to me. The truth is when two people love each other and enjoy each other's company, they don't need a lot of space! A love seat in front of a TV, a small carpet by the fireplace, or a dinner table with two chairs, are all that two people really need, no matter how big or small their living space is.

Thank you for letting us know that love is alive and kicking in your corner of the world, making the rounds, hopefully reaching all soon!