Uprising: Intelligence Ministry's fault

Ahmadinejad says Intelligene Ministry partly to blame for deaths of protesters


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by Siavash31 on

It might have been the "good old days" for shah worshipers and parasites who were looting the country and filling up their own pockets. But it was definitely not so good for the rest of the people, including the intellectuals and activists who were getting savegely tortured by the SAVAK and still have the scars to prove it. 

And sure, I don't speak for all people. I don't need to. They are themselves rallying in millions in support of their chosen President; Mir Hossein Mousavi.



makes me laugh.....

by shushtari on

that these 'individuals' think khatami, mousavi and the rest of the so-called 'green' movement are actually fighting for the brave people of iran!!!! LOL

give me a break! aren't these idiots the same fools who worked their way up the bloody ladder of power in the 80s and 90s????

these are the same people who oversaw some of the worst atrocities and mass murderers in iran's history

get it through your thick head- AKHOONDS WANT TO STAY IN POWER, HOWEVER THEY CAN.....

the brave men and women of iran want to have the freedom they deserve, not a bunch of fat pigs who worry about palestinians more than their own people

and SIAVASH....

those were indeed the GOOD OLD DAYS.....with all the issues, iran was a wonderful place to live.....

so remember that you don't speak for iran or its people!




by Siavash31 on

How can you make such false statements when there are pictures and videos to prove the opposite?!!!

Mr Mousavi DID participate in every single rally and event that took place since the beginning of the unrests. He was right there with the people at the rally from Enghelab to Azadi, he was in Baharestan, Toopkhooneh, Hashemi's Friday prayer, Behesht zahra with the families of the victims...etc I can't think of any other political leader in the world taking to the streets with people and risking his own life the way Mr Mousavi has.

How do you expect people to trust you when you are denying the facts in front of their eyes?!!






Siavash 31

by Freedom5 on

I can not believe there are people like you still supporting Musavi, you have got to be kidding me. You are saying people try to assissinate Mr musavi's character........ what are you ? martian??

How many time Musavi swindle people that he will be joining them but he never did and as a result more poeple got arrested or killed by basterd Basiji. Grow up man.... since then he has not done anything to help people ( political prisoners , find the killers who killed , Neda , Sohrab....another 100 people) all he did is hatching his green party .... that is a laugh. Poor Iranian people who have no voice outsaide of Iran and quixotic people like you who have no clue what is going on try to be thier voice. Yay bar ma va bar melat ma.

 Bar Labe Goore Man, Avaz Bekhan


Darius Kadivar

WHAT DID I TELL YOU ? Rafsanjani 'conciliates" Khamenei (bbc)

by Darius Kadivar on





Ahmed from Bahrain

Alim Deeni

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

is the only qualification one needs to run this donkey race.

Never mind zilch qualification in economics, diplomacy, world history, finance and other such silly things one might find useful in passing the time.

Ahmed from Bahrain

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Fatemeh Haghighatjoo: Female Ministers should Resign

by Darius Kadivar on

On VOA Persian ZANEH ROOZ former deputy of the Islamic Republic Parliament now in exile Fatemeh Haghighatjoo says that the female ministers should resign and be ashamed of taking part in the current illegitimate government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. She also slams Polygamy and other issues related to the condition of women in Iran.

Approximately half way in the program.

Watch Here

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Karroubi's Son Arrested ( albeit confirmation) Twitter

by Darius Kadivar on

1310 GMT: Very Disturbing Signals. Reports are coming in via Twitter of political activists, including Mehdi Karroubi’s son, being arrested and summoned to the Government workers’ court. We are seeking confirmation.




by capt_ayhab on

This is not denial, this is CRIME against humanity.

Counting a day that every single one of these criminals are brought to justice.


Darius Kadivar

Benyamin Good Points !

by Darius Kadivar on

Very Good Analysis.

Just like in the School yard !

You nailed it !



by Benyamin on

Well, this is a bit interesting, but in my opinion, This more sounds as if bunch of kids are playing with eachother in playground and there is "one" bully amongst them he pushes them around and makes fun of them and he makes them to do things for him. As you know bullies intend to be freinded and be closer to some of those kids than others, but all of the kids none the less are afraid of him.

Those kids that are closer to the bully many times do his dirty job and bully others themselves not because they are more powerful but because of the power vested in them and the bullied although stronger can`t defend themselves because of the main bully. Anyhow, so all the kids although knowing who is at "fault" can`t name him in any situation, but as soon as an incident happens and it is one of the kids fault everyone would point at him and blame or name him.

Khameneie is the bully, and all of those that are be freinding him now are just like him, this bunch are all sick and do anything to satisfy the main bully. so as you see he is blaming a minister although in his heart he doesn`t give a damn about the young braves that got killed in the name of the bully.



Darius Kadivar

Siavash31 Koochooloo ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

I suggest them to Join Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi instead !

After all I was to vote for Karroubi if it weren't for people like you ...


Siavash31 Koochooloo  ... BeeKhial ... Mother Iran will Forgive You  for your Poor Choice :





Darius Kadivar

by Siavash31 on

First of all. Zood bol nagir! Your shah did his share of oppressing, torturing and massacring people. Iranians are not going to forget these crimes just because you're trying to paint a rosy picture of the shah's area in comparison to what's going on now. You're only fooling yourself.  

Seconly. I am very proud for having voted for Mr Mousavi in the elections and so are the millions of Iranians who are chanting his name and holding his pictures in all rallies and political gatherings held in Iran. Dishonest (and/or ignorant) people, like you and Ahmadinejad, who are attempting to assassinate Mr Mousavi's character by associating him with everything that went wrong in Iran during the time he was Prime Minister, are only discrediting themselves in the eyes of the people. 

I hate to break it to you but people have grown much more sophisticated and aware than you might think. They're not going to be manipulated by a few cliches and simplistic thoughts anymore. Sorry, your time is up.

Here is my advice to you as a fellow Iranian and I really mean it. As much as I disagree with your views I believe that Iran belongs to all Iranians and that there is room for everyone. So I strongly suggest you join the Iranian people's movement lead by such great patriots as Mousavi, Khatami, Karoubi, Montazeri and Zahra Rahnavard and stop trying to discredit them by false accusations and ugly labels.

Being so bitterly angry at your own people for having tossed a  dictator out of the country 30 years ago and trying to sell them a rosy picture about some "good old days" that never existed, will not help you reconcile with the past and be a positive force in the future of your country. You'll just going to become more and more isolated from your own people and soon be left alone in your fantasy Island.  Take this opportunity to change. And that's a friendly advice.



Darius Kadivar

FYI/Iran 'minister' on Interpol list (bbc)

by Darius Kadivar on

Iran's defence minister-designate is on an Interpol "wanted" list over the 1994 bombing of a Jewish centre in Argentina, the agency has confirmed.


Darius Kadivar

Siavash31 ?!? Before Speaking Crap Go Join YOUR HEZBEH BAAD !

by Darius Kadivar on

I beg your pardon ?


I feel Sorry for you for your ignorant comments.

I have never had no illusion about Moussavi ( accountable for the Massacres of 1988) and even less in these Fake Elections. But I have never tried to discourage support for the Green Movement and what it calls for first and foremost and that is the respect of the people's Vote. I simply did not vote in these elections like many others including the poor Neda Agha Soltan who was shot for simply demonstrating for YOUR Rights to be respected.

What Have YOU Got to say for voting for a Man who was Prime Minister when his father was executed ?

Iranian of the Day:

Iman Shirali Son of political activist Iraj Shirali, executed in 1982

Besides To my knowledge Moussavi was amongst three other candidates running against Ahmadinejad. The other two being Rezaie and Karroubi.

In the balance I believe Karoubi deserves much more support and respect for his courage in denouncing what happened since the clampdown than Moussavi who has simply called to create a new "Green Party" as if this Green Revolution was only about him ...

Before Speaking Nonesense verify your sources.

I'm Not surprised by your ignorance. No Wonder you opposed Reza Pahlavi before changing your mind only recently now that you have realized how much you were fooled Just like your parents back in 79 on the fake promises delivered by a bunch of thugs who have only had their Own interests on mind for the past 30 years than anything else.

People like you Thrive on Slandering because you cannot accept responsability for your own ignorant actions.

Halah Har Gohy Meekhah Bekhor !







Darius Kadivar

by Siavash31 on

What's good about the Green movement is that it separates the authentic opposition (those whose priority is the wellbeing of Iran) with the fake ones (those who only have their own interests in mind). It separates those who are truly "green" with those who are showing their true colors.

I must admit that I found a new respect for Reza Pahlavi after he declared his support for Mir Hossein Mousavi in a recent interview. He proved to be a man of integrity who cares more about Iran than himself.

And then, there are the small people like you; those who hate seeing anyone else lead a social movement towards democracy. Those who are now anxiously waiting for an opportunity to take a cheap shot and trash  the leaders of the green movement. Those who have always worked hand in hand with the worst enemies of democracy and freedom to crush the moderate voices in Iran. I feel sorry for you.





يه تعداد مردم از دست رفتن


That's it? Like when there is a flood and some cattle are wiped out.

He has no respect what so ever for the people who were killed on the streets. He sees them as sub-human, as "Khas-o-khaashaak."

I'm pretty sure if he continues with this arrogance, very soon he's going to lose the last of his supporters. 




by gol-dust on


Darius Kadivar

They Are Trying to Find Excuses to dissolve the Green Movement

by Darius Kadivar on

All this talk is to try and dissolve the Green Movement and suppress the chances of Revolution. They will sacrifice a few heads to give themselves some credibility but keep the system intact !

People Do Not Be Fooled !

Only a Massive Upheaval can bring the regime to its knees. But Are the People Ready to Pay the Price ? I doubt it and In their shoes I wouldn't either.  

Unfortunately Moussavi is HARDLY the Amir Kabir he Promised to be.

He Chickened Out !

As for Rafsanjani he proved once again that he is the Talleyrand of Iranian Politics. A SOB Gorbeh Nareh cannot be trusted !

And The Regime will have the Upper hand as Usual !

What a Waste !