A bird in love

Part I

A bird in love
by nema

Getting away from the madness of every day’s life I retreat to my small sailing boat moored in MDR almost every weekends, it’s quite refreshing to sleep in the boat with latch open above your head, gazing at the star at night or watching the birds fly over during the day while the bed rocks gently, it’s a lullaby by itself, it reminds me of my childhood memories of sleeping on poshtebaam (rooftop) during the summer time.

One day while reading my favorite book I saw a couple of tiny birds arrived and sat on the boat next to mine, I didn’t think of it much until I noticed one is chirping his heart out while the other is carrying small sticks to making a nest under the main sail cover, wow, I was amazingly surprised to have couple lovers in my neighborhood, it’s kind of serene and lonely at the dock, It feels like a refuge when I am hiding there, but now I got company, some special friends in love.

Days went by quickly I had taken couple of weeks off and stayed on my boat to prepare for an exam, and each time they visited to build the love nest he chirped melodiously, with his orange colored feathers blowing elegantly in the wind, I was recording every move with my handy camera, it felt like I am deep in African forest documenting Bonobo’s social behaviors, never mind.

The son often echoes in my mind, it woke me up in the morning and entertained me during the Spring days, I stopped each time they were around, I bonded with them at least in my own world, but one Saturday my neighbor came with a friend to go sailing, I hardly had seen him and I honestly didn’t want him to visit his boat, selfish but true, he would destroy all they had built, I couldn’t stand being a spectator, couldn’t tell them not to go sailing either, what’s a sailing boat without sailing. I went for a long run on the sandy beach just to get my frustration out; by the time I returned the boat was gone, so were my friends.


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very nice story. i am amazrd

by birdlwatcher (not verified) on

very nice story.
i am amazrd that migrated persians do not care to post here buy they post for every pervert story.