Starbucks: Persian Jewish Queen

Safwat Higazi on Egyptian TV telling Muslims why they should boycott Starbucks



Total BS

by Mosleh (not verified) on

Is the Egyptian Government actually sanctioning this s**t? I find it hard to believe that Arabs actually sit down in front of a TV and listen to this nonesense.

Even if the picture on the Logo is Queen Esther's picture so what?


این یارو باید

رهگذر (not verified)

این یارو باید بر ساینس فیتکشن بنویسه برای فیلمهای اسپیلبرگ


azadi55.... I feel sick

by Human (not verified) on

Only those who are mentally sick with a profound inferiority comlpex would have such a disgusting comment... ugly racists like you are not real Persians

khaleh mosheh

Star bucks in Mecca and Medina

by khaleh mosheh on

and a Gigantic christian cross in the Arab land


a double whammy of biblical proportion.


Kaveh has a point...

by Davood_Banayan on

Americans for a Democratic Republic in Iran.

I disagree with 99% of the bull feces that Kaveh shovels on this site.  With regards to Starbucks and Israel he is almost correct.

I really don't care if my money goes to Israel.  So what?

Starbucks Coffee is great.

Why would I settle for crappy coffee?

I have been to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Lebanon, Iran and let me tell you they all are poor 3rd world countries.

If I lived in any of those countires for a long time I would be visiting Starbucks more in life.

Life in the middle east is miserable.

I don't even believe the royal family in Saudi Arabia lives in Saudi all year long.

the Kings and princes of the gulf states are busy with their prostitutes in Paris, London, Switzerland, Hamburg, Munich, and Milan.

The biggest Mosque in Western Europe is in Rome.

Even in Mashad, before the Iranian Revolution, the rock sellers, the stones shia muslims pray on were sold by Iranian Jewish Merchants living in the holy city of Mashad.




Kaveh Nouraee

Can you prove this

by Kaveh Nouraee on

or are you just blowing this hot air for effect?

Can you prove where Starbucks sends its money? Can you come up with a paper trail that tracks the $4.50 I pay for a Venti Nonfact Extra Hot Mocha (with an extra shot) to Israel?

If not, then shut up.

Niloufar Parsi

another good reason to boycott starbucks!

by Niloufar Parsi on

they are taking money that is owed to the jews of iran and giving it instead to a racist apartheid state occupying palestinian land. persians have even more reason to join this boycott!



Guys, Anonymous77, finally got a job!!

by Anonymous77 Employer (not verified) on

What the hell are you doing here then?

I've been on to you; Posting same comment on what-so-ever threads you come across; gurgling about jobless, welfare, etc.
What is it my dear? Have you recently got a job and now finally feel superior to what-so-ever you've been for a decade?

You know this Farsi saying, don't you?
"Kaafar ham-e raa be keesh-e khod pendaarad"

Please leave us "The Jobless" here alone and concentrate on your very first job, as apparently writing a paragraph occupies your whole day, not to mention the IQ!


Owner of Starbucks is a

by darius42 (not verified) on

Owner of Starbucks is a notorious Zionist. But instead of boycotting starbucks, learn about good coffee then you wont waste your money on sugar and shitty coffee.


Mm mm mm...I don't know

by *$$ (not verified) on

Mm mm mm...I don't know about you folks...but I want me some good ol' Starbucks :)!!!!


Jeans or Coffee

by Saeed Shoja Nia (not verified) on

Waiting inline at Starbucks and noticed a newspaper ad for Jeans selling for $9.95 at Walmart. The average price for some fancy mochas and cookies at Starbucks was about the same as the advertised Jeans. The $9.95 Walmart Jeans will last for a couple of years, the Starbuck coffee will go down the toilet in a couple of hours. You do the math. If you like gourmet coffee, then make it at home for less than 20 cents a cup.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

Nicely done.  Truely Hedayat's views on Islam is a thorn in the side of the IRI and the garden variety Arabo-ommatist mob that we see day in and day out on this site.  I also like it when he relates the Muslim god to the previous Abrahamic dieties such as Judaism.  It is very true that the vengeful nature of god in Islam is not unique. The same is true for Judaism and Christianity.  The Old Testament in particular is really not that different from the Quran in its violence, obsession with sex, etc.   


Starbucks is on top of the

by coffedrinker (not verified) on

Starbucks is on top of the boycott list together with Home Depot and others, not because of having picture of a Jewish queen on its cups, but because it is a company that supports Israel and all her its racist, inhumane policies.
Boycott Starbucks! Save local cafes! and stop supporting ISRAEL!!!


It is sometimes good to do some research on the Internet

by sobh on


      I'm not a fan of Starbucks, I prefer Peets Coffee, but I think it is good for people do some research on the Internet by their own.   


Q: Why was the mermaid used as the Starbucks logo?

A:  It was the intention of the original Starbucks founders to use the mermaid/siren to represent the seduction of the sea going mariners. In continuing with the metaphor, they were simply replacing the sirens seductive songs with the their tasty irresistible berverages.

It is based off Moby Dick and the character Starbuck who was a sailor who loved coffee. And sirens were seductive to sailors they would jump out of boats once they heard the sirens' songs. So it basically means that it is irrestible.

 Source: //


Or take a look at Starbucks official web site answering these questions:



Thank you Paykan

by Anonymous-again (not verified) on

I really appreciate it. I feel bad that the only thing I knew about Sadegh Hedayat was the fact that he committed suicide, was a follower of Kafka and had written “Boof-e koor” (which I have not read).

If that piece is truly a reflection of his beliefs, feelings and sentiments, many IRI apologists and anti-American posters on this site would call him a Racist Zionist Jew.

I bet if he was alive, he would be drinking 5 Latte at Starbucks every day….

Thanks again



by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

This site is full of jobless conspiracy nutters, thanks for the laugh


We should boycott Starbucks

by desi on

We should boycott Starbucks not because it's somehow some Jewish conspiracy as this moron seems to suggest but because it's crappy corporate coffee. Abamard is right Memri is an unreliable source. Arabs who have access to youtube and are watching this twit also have access to google. Starbuck was Moby Dick's first mate in the Henry Melville novel.The first Starbuck symbol was a sultry siren (mermaid) and as the company became more gentrified and shitty it had to clean up it's logo by covering her breasts. The double fin is an old nautical siren symbol. That's all. No conspiracy here. I'm sure Israel would still exist if the Arab world bought grande, iced, non fat, decaf hazel nut machiato frappes.


Hedaayat: a MUST

by malsitna's (not verified) on

Hedaayat's works are a MUST for Iranians.
French are far more acquainted with Hedaayat than Iranians.
There has always been myths generated by islamic establishment in Iran suggesting; avoid reading his books, due to its "negative mental charges" that inevitably concludes in some sort of "suicide act"!! Which actually was a backfire to his point of view regarding islam.

I recommend(as it was to me) you read his works. It will change your insight and helps you being a better Iranian. The following is the dedicated website where you can read his books as wel:

Darius Kadivar

Arab Rah Bejayeh Shotor Khordanoh Soosemar ...;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

"Arab Rah Bejayeh Shotor Khordanoh Soosemar, Beh Jayee Kesheedast Kar, Keh Tajeh Kayaneeh Konad Arezoo, Tofooh, Ey Charkheh Gardan, ..., Tofooh ..."

These Arabs lack  Education and Discipline to even think they can even challenge the EMPIRE with their historical revisionism ? LOL

Yazdegerd III understood how to treat them telling them to Go Back to the Desert and reign over their Camels and Goats :


Let Me Discipline them Like the Romans did with their subjects in Gallia:


Recommended Reading:

XERXES: A Screenplay by Ren A. Hakim by Darius KADIVAR



Anonymous-again: Sadegh Hedayat: The Pearl Cannon

by Peykan on

Yes, the text is indeed from Hedayat's "Toop-e Morvari".


Thank you Mola, you said it very well!


This man is a racist idiot.  I am displaying your good comment again:

Yes boycott Starbucks, but not for what this idiot says...

by Mola Nasredeen on 

Schultz' company, Starbucks, is the target of a boycott because of his support of Israel, specifically his numerous donations to organizations that support the settlement of Jews in the occupied West Bank, Palestine. //


But also there are people who are trying to divide and conquer, how? by pitting the Iranians against Arabs and vice versa. Beware of this group! 


another muscleman

by Iran Dell (not verified) on

yet another reason that if you are muslim=quran=anti culture of Iran-anti human that is if you no the book of mohammad the one how really no boy[cott] no a bit don't need to be a sculler you are Nat an [Irani] Payandeh Iran Javid Shahanshahy Iran.


I would boycott but for a different reason

by verytass on

This guy is a total nut case! He is even a bit scary and to be honest, it makes me even sympathies with Israeli reaction.
That said, I'd boycott them because of their support for Israel, an apartheid state.
But this kind of garbage really makes my case weaker and we shouldn't even put it up.


مردک الاغ

مش قاسم (not verified)

چه مزخرفاتی تو گوش مردم فلک زده می‌ کنه

Mola Nasredeen

Wrong again!

by Mola Nasredeen on

BBC Poll about what Egyptians think of Iranians:

"When it came to Iran Egyptian opinion differed notably from that of other countries. The numbers were reversed in Egypt with 51 percent positive ratings and 18 percent negative."


Starbucks is being boycotted for sending money to organizations that build illegal settlements on Palestinian lands.


Beware of those who try to divide and rule. Pitting Iranians against Egyptians and Egyptians against Iranians by manufacturing disinformation. the real boycott news about Starbucks is here: //




by eshal (not verified) on

یا ابن المتنک! تکلم کل بدو ! ! ! !

اه این همون یارو نیست که شورما میفروشه؟
من استفراغ قبلیم مال همون شورما بود.


would someone please verify

by Anonymous-again (not verified) on

This has nothing to do with Starbucks but the tone of comments reminded me of this piece that someone had posted as a piece by Sadegh Hedayat.
I don't mean to incite anything, but am really curious to know if it truely is his writing. I have not read any of his books and don't know much about him

برداشت صادق هدایت از اسلام

ما که عادت نداشتیم دخترانمان را زنده به گور کنیم ، ما برای خودمان تمدن وثروت و آزادی و آبادی داشتیم و فقر را فخر نمیدانستیم همه اینها را از ما گرفتند وبجاش فقرو پشیمانی و مرده پرستی و گریه و گدائی و تأسف واطاعت از خدای غدار و قهار و آداب کونشوئی و خلأ رفتن برایمان آوردند ، همه چیزشان آمیخته با کثافت و پستی و سود پرستی و بی ذوقی و مرگ و بدبختی است.

چرا ریختشان غمناک و موذی است و شعرشان چوس ناله است چونکه با ندبه و زوزه و پرستش اموات همه اَش سرو کار دارند.

برای عرب سوسمار خوری که چندین صد سال پیش به طمع خلافت ترکیده، زنده ها باید به سرشان لجن بمالند و مرگ و زاری کنند.

در مسجد مسلمانان اولین برخورد با بوی َگند خَلأست که گویا وسیله تبلیغ برای عبادتشان و جلب کفار است تا به اصول این مذهب خو بگیرند. بعد این حوض کثیفیکه دست و پای چرکین خودشان را در آن می شویند و به آهنگ نعره مؤَذن روی زیلوی خاک آلود خودشان دولا و راست میشوند و برای خدای خونخوارشان ِورد و اَفسون میخوانند.

عید قربان مسلمانان با کشتار گوسفندان و وحشت و کثافت و شکنجه جانوران برای خدای مهربان و بخشایشگر است خدای جهودی آنها قهار و جبار و کین توز است و همه اش دستور کشتن و چاپیدن مردمان را میدهد وپیش از روز رستاخیز حضرت صاحب را میفرستد تا حسابی دَخل اُمتش را بیاورد و آنقدر از آنها قتل عام بکند که تا زانوی اسبش در خون موج بزند.

تازه مسلمان مومن کسی است که به امید لذتهای موهوم شهوانی و شکم پرستی آن دنیا با فقر و فلاکت و بدبختی عمر را بسر برد و وسایل عیش و نوش نمایندگان مذهبش را فراهم بیاورد. همه اَش زیر سلطه اَموات زندگی میکنند و مردمان زنده امروز از قواننین شوم هزار سال پیش تبعیت میکنند کاری که پست ترین جانوران نمیکنند.

عوض اینکه به مسائل فکری و فلسفی وهنری بپردازند ، کارشان این است که از صبح تا شام راجع به شک میان دو و سه استعامنه قلیله و کثیره بحث کنند.

این مذهب برای یک وجب پائین تنه از عقب و جلو ساخته و پرداخته شده. انگار که پیش از ظهور اسلام نه کسی تولید مثل میکرد و نه سر قدم میرفت ، خدا آخرین فرستاده خود را مامور اصلاح این امور کرده!

تمام فلسفه اسلام روی نجاسات بنا شده اگر پائین تنه را از آن حذف کنیم اسلام روی هم میغلتد و دیگر مفهومی ندارد. بعد هم علمای این دین مجبورند از صبح تا شام با زبان ساختگی عربی سرو کله بزنند سجع و قافیه های بی معنی و پر طمطرق برای اغفال مردم بسازند ویا تحویل بدهند.

سرتا سر ممالکی را که فتح کردند، مردمش را به خاک سیاه نشاندند و به نکبت و جهل و تعصب و فقر و جا سوسی و دوروئی و دزدی و چاپلوسی و کون آخوند لیسی مبتلا کردند و سرزمینش را صحرای برهوت در آوردند.
اما مثل عصای موسی که مبدل به اژدها شد وخود موسی از آن ترسید این اژدهای هفتاد سر هم دارد این دنیا را می بلعد. همین روزی پنج بار دو لا راست شدن جلو قادر متعال که باید بزبان عربی او را هجی کرد، کافی است تا آدم را تو سری خور و ذلیل و پست و بی همه چیز بار بیاورد.

مگر برای ما چه آوردند ؟ معجون دل به هم زنی از آرا و عقاید متضادی که از مذاهب و ادیان و خرافات پیشین ، هول هولکی و هضم نکرده استراق و بی تناسب بهم در آمیخته شده است، دشمن ذوقیات حقیقی آدمی، و احکام آن مخالف با هر گونه ترقی و تعالی است واقوام ملل به ضرب ششمشیر به مردم زوزچپان کرده اند. یعنی شمشیر بران و کا سۀ گدائی است، یا خراج و جزیه به بیت المال مسلمین بپردازید یا سرتان را میبریم هر چه پول و جواهر داشتیم چاپیدند. آثار هنری ما را از میان بردند و هنوز هم دست بردار نیستند؛ هر جا رفتند همین کار را کردند.


Love Jewish women

by shirazie (not verified) on

This explains why I love Starbuck so much...

thanks for shading light my obsession,, My Arabic is better than I though


I'd like a Venti for here please.

by Venti_for_me (not verified) on

I loooove Starbucks and after seeing this nonsense, I looooove it even more.

Bring it on!!!

Starbucks is great!

This kind of hateful propaganda belongs to the Khomeini era. It does not work anymore for us.

I am not jewish and I love Israel.

Khar khodetee marteekeh.

Mola Nasredeen

And I saw him smiling again…

by Mola Nasredeen on


Why may I ask you’re smiling Hazrate shotor?

He scratched his left ear with his right hoof  and stayed silent.

“Ahsannat”.  I said quitely to myself.