Two targets, one goal

Conspiracy theories will not die down so long as stupid policies remain in place


Two targets, one goal
by Ben Madadi

In the minds of conspiracy theorists it is actually their inferiority (stupidity), or the incredible wickedly genius of the conspirators, that constitutes the foundation for any serious event. But let's look at the world's mightiest conspirator, the US, and its actions and their results, in order to see how 'genius' that conspirator has been in order to evaluate how stupid the conspiracy-theorists may be!

We know that our 'beloved' president is in Iraq. What? Okay, he's in Iraq, the same Iraq hundreds and hundreds of BILLIONS (that is hundreds of thousands of millions) of US Dollars and thousands of American dead soldiers have turned from a Saddam-dominated private dominion into a Shia-Kurd dominated (also some Sunnis are their though they wished they had more) sort-of public dominion full of chaos. So, thousands of well-trained Americans dead and so much of American tax-payer money spent in order to remove Iran's former number-one enemy and INSTALL (the right word for conspiracy-theorists) an Iran-backed government in its place?

We know that most of the leaders and backers of the current Iraqi government have been sponsored and hosted inside Iran while Saddam was in power, and later on after the American invasion. Iranian-backed militias also kill American soldiers in Iraq and Mr Ahmadinejad is so bold he makes a pre-announced triumphant visit to Baghdad while the chief conspirator, George W Bush, doesn't dare to do the same? Yes, of course.

Let's recapitulate then, again! Americans invaded Iraq, as the older conspiracy theory had it, in order to take Iraq's oil. Well, that didn't work out. Then, American soldiers died in droves in Iraq in order to install a pro-American government in Baghdad in order to have a puppet state (to do some other conspiracy somewhere for some reason) in the Middle East? This plan seems to have failed miserably too. The 'puppet state' seems to be one of the best friends of one of America's most significant enemies in the whole world!

I am wondering what the hell is wrong with the conspirator? Or, no, that can't be! This is just a clever twist of a much bigger conspiracy. Oh yes, we will see the results much later. You want to know how the BIG conspiracy theory goes? America wants the Iraqis to have a pro-Iranian government in place, while neither the Iranians nor the Iraqis are aware of the wicked plan, so that later on they start to hate each other as any previously friendly Muslim states (and often individuals) do, right? This way, they (the great Satan, the wicked super conspirator) hit two targets, by pretty much doing nothing. Ain't that a great conspiracy?

If Iraq prospers, and they become friends with the Iranian government, they will be biggest rivals and natural enemies in the not-so-distant future, and have conflicts and rivalries doing them both harm so that none of them progresses. Such a genius plan! Indeed America is the best and biggest conspirator out there, but not because of planning anything. It is simply because of the incredible and obvious arrogance and stupidity of the conspiracy-theorists! And the same America happens to have some of the lousiest democratic governments one can imagine, wasting so often so much of the lives and dollars of its own citizens for nothing.

It is not America conspiring to do us any harm, it is our stupidity and ignorance that in its natural way of expressing itself does us the greatest harm. Our president (well, he's not our president but rather the unrepresentative figurehead of a ruthless regime) Antarinejad goes to Iraq, triumphantly, a country America took from Saddam, and arrogantly walks alongside Iraq's leaders, offering huge financial aid, while arming their Shia militias to create havoc, boasting to the Americans who are the only ones providing the relative calm that has allowed Mr Antarinejad to fly to Baghdad.

These apparently friendly Muslims need no America to hate each other. They don't need any conspiracy to quarrel with one another. And conspiracy theories will not die down so long as the stupidity remains in place. So, Mr Antarinejad promised Iraq $1 BILLION of financial aid (while Iranians are jobless and poor), to the same country that attacked Iran. Okay, a couple of years (or less) will go by and we will see these two countries, how 'friendly' they will stay when the Americans will be gone, or almost gone. It will be funny to see.

The Iranian regime will not stay friendly to Iraq and will probably do a lot in order to weaken any possible Iraqi democracy, or even a not-so-democratic Shia-dominated neighbour. And I am absolutely sure that either the billion-dollar will never reach Iraq, or if it does reach Iraq it will be promptly stolen by Iraqi officials. It is not such a big sum anyway, knowing that there are so many pockets (not mouths) to fill. And they (Iran and Iraq) will become enemies, or unfriendly rivals, again! Believe me! The region is not big enough. Just as Iran is not big enough for two parties to co-exist, even Islamist ones, even Shia ones.�


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The real war mongers are the

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

The real war mongers are the leftist fascist and IRI apologists Islamic fascists who provoked Saddam to attack Iran, took us through the longest war in the 20th century, has waged a non-official war on the entire world, except a few facists like them, and now are provoking the U.S and others to start another war with Iran. We have so many misguided and misinformed and ill intended ones of them in U.S and Europe.


The Neocon warmonger zionist

by Anonymous11 (not verified) on

The Neocon warmonger zionist agenda is not much different from The totalitarian regime in iran. They just wanna carpet bomb iran and bring democracy by killing half of the population, And BTW it's not much of a conspiracy, their agenda is totally on the table, as long as there are so many bafoons in US, they dont need to have a conspiracy!;)


Mr. Madadi, great article

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Mr. Madadi, great article and observation as always. We Iranians are pioneers in the filed of conspiracy theory creativity! For us, reality is actually not reality, its conspiracy! This mentality has caused our country and civilization catastrophic results in the last 50 years or so. It is if not the main, then one of the main reasons for the state our country and civilization is in now. Just by reading some of the postings here, you can tell that everything that has happened to us has always been result of a conspiracy of CIA, U.S, Israel, Zionists, Arabs, Neo Cons, Western Media, Capitalism, 700 Club, $70 million club, all kinds of clubs! It’s never, ever, our fault. It’s as if we don’t exist as people. That is actually a social illness. If you look at the history and current times, it’s always, like you said, the most leftists and religious fascists who always come up with these conspiracy theories because their argument is so flawed. Its so easy to blame others for your problems, it does not take efforts at all, and using some kind of twisted logic, connect different national and world realities together and come up to the conclusion that these realities are all somehow related and derived from one source (Usually from the sources I mentioned above!), what takes effort is thinking outside the box, using logic and actually using your brain to think that unless it’s a foreign army occupation, we, as people, have the ability to defeat any wrong doings against our country, whether its (I’m gonna use conspiracy theory grammar and words!) economic exploitations, cultural assault, political manipulations, destabilization, (If those really exist and whether how powerful they are!)…and things like that. More and more countries around the world are adopting this belief; those countries are the ones who are enjoying greater prosperity, democratization, international status and respect. Right wing fascists, as bad as they are, never engage in that. At least they take matters into their own hand. Things changed, but some of our people either still live in the history or have been brainwashed by Marxist-Islamist propaganda machine. We, as people, did make a difference in the 1979 revolution and other events in the last 50-60 years. Its sad that in the 21st century, in the enlightment and information age, you still find some Iranians parroting old leftist and Islamic fascist conspiracy theory propaganda.

Yek Irani

One has nothing to do with the other

by Yek Irani on

The fact that the Zionist puppets in the US failed in their plans doesn’t mean they had no plans. All it means is that they are stupid and weak. And their days are numbered in the Mideast.

Why else do you think that the Zionist puppets in the US did all these things in the Middle East, to spread democracy :-)


Well Done on STUPID Conspiracy Theory

by Patriot (not verified) on

Thank you Ben for have tried to write some thing about the ridiculous "conspiracy theory" which manipulates by the totalitarian regimes to oppress their miserable nations desprately struggling for their liberty.


Well Said

by Zion on

Very well said actually. It makes one optimistic to see more people stand up to such nonsense and expose how ridiculous they are. Thanks Ben.