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Aslan's new book is "How to Win a Cosmic War: God, Globalization, and the End of the War on Terror" based on which it seems Osama bin Laden's goal of recreating the globe is as likely as Aslan becoming Angelina Jolie's boy toy :o)

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Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Assal Khanoom,

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

Who doesn't understand the "Joke" now?

"Ray Allen" was just a joke I made about "Reza Aslan" with Irandokht, please don't take my sarcasim so seriously!

You don't have to change your name to Alissa unless you really want to!

I also agree with you that NO Iranian should be judged and have to burden 70 million other Iranian's whatever, Thank you very much! (and No WTF either...)

However, when you become a figure that gets invited in mass media including CNN, Bill Maher HBO and Comedy Central with Jon Stewart you must know that millions of people not just in the U.S. but around the world see and judge you!!! Whether you like and want it or not! Right or wrong, that is the absolute fact sister!

So please next time anybody associated with Iranian identity goes on such a high ride and becomes a known figure on a global scene instantly, he or she should also think of and respect who and what he or she is related to and might also be representing...

Another words, STOP BEING so selfish! That's all !




What about Iran ?

by masoudA on

Mr. Aslan -

You are already a toy-boy - of the mullahs.   You have done in the past, and are still doing a great job taking all attentions from the cancer that has hit Iran and Iranians.  

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Dear Mehrnaz

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

You are welcome! Have a great day!




Dear Nadia

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Thank you, you are so kind. I didn't mean it so literally! It was an Iranian 'taarof' of some sort!;0

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Angelina Jolie

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on


Mr San-Diego, I must rephrase actually!


I did laugh and thank you for it, but I was suspecting  you were joking!  Sorry!

Look, I have heard him in the past and he is not bad at all.  As for this show, it was a comedy! and he was funny. He does not represent anyone, never mind 70,000000 Iranians.  He was not even introduced as Iranian!  i don't understand at all the point about Angelina Jollie.  Who is she?  You are watching too much Western trash :)  Hope she is pretty otherwise we will lose face as a nation!!!  

In relation to Ahmadi-Nedjad, I think he did a brilliant job in the Conference on Racism.  Made me proud.  We shouldn't thrown the baby with the bathwater.  

بت شکن

Who is more of Joke?

by بت شکن on

I have difficulty to decide who is worse: Shappi Khorsandi or Reza Aslan? They have common grounds:

a - both of them denigrate Iran and Iranians

b - both of them think they are funny

c - both of them suck up to the westerners

d - both speak bad Farsi (in case of Aslan very little at all)

e - both are, well...,,  very unattractive

f - both of them "think" they are brainy and cute!!

Any more ...? 


Smart guy

by IKeepGettingDeleted (not verified) on

he is right in the sense that these extremist groups have no tangible goals. Israel is a good example. Their goals cannot be described in a way that average guy can understand. They reach for a utopia (exclusive to Jews) which is impossible. Islamic extremists are the same. A little dialogue between these group can resolve a lot of issues.


About changing his name to Mr. Allen?

by Assal (not verified) on

WTF kind of gheyreh-manteghi comment is that?

If I want to live my life and be judged by my own actions and not have to have the burden of 70,000,000 countrymen on my back----do I need to change my name to Alissa?

I think the basic foundational conflict here is that most Iranians do not get the Daily Show and don't listen to American political satire of the kind Jon Stewart provides. Reza Aslan isn't some intellectual superhuman; if he was he'd be on a major news network because we all know intellectuals run the media ;)! The Daily Show provides news, politics, and most importantly, entertaining laughs.

Personally, I thought it was cool he was invited on the show in the first place. Good for him. I would have probably enjoyed it if he was there to promote animal husbandry.

Stop judging him and being jealous ghor-ghoroos!


I'll say it again

by capt_ayhab on

This Aslani guy is the sorriest excuse for a writer. I have watched him grovel in both daily show and Bill Mahr's. The length he would not go in belittling Iranians and Islam.with his sheepish grin and fake English accent. Sounds more like Pakistani and Indian than Iranian.

The guy is an absolute sellout and yet these people are talking about Angelina Julie thing. May God help us with mentalities like these.

I have already imposed self-censorship on myself. Hopefully this will not get deleted.




I Agree with Reza-San Diego (partly)

by Anonymous411 (not verified) on

I feel that Reza Aslan does represent Iranians and frankly I am upset that he would mention Angelina Jolie. I think there are far better looking and hotter actresses than her. To name a few: Scarlet Johanessen, Jessica Biel, Salama Hayek, and Jennifer Lopez (Saw her on GMA today, looking good! Can anybody say Coooougaaar!), the iranian model Sara lime, and leyla Milani (deal or no deal). So Mr. Reza Aslan, not all Iranian men are enamored by Angelina (I was at one time though--the Tomb Raider days).

Moving on to Ahamadinejad: How dare you wear a gray pinstripe suit (without a tie i might add)? Who do you think you are, Al Pacino from Godfather I (although I think you guys are the same height). Pinstriped suits are for slick, clean shaven guys in the mafia, in mafia movies, and GQ models on in the GQ magazine! (you only represent the mafia part of it. You are neither clean shaven, slick or a GQ model-maybe the Qom GQ magazine).

Reza-Rio de Janeiro


by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

Khaili mamnoon,

Khosh-haalam ke shoma Asle matlabo gerefteed va yek zare ham toonestam shoma roo bekhandoonam...

Ghaabeli nadaareh,


Reza-Rio de Janeiro

IRANdokht Khanoom

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

Chashm, Shooma doroost megeed....

But allow me to respond to you respectfully!

First of all I don't know who " Hooshie" is !:-)

Secondly, I beg to differ, Reza Aslan does represent Iranians directly and indirectly other wise he should have changed his name to "Ray Allen" instead if he really wanted to be an American....

Thirdly, As I said before, I understand this is COMEDY and the fact people joke! (That's beautiful and more power to all those who make people laugh) My point was that he was desrespectful and SLEEZY, thus a bad and negative example for Iranians in general !!!

Believe me this opinion is not just mine! I heard that unfortunately from my American friends who happened to be very educated, open minded and witty people and follow Jon Stewart show and other smart comdies religously...

Note: I also understand in show business people say outrageous stuff to create attention/shock and thus sell whatever they are selling and in his case is his book! I understand that, and that seemed liked to be Reza Aslan's angle or at least I would like to give him that much credit for his premediated plan to sell his book...

In conclusion, I also believe you are mixing my so called "Eastern values" application and "western entertainment" unfairly and a little out of proportion! In my humble opinion, since all human beings and in our own case, we Iranians are interlated on the world stage, I would have loved for him to be more TASTEFUL in his ways to represent all Iranians in a classier way, Sorry, that is just my opinion. I honestly don't think that I am too uptight here and I can give you so many examples of so many people who unlike "Reza Aslan" are smarter and wittier yet not Sleezy!Reza Aslan could have thought about his Iranian identity first and done a better job for himself and us indirectly, That's all I am saying. Note: I still wish him well...

And I do respect your opinion Irandokht khanoom and wish you and all Iranians, all the best ...

Love and Peace,

PS. I am lightning up, Thank you... :-)



by capt_ayhab on

So i was deleted lol




Give this guy a little credit

by farokh2000 on

He has found a way to write and make money. Good for him.

I don't think it is more than that. This is America, the land of opportunity, no?

I don't think you have to make too much out of this.

I also saw it and had to laugh.



If Angelina is busy

by MaryK (not verified) on

...Reza can call me any day. Rowr.


another disinformation

by Alborzi (not verified) on

This is another misinformation, I am not sure if its
intentional or just stupid. People read some ancient test
and assume thats what they always do. As an example stoning of women (caught in adultery) was started by Jews, but not practiced for years. (there are sects who want to go back, but majority are secular), to label Iranians (ergo IRI) with all that is possible, is just (at best) stupid or intentional.
What he was saying, there are ideologies (like alqeda) that is not possible, and there are other aspects of Islam that need not be lumped with Alqaed thats it.


Reza San-Diego, thank you very funny!


The other day ahmadi-nedjad and yesterday Aslan aab-e rooy-e ma ro tu donya bordan.  LOL 

Very funny, thank you!  


Brilliant guy

by Amir Kabir (not verified) on

such a positive energy in this young man with an innovatinve approach to explain the chaos.


Hey, I'll be Brad's girl-toy: Everyone will be happy :)

by Assal B (not verified) on

He's cute and young and knowledgable and has written a book he's promoting.

That's the end of it. He doesn't represent 70 million Iranians.

All you crabby patties: over urselves :)


The point of his Angelina

by Nima1 (not verified) on

The point of his Angelina Jolie joke was that it would never happen between him and her; don't you get it?

Also, JJ: if Anonymous is a registered user name, why did you allow it? how can we post anonymously?


Agha Reza San Diego

by IRANdokht on

Calm down please!  Ask Hooshie here if Reza Aslan represents 70 million iranians inside and outside the country! 

Who said he's a respresentative of Iranians? was it even mentioned that he's Iranian? It's a comedy show and people joke! He did nothing wrong or immoral. You're applying the eastern values to the western "entertainment" society? are you for real?

Lighten up for God's sake!!!




Regarding the Islamist

by Meehan (not verified) on

Regarding the Islamist groups such as Al qaeda, Hezbollah, Islamic jihad ,the Islamic republic entity in Iran, so on and so forth and their terroristic suicidal Ideation they think that until a nation has embraced Islam, it is legally considered a battlefield (Dar-ul-Harb). Once it has converted to Islam (or all its citizens have been slaughtered or driven out), it then becomes a Land of Peace (Dar-us-Salaam). For those who think that this threat is only a phenomenon of the Middle East, think again!

Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of this murderous philosophy or they find it too monstrous to believe. This is not some aberration of Islam but rather business as usual for all but the so-called "moderate" factions. This is Islam's sad legacy of murder, terror, lies and brainwashing to advance their cause of global conversion and subjugation... their so-called "personal struggle"... THEIR "Jihad!". why do you think that the Islamic Republic in Iran is so adamant to make a nuclear bomb?

Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Smart guy with lack of respect ....

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

I love funny and witty jokes like any sane human being and understand the JOKES being said on a comedy program, but I am not happy about Reza Aslan's sleezy joke about Angelina Jolie and its possible backlash on Iranian identity especially while we are being demonized and unfortunately percieved so negatively around the world... I don't know about you people but please allow me to explain why I felt that way?

It's pretty sad that a smart guy with such vaild intellectual and political points in his interview with Jon Stewart is also such a sleezy/disrespectful representative of Iranian men (people) by lowering himself to make stupid sexual comments about a married woman on national T.V. !  I don't care if Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are good or bad people, if they are the right couple with good histories and manners or not... It is the Principal,Respect and Etiquette of the matter that Reza Aslan stepped on so stupidly and carelessly!   He must have known and realized the consequences of his words and the way they may be percieved by people toward Iranians!!! He is representing over 70 million Iranians (inside and outside Iran) and will be percieved as an Iranian at the end of the day no matter how American he think he is!


I for one am not a religous or a fanatic man in any form or shape,but Reza Aslan broke the code of ethics there by going way out of line disrespecting a married woman and her husband by making sleezy sexual "Boy Toy", stupid jokes and later saying "Call me" (referring to A.J) looking starit toward T.V. camera like a douche!!! What a lame joke... He proved that he is yet another terrible example of a so called educated and civilized Iranian man wanna be American outside Iran! Thus, he is definitely not my Iranian of the Day! 


Reza Aslan, Yesterday was Mr. Ahmadinejad and then later yourself who made us Iranians very proud on the world stage, You self destroyed your prestige and your earlier valid points about your book! Thank you for NOTHING Mr. ! 



by hooshie on

You seem to have a soft sopt for the Iranians who appear on the Daily Show. First it was Hooman Majd and now this. What's going on? Or is it that they both have more in common than being simply cute and smart, like eh..........being kind of apologists for the .... you know what I mean :o)


smart and cute

by IRANdokht on

I enjoyed watching this interview last night and secretly wished for Angelina to give Reza a call ;-)