Advanced missile test

Sajjil-2 test-fire sends a message

BBC: Iran has successfully test fired an improved version of a medium-range missile, state television has said. The Sajjil-2 has a longer range than previously tested missiles which could travel 2,000 km, Iran's Arabic-language television station announced. That would put Israel and US bases in the Gulf within range. Correspondents say it is not the first time this missile has been tested, but it is likely to provoke condemnation from the West as a provocative act >>>


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MRBM and SRBM = ?

by Fatollah on

Sargord jaan, can you elaborate ?

Maryam Hojjat

ALL Bluffs!

by Maryam Hojjat on

As someone said not made in IRAN.  These thugs are only expert in lies, deciets & supersititions.


MRX1: would you also agree

by Bavafa on

MRX1: would you also agree that if some of the Israel/US missiles hit Iran and killed some "defenseless women and children" then it would make the non "islamists look like a barbaric fool"?

Is it our hate for one side (IRI in this case) that draws some of us to the other side (Israel), "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" so speak? If so, evangelical Christian, Mormons and many other hardcore religion hate homosexuals and so did Hitler, therefore those religious groups should be friends of Hitler, right?

Framarz: you ought not to insult "supoor" by comparing it to them, it is an honest job, therefore honorable.


Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

Iran's primary means of deterrence are these MRBM and SRBM missiles.

You're probably not aware of the refurbishment and spare part fabrication programs that are in effect that keep IRIAF fighters in the air. It's quite extensive.



IRI is all hat but no

by vildemose on


some thing doesn't make sense

by MRX1 on

Mr. pashm in this video says that this missile is made in Iran by  home grown talents. On one hand they are so advanced that they can build missiles from A to Z on the other hand they go out of their way to find spare parts for planes from 60's and 70's era. why Can't these home grown talents produce some spare parts for some old and obsolete planes?


Faramarz Fateh,

by pedro on

I was so sad about the execution of the young man Thursday morning, for having sex with his girlfriend.

Now after reading " Defense minister looks like a supoor " I've been laughing and laughing.

It is so funny you said that. Ironically the defense minister looks like our  Mash Taghi supoor,  as well who was our trash guy. A very nice and humble guy.


Anonymous Observer

stateless ommatti

by Anonymous Observer on

never once mentions the word Iran in his verbal diarrhea...sorry, "statement". 


Defense minister looks like a supoor

by Faramarz_Fateh on

The guy that used to collect the garbage in our neighborhood looked better than this clown.

Until when do these motherfuckers want to sell Russian made crap as Iranian made?!

Then we have the morons that live outside of Iran, are somewhat educated, have full access to the web and still believe this stuff.

Go figure. 


welldone iran, be as strong

by zebel20 on

welldone iran, be as strong as you can be, so these barbaric americans can not harm our great country.

oi america, have a regime change in your own country, we feel sorry for your jew control governmentand media.

have a regime change, so the rest of the world can live in peace and solidarity.

you are responsible for the murder of 120,000000 native americans

you are responsible for the slavery of millions black people in america, and the killing of millions of them as well,

you are responsible for the murder of 1000000 iraqi life, civilian life to date after your so call war against terrorism.


you are responsible for the life of over 500,000 brave iranian soldier as you have supported saddam over the war with iran, the same country that put this dictator in power in the first place.


your zionist so called ally have murdered 100,000 phalestinians as we speak, occupied their land by force and use of your military and given nuclear bomb over 200 of them by the barbaric americans,



Spatima, may be I am!

by MRX1 on

May be I am not as educated as you fine folks are. As for Iranian history, I read it to the extent that was thought in the schools in Iran and subsequent materials I read on my own. I read most of Omar Khayam, and I must admit I did not read Rumi. (Have a feeling most don't read it either and just pretend like they did!) Be that as it may be my post is about Islamo Facists who are constantly poping up on this web sites and promote their sick agenda. so if you are not among one of them, what do you care.....


@ MRX1: You are an uneducated kid

by spatima on

Iranians arent all radical islamists and definately arent anti-semitic as your post suggests. Majority of the people have a negative veiw on the current regime's foreign policy, particularly in terms of its alignment with terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hizbollah.

What you wrote just proves how little you know about Iranians and their ongoing Persian civilization.

I suggest you look up Cyrus the Great, Omar Khayyam, Rumi etc... and educated yourself.

Writing hate speech is easy, having a proper logical argument on the other hand is quite a challenge specially if you are mentally retarded.

In hope of a Free, Independent and Secular Iran


Treating this as just a foreign policy issue

by OmidKarimi on

Iran has the full rights to develope missile techonology for its defence. Brown is a hypocrite, so is the rest of the international community. India tested a nucler missile just a couple of weeks ago. Who ever gets in power in Iran should develope ICBM as a deterrence to any maniac Bush 2 that would come in power where ever in the world. Iran has the largest oil and gas fields, these will be seriously precious in the coming 50 years.

 Build a couple of thousand of these, place them on mobile launchers and imrpove their accuracy to within 100 meters with cluster munitions, and you have a deadly weapon that would make foreign forces think twice.

And no, no matter how much hype they want to make, there is no defence against MRBMs that travel in high speed, Iron dome etc are not going to protect Dinoma against 7 or 8 of these weapons hurling against a target in high mach speed at the same time..

Just because we are supporting change in Iran, does not mean we support Europeans, Americans to come and feed of the situation for their own strategic pockets. 


Discuss, chat and post your opinions about Iran on my new forum:



I think

by MRX1 on

Duabi or Burkinafaso are quite scared of the missiles comming from islam nabe mohammadi land, but the rest of the world really don't give a rats ass about them. In a major conflict with U.S and/or Nato, not to mention Isreal (you know the jews that you islamists hate) all those missiles will be taken out at the begining of conflict and if few of them do manage to survive and hit some residential neighborhood and kill some defensless women and childeren, it will only make  you isalmists look like a barberic fool.  Not that I am implying you guys are barberic, god knows you guys are quite humane!


I thought Sejil meant Sejil-e ahval? As in shenasnameh?!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


Little Birdie Missiles

by Faramarz on

The Iranian missile is named Sejil after a verse in Ghor’an where Mecca was defended by little birds throwing stones at the invading Ethiopian army!

If I were in charge of naming missiles in the Islamic Republic, I would not name my best weapon after little birdies throwing little pebbles. Somehow that does not put fear in the heart of western military planners!

Actually, the last time that somebody used little birds to create public fear; it was Alfred Hitchcock in the movie “The Birds.”

Sargord Pirouz

mahmoudg, you're wrong

by Sargord Pirouz on

You obviously are ignorant of Iran's ballistic missile program. Operational Sejils are not launched from pads, but from mobile launchers. And ABM types do not offer high strike capabilities. 

What do you think has been the primary deterrence that's kept the US/Israeli forces from striking all this time?- Iran's MRBM forces. 

By the tone of your comment, I'd venture to say you're anti-Iran. 


Only a few and propoganda

by mahmoudg on

They only have a few of these which will prove ineffective.  Most would be destroyed in their launch pads, and the few that are able to be launched will be destroyed in mid air.  it is obvious, the IRGC is desperate for grand standing and fear mongering.  Alas, too little too late.   

Sargord Pirouz

BBC commentary is just ignorant

by Sargord Pirouz on

These tests are scheduled in advance. In fact, defense experts have in the past criticized Iran's missile program for its lack of testing. Now that Iran tests another Sejil, less informed political pundits grandstand the event as a "provocation". They're just ignorant, that's all.