Starbucks: Persian Jewish Queen

Safwat Higazi on Egyptian TV telling Muslims why they should boycott Starbucks




by Abarmard on

Good for you. I should have said most of the viewers are Israeli youth, but among them are also Iranians and Americans . And you are correct, racism is not exclusive to one nation alone. Yet the issue I was MEMRITV and their agenda, however you do make a point that those who are racist don't always need a media.



by bikar (not verified) on

I love coffee, but sometimes I get reaction to it, however since you gave this nonsense story about it and assuming it is true, I love it I will buy starbuck from now on.

Kaveh Nouraee

Utter nonsense

by Kaveh Nouraee on

from a bonfide idiot.

The average Egyptian income is less than $3,000 per year, with more than 40% of the country's population deemed as poor or near-poor, and this uber-twit is calling for a boycott of something most Egyptians can't even afford.

But of course Mola loves it because it promotes hatred of Jewish people, and Persians, too.

But what do you expect from a person who has conversations with their camel, then talks about it?


Nice tie!

by Peykan on

It's amusing to see this so-called gentleman who is the epitome of ignorance has no problem wearing the infidels’ paraphernalia!


Another MEMRI bs production..

by .THATkid (not verified) on

Here's the real history of Starbucks logo..


Mola Nasredeen

My camel smiled after some comments..

by Mola Nasredeen on

I asked him why? Hazrate shotor?

He said: "Free Promo"

"Ahsannat" I replied.


I just a had a free cup of

by azadi55 (not verified) on

I just a had a free cup of coffee at Starbucks today, it was free because of the earth day, so they were asking people to bring their own coffee mug than them giving out their own which would become a waste at the end. I don't know the true story behind the logo, but more power to them if it has some Persian influence. Hope they shove it down arab's throat wherever possible.


Anonymous% --RE: "Mola Nassredin"

by Anonymous111 on

Don't waste your time with this guy.  As someone else pointed out yesterday on another thread, he / she sounds more like a militant Palestinian than an Iranian.  All he cares about is Palestine / Israel.  He goes around on this site calling Iranians all kinds of names, like "Zionist", etc.  all becasue of the Israeli / Palestinain conflict.  He also writes under various anonymous names.  I exposed him once writing under "ObamaVoter".  So, don't waste your time.  He's been exposed many times before and has no credibility on this site. 


I'm not a jew but I love Israeil

by Anonymous-&&^^ (not verified) on

I didn't know about the starbucks logo, but now I will go more often to starbucks. Israelis are our friends and I will support them.



by Anonymous-iran (not verified) on

I'm anti Arabs/Muslim and I'm not Israeli. What do you want to do? Arabs are racist, read the koran and convince yourself!


mumbo jumbo

by Alborzi (not verified) on

It reminds me of the Jesus freaks, who had problem with logo of this company with moon and star, according to them that was the sign of the devil. Anyway there is a reason we are Iranians, we do not listen to Arabs.
But too much coffee is not good for you, it will keep you up at night, makes you anxious and may give you headaches. But good for Xerex and esther was virgin, you cannot find a virgin Jewish girl in Syracuse u.


Abarmard, thanks for the information

by Morning Joe (not verified) on

I had no idea this piece was done as a propaganda piece against Muslims or Egyptions. As you could observe for yourself a few of the viewers were getting very mad at Egyptions already. Thanks for clarification. But the interesting part is this piece was posted by "Iranian Jew" that makes me wonder why he/she posted this clip?


So what???? what load of crap of these Islamist extremists

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

who make us like look like idiots in the eyes of non muslims.


MEMRITV is not a good source

by Abarmard on

This is not a good source for information. I bet that this is not the Egyptian TV. Probably taken from some local, locally paid for no name TV.

The MEMRITV is set to justify the Israeli racism against the Arabs and Muslims in general and sadly they have been successful. Many Israeli youth are now officially anti Arabs and Muslim. For the ultra conservatives and fanatic Jews in Israel, MEMRITV has done a great deal of work. Long term however is another story.

Don't take this too seriously.


Just Politics!

by Immortal Guard! (not verified) on

This is just politics.

If the Egyptians actually boycotted Starbucks then the IMF and World Bank wouldn't give them any money!



by Outta Toilet Paper (not verified) on

I will begin by consuming as much starbucks as humanly possible.


Mola nasredeen

by Anonymous% (not verified) on

So what? Why do you care about what Starbucks and Schulz do in regard to Israel? What about the support of arab countries provided to UAE for claiming the 3 Islands? Why don't you boycott arab products and their religion? You can't do it because you have some obligations! Kasseh dag tar az Ash!



by aaminian on

Is this guy "concerned" about Esther's Picture being advertised in Saudi Arabia, her Crown, her association with King Xerxes or is he just so hateful of Iranian and Jews altogether (kinda ironic, given the current state of affairs between the two countries!)? 

At any rate, I see MEMRI TV as the US's equivalent, the FOX News:  Just another source of non-information and propaganda.

Mola Nasredeen

Yes boycott Starbucks, but not for what this idiot says...

by Mola Nasredeen on

Schultz' company, Starbucks, is the target of a boycott because of his support of Israel, specifically his numerous donations to organizations that support the settlement of Jews in the occupied West Bank, Palestine. //


But also there are people who are trying to divide and conquer, how? by pitting the Iranians against Arabs and vice versa. Beware of this group!


Go behind the line...

by Hassan (Haazi) Danesh (not verified) on

Folks... he is joking and It was very funny...and the jole was as good as starbuck delicious coffee itself.
Waiting for another joke from this arab gentleman...

Haz kardam az een joak...



Shame on them

by Anonymous-USA (not verified) on

Egyptians(messrys)are so uneducated and stupid. They don't know about their own heritage and consider themselves as an Arab nation!!!


Wrong Info on the Logo.

by B (not verified) on

Logo is actually is Siren, two-tailed mermaid.




by ProudToBeAnonymous (not verified) on

No wonder Egyptians are so impoverished and so illiterate. This is what they get brainwashed with. What a stupid ass.


This is what the jewish

by Humble Jew (not verified) on

This is what the jewish community is so concern about around the world. People like this brainwashing the illitirate around the world. How would a muslim react if these were said about you??