News: Montazeri's mourned

Iranians mourns Montazeri death

TimesOnline: Iran's opposition turned this morning's funeral of their spiritual leader, Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri, into another huge demonstration against the government, with tens or hundreds of thousands of protesters descending on the holy city of Qom. The regime did its best to suppress news of the funeral, banning foreign reporters from the city and imposing strict curbs on what the state-controlled domestic media could report. The BBC said its Persian television signal was being jammed. Internet connections were slowed to a crawl. Security forces were out in strength, and there were reports of clashes as hardliners tried to stop the chanting and disrupt the ceremony >>>


Associated Press:


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Go to hell...

by Arthimis on

for destroying Iran...

Khamenei and every single member of Islamic Rapists are next!


Gorbeh Nareh

by mahmoudg on

Ghorbeh Nareh is dead.  let us not forget at he beginning of the revolution his son, I believe now dead, was involved in drug trafficking and money laundering.  Let not for a minute your good thoughts be fooled about these people and their network around the world.  The world will not be safe unless every last Mullah and with it Islam is gone.



They are all the same: THUGS

by mahmoudg on

Montazeri, boroujerdi, etc. etc. all are of the same cloth.  They destroyed Persia and hence Islam is responsible for this backwardness and destruction.  None of these Mullahs nor those who have in the last 30 years helped this regime should be spared from a just Western style justice.  

David ET

Free Grand Ayatollah Boroujerdi

by David ET on