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Rupert Murdoch's STAR moves into Iranian satellite TV market

FARSI1 is a joint venture between STAR and MOBY, providing quality entertainment to the Farsi speaking audience, all dubbed into Farsi. STAR is a leading media and entertainment company in Asia. STAR broadcasts over 60 television services in 13 languages to more than 300 million viewers across 53 Asian countries. STAR controls over 20,000 hours of Indian and Chinese programming and also owns the world's largest contemporary Chinese film library, with more than 600 titles, featuring superstars including Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat and Bruce Lee. In partnership with leading companies, STAR businesses extend to filmed entertainment, television production, cable systems and distribution, direct-to-home services, terrestrial TV broadcasting, wireless and digital services. STAR is a wholly owned subsidiary of News Corporation >>> farsi1.tv


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I saw the promos in Iran

by iroooni on

They will translate a lot of American sitcoms like "How I Met Your Mother" into Farsi. That should be interesting. A lot of that stuff does not translate well. There is another channel from Dubai call "MBC Persia" that shows American movies with Farsi sub titles and the translation is awful. And, as for the advertising goes, MBC Persia has been able to only get one ad from a panties company. I wonder how long they can sustain? There are a lot more persian and english channels on Hotbird and ArabSat and others and if the language is not a barrier you can keep up on anything from "American Idol" to "Lost" and shows from Europe as well.


Haven't seen anything good from Murdoch yet

by choghok on

from his trashy papers in UK to Fox Channel in US all he touches turns into shite. His brand stands for redneck culture. He is in to making money by giving rednecks what they want to see and hear.


The Best way to deafeat Islamic Extremism

by masoudA on

Expansion of the Persian Culture in Asia !!!

Good Job Rupert Murdoch and co. 

BTW _ Roussaris will come off too - sooner than we think


deviously interesting..

by Mehdi-Palang on

Damn Murdoch!  This guy is good.

@irannostalgia:  this channel has nothing to do with akhunds or Iran in particular.  It appears that the opening video was shot in Tajikestan, and therefore the channel is geared for the wider Persian speaking population (not just Iranians).  Whether you like it or not women wearing scarfs are and have been a part of Persian-speaking peoples culture (for at least the last 1000 years).  Women wearing scarves are not unique to Persian-speaking peoples either; women in the Caucaus region and in Russia are also known to wear head-scarves as well.  (it's just cultural) 

 [...and no I'm not an IRI goon, I'm just stating some cultural facts] 


Aakhund compliant. Not good at all

by irannostalgia.com on

The two promo videos they have feature covered up women in Roosari.

I guess they are trying to be akhund compliant.

Its all about money.

By the way, how do they make money. Are they going to sell advertisement space to companies inside Iran?

They already have the programs, all they need is to hire some voice actors for dub-over. Quite cheap.

Its actually bad for hard working expat iranian media. At least they tend not to kiss up to the akhunds.





American Dream

Good Stuff

by American Dream on

Good Stuff