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Launching BBC Persian TV


Welcome new source
by Omid H

We finally had some good news: BBC Persian TV, the second professional news and television program, is slated to launch by the end of this month.(video: Promo) (news: BBC receives £70m funding increase)

Many of the journalists and editors of PTV -- as the BBC refers to it -- are my old friends and colleagues and most of them have no TV background. But there is no need for panic, the BBC always offers the best (or one of the best) training programs. Almost all of the 140 PTV employees have now completed their courses on TV journalism.

BBC PTV has only one rival: VOA Persian, news and feature programs run by VOA out of Washington. DC, but many experts believe the quality and content of the VOA programs do not meet BBC standards.

There appears to be a huge gap between the producers of VOA's Persian TV programs and the youth in Iran, who make up the majority of the population. Furthermore, VOA is considered to be one-sided and biased in its reporting and pursues an approach toward Iran that is old fashioned.

The BBC Persian Service is considered to be conservative, but one that seeks to maintain its ties to the Islamic Republic of Iran. It has been criticized for not being impartial, even for being pro regime, or at least favorable to the reformist faction of the Iranian government. But the BBC's standards of neutrality, balance and responsibility in reporting require it to have a rational relationship with any government, including the one in Iran.

The BBC works hard to keep a correspondent and an office in Tehran. But requests by its Persian service to open an office in Tehran has been rejected many times. The IR has also banned the BBC Persian website, which has "millions" of visitors each month, mostly from Iran.

I remember when I was dispatched to cover a demonstration against Khatami in front of Chatham House in London; When I asked anti-regime Iranians for a short interview, most of them answered with anger and disappointment at the BBC Persian Service and blamed it for supporting the regime.

I can understand their feelings, but I cannot understand why they expect the BBC to act as a subversive media outlet. But I also know that most of those same Iranians living abroad check the BBC Persian Service website every day and get most of their information from there.

In Iran, the BBC appears to be more popular, in my survey that I conducted last year, more than 90% of students who asked to said they would welcome BBC Persian TV as a new source of news.

In this survey most of the students said they use the internet and Persian satellite TV to access the latest news on Iran and international issues or even entertainment, while also watching IRIB news programs.

While some experts like Massoumeh Torfeh correctly believe BBC Persian TV may face challenges in Iran’s media market, there are many factors that can work in its favor to woo viewers and build trust, influence. Having a good relationship in Iran, we can also count on young editors in BBC Persian TV.

But it is obvious that these factors are not enough. The BBC needs to cover the different needs of its audience. In my survey, a majority of students suggested a 50-50 breakdown between news and non political programs.

BBC PTV has an eye on its Arabic channel, and another on its competitors. But may be the only way to understand, build and involve the audience is by focusing on research and surveys. The BBC's Persian radio service generally has no more than a 5% share of the listening audience, and the website is completely filtered in Iran. So the only way for the BBC to find its way into Iranian living rooms is through satellite TV. By some estimates, more than 60% of urban households have satellite television, even though it is illegal.

I will write more on BBC PTV, while some blatherers in some notorious websites in Iran published my name as one of three cavalier of this TV (while I am not involved in any part of it), but I like the promotion compliment of being a cavalier of media!

So thank you!


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Ms Javaneh, Persian Dude and Omid the researcher

by Anonymous Londoner (not verified) on

BBC Persian did not start or even run the Iranian revolution BUT they did help organise the gathernings and they did stir up the sentiments. Please remember that the BBC's Overseaes Sericve is funded and controlled by the Foreign Office. Also the Iranians who worked there were unanimously anti-Shah and with no direct control over the contents of their programme (only direction of the programmes were checked) they could say what they liked to say.

The BBC's home service is a world different from it's overseas sister but the little sister benefits from the expriences and models her edler sibling.

I will certainly follow up the new BBC's programmes with an open eye and not trust them whole heartedly.


persian dude

by javaneh29 on

I was there in 79. I know what happened. I might just add that there were benefits from international presence and involvement there, apart from the supply of weapons, or at least ppl thought so then. Maybe Iran should have bought technology, weapons and military machines only from Russia? Or produced their own? But Im not going to get into a political argument about the past.

My point is that it is past, 30 yrs old now. Iran can't wave it's arms around forever proclaimimg that its all everyone elses fault that Iran is as it is today. Iran got what Iran thought  it wanted. There is always going to be foreign influences in any country that is willing to do business with another. Its the way it works. Not saying it's good, just saying it's the way things are in the real world. As a university student in one of the top uk universities, you should know a little about it, Nothing happens in a vacuum. The way some ppl talk, it sounds like everything was done to Iran, rather than Iran having a role in it itself.  

And this new channell is as trustable as any tv channell is. Iranians can't blame the Brits per se forever.  


Darius Kadivar

Crown Prince Reza's Salutations to HER MAJESTY ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

As well as to Prince Charles and family:


 After all we are Family ;0)



Between Royals we should help one another don't you think ?

Its PAY BACK TIME for the BBC to give Voice to the Iranian Opposition after all the Help You Gave to Khomeiny and the Revolution I think it is only Fair ...

Just Kidding of course ... ;0)



New Note on BBC Persian!

by O.H (not verified) on

Plz take a look on my new piece on BBC PTV:

Darius Kadivar

News for the BBC: ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Got news for you ... Hope you will Report it. From the International Herald Tribune :


Iranian banks illegally shifted billions of dollars through American financial institutions in recent years, and the authorities suspect some of the money may have been used to finance Iranian nuclear and missile programs.Details of the illicit transfers came to light on Friday when the New York State and U.S. authorities announced that a large British bank had agreed to pay $350 million to settle accusations that it had helped the Iranian banks hide the transactions.


Then why is the IRI up in

by desi on

Then why is the IRI up in arms over bbc broadcasting in Persian?



what gives?

by ./. (not verified) on

VoA an organ of the US government staretd a Farsi TV program several years ago. Soon it became clear that the whole TV station was infested by a group who are known as "Mahmoodi Family". Although it should not be an issue, but it turned out that they are all Bahais -- unhappy and dissatisfied with the IRI regime.. Things became so rediculus (as far as "balance" and "fairness" is concerned) that even the US congress which approves their funding and budget has started questioning the prudence of VoA. It is known as CIA TV in Iran by those who watch it.
Now we have nother Bahai family taking over yet another "fair" and "balance" media towards Iranians this time funded by the Brits. What gives?



by Ajam (not verified) on

I haven't seen the BBC Persian TV or listened to its radio. But I find BBC International News channel far more professional and ballanced than the American InfoTaiment channels such as CNN and Fox News who spend more time on Obama's search for a dog or his kids' launch menus than actual world news!

Plaese, for the sake of sanity, stop the nagging laments. Shah is dead... get over it!!


The link that removed from

by Anonymous Mash Ghasem! (not verified) on

The link that removed from Alborz News:



former propagandists

by samsam1111 on

for Ommati regime are now it seems having a party on BBC . I mean get a grip , I,m supposed to think that a dude with 10 yrs work for Mullah media is going to be impartial to the plights of Iranians . salli keh nekoost .......



by persian dude (not verified) on

The way you have stated your comments is right to a certain extent. however, the bbc is not to be trusted in any shape or form. it is right that the iranian people did get rid of the shah but they did help the process and they did help in the coup of 53 as well. they have always paid a role in someway or other. the western powers gave the gun to the iranian people and the iranian people fired the shot. they know we were religious and backward. they used that against us. in 53 and 79.

just to made it more interesting. i live in england. i was born here too. i also go to university here and i study law here in one of the top 5 universities. so i do not have a complete iranian mind.


Stop being such a DORK!!!

by irannostalgia.com on

God! What a dork! I read your entire propaganda article. You must have rewritten, spellchecked and consulted it with your supervisor 10 times!!  BOOOWWRRIIING.

 Even a Marketing pamflet reads more natural. 

I'll tell you a little story, to illustrate why BBC Persian is not as loved as you would wish. It cannot be when it bends over for the IRI.

 I went to Egypt, and in the lobby of a hotel in Aswan a woman started talking to me in English. She was about 75 years old. It turned out that she was Palestinian from Gaza. This was 2006. Right after the Palestinians had elected Hezbollah.  

 Lets say, I am no fan of Hezbollah or religious people of the sort.

The palestinian grandma kept complaining that she didn't have a passport because of Israel and bitching about it, etc.  When it finally got too much, I told her point blank: "But you guys voted for Hezbollah".

She responded: "You know why? Because we want A Nation".

By the way she didnt look muslim. There are christian Gazan's as well.

My point is that, I hope iranians would want "A Nation" too. And this "nation" would not be compatible with the IRI governement, which the BBC bends over for.

Sometimes its best to HAVE an agenda and not be such a bunch of  suckers. 






dayi jan where have you been!

by choghok on

Man I have missed Dayi Jan napoleon since they stopped showing it on local Iranian channel here. But now I found several of them here. Could you guys please post more about the evil English so we can have a good laugh here... please. 

Grow up, nobody forced Iranian people to vote for IRI but they did themselves. BBC does not force Iranians to drive like jack asses in Iran but they do. BBC did not bring Shia or Islam to Iran. BBC did not let Khomeini back in to Iran. 

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim


To all the British haters

by javaneh29 on

I wish you would get over it..... the Brits today are no more resonsible for what happened then than you are for the revolution in Iran in 1978 - 79. But I guess you have to have someone to hate huh?

Its only you that will mss out if you boycott this channel .... and thats up to you! Do you watch US channels? Or do you skip those too.... ??


Omid H

قاسم تو دیگه چرا؟

Omid H

قاسم تو دیگه چرا؟

نمی تونی توی گوگل سرج کنی ببینی این میدیا ریسرجر ها برای این بنگاه تبلیغ نمی کنند که هیچ انتقاد هم کرده و می کنند و تازه همین مطلب هم جنبه تعریف نداشته، لطفا اول بخون قاسم

تا کی می خوای نخونده ملا بشی؟


Moment, Moment!

by farrad02 on

دروغ چرا؟ تا قبر آ... آ.. آ..!

اولا ما به میدیا ریسرچر هایی که فقط از روی انسان دوستی و خدمت به خلق الله این همه وقت روی تبلیغ و پروموت کردن بنگاه تبلیغاتی دولت فخیمه میکنند هم زیاداطمینان نداریم! دوما خود ما یکبار در جنگ ممسنی با همین سه تا چشم خودمان یک ستوان انگلیسی را دیدیم که با قنداق تفنگ به یک اسب ترکمن بیچاره بی حرمتی کرد! از این اینگیلیسها هر چی بگی بر میاد!

بابام جان، امید خان. گیو آس ا برک!

We didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday! 

Omid H

توهمات دایی جان ناپلئونی

Omid H

 ایرانی بدبخت ننه مرده

اگر بی بی سی این قدر قدرت داشت که در یک کشوری انقلاب راه بیندازد روزی صد بار در جهان انقلاب می شد، به نظرم کمی مطالعه و تفکر شما را از دنیای دایی جان ناپلئونی و نیمه اول قرن بیستم نجات خواهد داد

موفق باشید

Omid H

14th January!

by Omid H on

 The BBC will launch PTV on 14th Jan.

Telstar 12, 15 degrees West,
Transponder 10, 12.608 GHz (Horizontal polarisation)
Symbol rate: 19.28 Mbaud
Forward Error Correction (FEC): 2/3

Hot Bird 6, 13 degrees East,
Transponder 130, 11.666 GHz (Vertical polarisation)
Symbol rate: 27.5 Mbaud
Forward Error Correction (FEC): 3/4

Omid Habibinia

Media Researcher


persian dude is right on....

by ali123 (not verified) on

why the heck are u celebrating.....? aren't these the same morons that gave an open mike to khomeini????
I would never listen to this bs.....the brits are iran's NUMBER ONE ENEMY.....REMEMBER THAT!


Good Reference!

by Immortal Guard! (not verified) on


Good Video!

by Immortal Guard! (not verified) on

That was a good video about "illiterate liberals". What I find funny is that they strike such convincing intellectual pose!

By the way where can I buy clothing to make me look like a cool liberal???

I heard about a billionaire who contributed to the crash of the stock market and caused thousands of people to lose their jobs. His daughter used to work as a volunteer in soup kitchens and charities before she got admitted easily into Harvard Business School.
I guess she knew how to make a good resume.

It is time these pseudo-intellectuals were unmasked for their truly vicious nature which they hide so astutely behind a smiling and caring face.

I think people like Anne Coulter do a good job about deconstructing this whole leftist liberal shabang:



Obama bought this election, McCain won it

by Iranian Republican (not verified) on


Please take a little time to look at this 30 second clip. I am interested to know your opinions regarding it. I view it as a clear outline of the Iranian regime and how B. Hussein Obama will treat it differently than President Bush has.

Are these quotes representative of Sen. Barack Obama?
If they are, do you support these views?

Whatever you think of this video, it is a clear example of how Sen. McCain would have had an offensive foreign policy platform, similar to President Bush's, as opposed to Obama's defensive one.

In my opinion this is what B. Hussein Obama believes. I disagree with him, and I disagree strongly, but I will not insult him. Many people, including myself, view him as under-qualified to be president. Especially when taking his 'present' votes in the IL state senate into account. He is a respectable human being, especially because he admitted his mistakes on the O'Reilly Factor, but so did Senator McCain. Sen. Obama's social policies are very out-of-touch with the rest of us living in America who are pro-life and anti-gay marriage. Obama opposed something similar to the Born Alive Infants Act in the IL State Senate. Also, Obama opposed the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban that President Bush supported and proudly passed. Obama is for the radical redefining of marriage. I just hope Obama will not go through with his promise of ending President Bush's prodigious tax-cuts and fixing loopholes such as cell phone taxes and internet taxes, will be sure to keep our low inflation and HIGH GDP growth rate.

My final message:
Thank You President Bush

Vote Huckabee 2012


A message for BBC (in Persian)

by farrad02 on

بنگاه محترم بی بی سی،

شما سالهاست که با برنامه های رادیویی خود به مشگلات سیاسی ایران دامن زده و اذهان و عقاید سیاسی مردم ایران را تحت تاثیر قرار میدهید. و این دخالتها در سال 1979 به نا آرامیهای ایران دامن زده و اکثر مورخین بر این عقیده اند که برنامه های رادیویی شما به فرایند به  قدرت رسیدن آیت الله خمینی و ملاها و آنچه در سی سال گذشته بر سر ما آمده است بطور تایین کننده ای کمک کرد! حالا هم که به نا سلامتی شما تلویزیون هم به عملیات نامیمون خود افزوده اید!  بنده به نیابت از چندین نسل سوخته ایرانی از شما عاجزانه تقاضا دارم که جون مادرت حالا دیگه از ما بکش بیرون! دیگه تاب و توان عواقب سخن پراکنی شما را ملت ایران ندارد. تو رو به هر کی اعتقاد دارید حالا دیگه ما رو ول کنید! 30 سال بس نیست؟!

با عرض احترام و سلام به هر مجستی د کویین!

یک  ایرانی بدبخت ننه مرده! 




bbc is evil! full stop!

by persian dude (not verified) on

the bbc an arm of the state for britain. it has never been objective and fair with regards to iran. why because the british government has control over it. they have lied to iranians for many years. they helped in the 1953 and the 1979 'revolution' which has destroyed our country.

watching the bbc persian service is a mistake! full stop. the british are after their own interest.
the service is funded through british tax payers money. the british economy is in a recession but they are still setting up this service. does it not raise questions in your mind about their intentions.


Thank you Omid

by javaneh29 on

I have been trying to find out when it was due to launch and havent had much luck, Do you know if it will broadcast through Sky?

So far, what I have seen looks good, Im looking forward to it, at least while Im still here in the UK