Khamenei: No foreign influence

Speech to students

TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) -- Foreign influences are not to blame for Iran's post-election violence, the nation's supreme leader has said, according to state-run media. Ayatollah Khamenei warned that courts should not use "rumors" to prosecute alleged post-election detainees. Ayatollah Khamenei warned that courts should not use "rumors" to prosecute alleged post-election detainees. "I don't accuse the leaders of the recent incidents of being affiliated with foreign countries, including the United States and Britain, since the issue has not been proven for me," Ayatollah Khamenei told a group of university students on Wednesday, Iran's Islamic Republic News Agency reported. "But there is no doubt that the events were planned, no matter whether their leaders knew it or not."

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


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by Abarmard on



He is the evil incarnate.

by vildemose on

He is the evil incarnate.


Abrmard: You still see him

by vildemose on

Abrmard: You still see him as your "leader"....

Speaks volume...

gitdoun ver.2.0

Divine Propaganda

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

this guy is so full of $hit and he does this under the mantle of religion and morality. that's 10 TIMES WORSE than Saddam or Hitler atleast those maniacs never claimed to rule under "Divine Authority"


I wish ...

by k1s1000 on

I wish someone would have posted the video of the first segment of this meeting where students have asked him questions. He makes several references in his talk to the speeches by the students and answers questions that they have asked him.



by Khar on

Ayatolah Khamenei leader of Iran great speech during meeting with Iranian Students.

Part 5:



Good Leader for Important Times

by k1s1000 on

He is smart and knowledgable.

Multiple Personality Disorder

قسمت اوّل - دقیقه ٦:٣٣

Multiple Personality Disorder

«اینو شما بدونید، هیچگونه اغماضی از جرم و جنایت وجود نخواهد داشت.»

اینو به خودت بگو و به آدم کشات.




by Abarmard on

I would love to know what the note that was handed to him say.


Very smart

by Abarmard on

Smart for a leader to discuss his/regime's perspective to people.

American Dream

Just plain bogus

by American Dream on

This guy is just plain bogus.



The guy does not......

by yolanda on

The guy does not make sense! How could you plan something that you didn't even know? If the opposition leaders did not know, how could Khamenei know? Where did he get all these insider's information? He sounded like he planned the "events" himself and blamed on the opposition leaders.

The guy is just too senile, paranoid, & incompetent and he should retire! It is sad to see a whole country being hijacked by this guy!


He reminds me of the oldest profession!

by Benyamin on

The people of Iran are nobody, he clearly doesnot give a damn about people. He said "I only support and encourage the president where he has the most common point of veiw with me"!!!

I have a few questions: What does dictator mean? So just because another "elected" person doesnot share the same views as those of this "peer e khereft" then he/she must be sacked? and he talks about fairness? he is talking about finding those committed crimes against Iranians? then who will impliment his dictororial views? He contradicted himself a few times in one speech. I wonder if any of those students that he claims have "open mouth"
 can get up or after this is all said and done to form a question and ask him about his views and Mousavi`s views? I bet that student will be disappeared by the same guys that attacked the "kooy e Daneshgah". Then what kind of hope is out there? He has a criminal mind.

I just hope I will be alive and see the moment that him and all of other Mollahs that sanctioned killing of the people of Iran are gone and we are free for once and for all.

I was thinking alot about Iran`s past and future, and the Mollahs are like bunch of Snales that are crawling on a tree which is unable to get rid of them, the tree is waiting for a "storm" to come and take the Snales off of her.



نگاه ما به آینده



هم میهنم

همراه من

هم رزم من

هم درد من

ای یار من

من تشنه آزادیم

جان برکفم ایرانیم

من با توام

تو با منی

ما با همیم

ای یار من

گوئیم با بانگ بلند

ما همه یک ندائیم

ما همه یک صدائیم

poem by ebi amirhosseini


Shekh Ahmed,





Ahmed from Bahrain

"... planned whether leaders

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

knew it or not."

It must have been my grand mother who planned it!! So, let's hang them anyway.

Ahmed from Bahrain