Courageous student

In a protest gathering explains who "traitors" are


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Looks like these students

by Ye Irani (not verified) on

Looks like these students are hedging on going against the regime and getting a good name and couple of clips....then move out and become a hero like our super hero Ahmad Batebi is doing now.

I'm sure this guy when he gets to power will get corrupt more than Mollahs....

Iran needs no more revolution....You dumb idiots....learn something and go and serve your not inflateyour neck vein!!!!!!!!!


Joe the plumber!

by worrier (not verified) on

I admire the courage of this student and freedom of speech if it is genuine. But how do I know that this fellow is not another "Joe the Plumber" manufactured by Zionists. Remember Joe the plumber who became a courageous hero in the US media for awhile? Guess what? He is in Israel now as a correspondent trying to sell the massacre of the Palestinian children by Israelis to Christian rednecks in the US.


to azam n

by Anonymous234 (not verified) on

If you live in a country that you are proud of and that you tell people about how much you love it, it does make it your country. Any country belongs to those people that live in it and who give back to build their country in a productive way. I have lived all my life in Canada even though my parents are Iranian. So for me, Canada is my country. I am just as much a Canadian, if not more than, my "white Canadian" friends. Am I supposed to say that only Iran is my country because I have Iranian parents???? This country has been a great place for me and has provided me with opportunities that I would not have in a million years in Iran based on what I have seen. I love my country, Canada and my cultural background, Persian. This is why people call themselves Iranian-Americans or Iranian-Canadians.

Maryam Hojjat

Long Live you Iranian Student

by Maryam Hojjat on

who screamed about Dard-Dele Iranians.

Payandeh Iran

Darius Kadivar

Iranian Students Call For Shiraz Protesters To Be Released

by Darius Kadivar on

Shiraz University students stage a protest on January 5 in an effort to gain the release of their colleagues in Shiraz



To Anonymous234

by azam N (not verified) on

Did you say; Canada is your country? Just because you reside there that does not make her your country.


Somebody shut hajiagha up please...

by Anonymous234 (not verified) on

Wow. Hajiagha is hilarious in the saddest way possible. There is a reason you are a "hamal". Leaghatet hamine baba. Mr. Javid, I am wondering why you allow him to say these things on your website and post links to his sorry excuse of a blog,but you will not publish my comments time and time again when I am completely rational and polite in expressing my opinion. Girls sell their bodies in Canada for their university education???????Give me a break. I am a university student in Canada and that is a COMPLETE lie. Wow. Hajiagha, get the hell out of my country you moron. Boro be hamoon Basiji haye azizet khedmat kon na eenke mesle ye tarsoo beshini too Canada va harf bezani. These things you say about the Canadian government are untrue and if you said anything like this about the IRI, you would be executed, and yet you come here and talk like this, like its your right. Go back to where you came from.


Afareen! This is progress!

by Matin (not verified) on

Afareen! This is progress! Shame on you mullahs who use your power to take advantage of the public, physically, mentally, financially, psychologically, etc. ! Let Iran modernize and be headed by a respectable and humane regime like it once was when it was Persia!



by Anonymousforever (not verified) on

i just gotta ask you. what does "being verbose" have to do with tennis OR visiting iran? :-0

Artificial Intelligence

Very Smart Student.

by Artificial Intelligence on

I hope he does not get hurt by you know who.


To xerxes

by Anonymous-Azary (not verified) on

You better show some respect to your nation and your nationality. You have suggested I should read some intelligent books, right? Maybe I should start reading intelligent books written by Morteza Motaharie which is for sure your favourite writer and his books are the most intelligent books for you, haan Mr, Xerxes. You should change your name and try names like Muhammad, Togrol, Ali, Hussein.... . Was Dr. Kassravie promoted by Pahlavie? You are very uneducated. If Kassravie was promoted by pahlavies then why his books were banned by Shah? Haan, Xerxes, talking nonesense is much easier than reading some intelligent books. Stop reading Motaharie books and read some books that you can gain some intelect from them.
P.S. try to get rid of your backward mentality.


To xerxes

by Anonymous-irany (not verified) on

Since when telling the truth is considered as racist and stupid? Anonymous-Azary is right and you better do some reading. Read the history of Iran carefully and instead puping up and bashing great people like Dr. Kassravee read some usefull books. It is stupid and show the degree of your intelect to deny historical facts. As Azari said we never had turks in Iran till 1100 years ago. The shift of Language in Azarbaijan is the result of this attack and forcing the Iranians living in this part of Iran to speak turkic by turks from central asia.Do some reading man!!!!


The Student Protests in Iran are opposed to Monarchy

by Jamshid Niavarani (not verified) on

The Student Protests in Iran are by a large majority are for a Democratic Republic like the United States.

The University Students in Iran today by a large majority accept the 1979 Iranian Revolution that abolished the monarchy in Iran forever.

The next step in Iran is to establish a Democratic Republic like America.

Social Freedoms? These students want the social freedoms that exist in Amsterdam.

A government like the United States. Social Freedoms like Amsterdam. This is the only way.

Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Press. No monarchy. A nation, by the people and for the people.

Anything less is just barbaric.

God bless America. And why not?


Anonymous- Azary

by XerXes (not verified) on

Racist, and very stupid comment to say that we don't have Turks or Azeris. Regardless what had happened, we have our brothers and sisters in Iran that speak other languages and you better start showing some respect. Shah is gone, so should be your backward mentality.
Dr. Kasravi has claimed some none sense, read more intelligent books rather than what Shah promoted


HAJIAGHA!!! CANADA...Love It or Leave It!!!

by haj-kahnum (not verified) on

Try to find some self-help books in Persian(You would not be able to understand it in English) and read well. You are so full of hate and anger.
Try to learn English, the way you write it after 13 years in Canada, is a disgrace to any Iranian immigrant.
Why are you so rude in your blog Hajiagha?

You really are "AMALEH".


To Anonymous 222

by Anonymous- Azary (not verified) on

ما در ایران هیجگاه ترک نداشته و اکنون هم در کشورمان ترک نداریم. در ایران یک گروه از ایرانیان ترک زبان شده هستند از جمله والدین خود بنده و این یک زبان استعماری است که ما نسل جوان اذری ان را از فرهنگ و خانه خود به بیرون میاندازیم و به هویت ملی خود که ایرانی است باز میگردیم و به زبان اصلی مادری و پدریان یعنی پارسی سخن خواهیم گفت. لطفا کتابهای دتر کسروی را بخوان.


Shame on opposition ouside Iran

by Reza the student (not verified) on

Look at this brave guy; there are many like him. But what about so-called opposition who are shouting while they know nobody will do any harm to them. Many of them argue that they are in danger of assasination. That time is gone when opponents ouside Iran was getting assasinated by IRI agents. So there is almost no threat except that they can not return back to Iran. Many of them even don't care if they miss Iran.

The students inside Iran should be a role-model for the so-called intellectural!!!!!!!!!!! outside Iran.


درود بر تو ‌ای فرزند دلیر ایران زمین


پاینده باد ایران.


Ahay Anonymous-azary

by Anonymous222 (not verified) on

Ahay Anonymous-azary

يادت باشه که ترکهاي ايراني يعني آذريها اين مملکت رو از فروپاشي هميشه حفظ کردند. اينقدر کوروش و داريوش نکن. اگه عباس و اسماعيل يعني فرزندان ترکان دلير آذري نبودند الآن عرب در ايران ني ميزد.


A free Country!

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

A country is free when everyone, student, businesemen, all women, old people, the clergy, and everone else can speak their monds outloud without fear. Then, we will have a great society. This young man is a great start?


so proud of him

by Curly (not verified) on

Brave young man. Down with the mullahs.


All fine...but

by Salevaat (not verified) on

Yes, iri is democratic, etc. But try making the slightest negative reference to the old man Khamene'ee. Suddenly you're in Evin prison, asking some big bearded dude named Hossein Diesel, "Could you just hold me tonight?"


Baba Haji!!!

by Babak Khorramdinnnn (not verified) on

Baba haji cartoonist kheili khodete aziat nakon dooste man, shoma fesharet mire bala too mamlekate gharib, kharejiha mifahman, bad mishe vasamun!!! LOL Btw, how did you become so fluent in English?! Can't believe with your extensive knowledge of the English language you are not the Iranian ambassador to Canada yet, well, you know, Islamists tend to LOVE uneducated misinformed masses, so maybe you should apply! :D

Darius Kadivar

Oh Good So YOU ALL NOW agree with a Referandum ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Didn't I hear him say "Referandum" ? ...LOL


Everything is Tickety-Boo



What a courageous young man!

by farrad02 on

Bravo to this young Iranian hero!  I wish we had a lot more of these brave students!

And Haji Hossein cartoonist, why don't you just shut up and get your a.. back to your beloved Mullahs?!

Farhad Kashani

A true Iranian. The type of

by Farhad Kashani on

A true Iranian. The type of people in Iran the world needs to support so we can get rid of the fascist regime of IRI.  


The real deal...

by Saman on

These guys are the real change. Not Rez, Zia or any other loud mouth from LATV.


These are the people who make a difference.

by Princess on

Khoda zendeh va az bala door negaresh dareh.


Give me a break

by Ali1234 (not verified) on

It is ridiculous to think that this guy or other guy at the university of Shiraz in the other clip, who shouted "Man az Ahmadinejad motenaferam..." or the ones who booed and insulted Ahmadinejad in his face or the ones who literally swore at Khatami when he met them, will be "arrested", "tortured" or anything like that.

You people seem to be so far from the reality of present Iran. It is as most the readers of are living in 30 years ago.


خدا هفزتون


خدا هفزتون کنه‌ای جوانان میهنپرست. از بابت همین انتقادات که این اخودا به لرزه افتاده اند.