Mujahedin's fate in Iraq

The vast majority of Camp Ashraf residents are not so much members of a terrorist cult as they are victims of it


Mujahedin's fate in Iraq
by Trita Parsi

The Bush administration inherited many of Iraq's problems when it invaded that country, including an Iranian terrorist organization funded and armed by Saddam Hussein, the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MKO). Though in the midst of a war on terror, the Bush administration chose in 2003 to protect 3,000 of the organization's militants and house them in a camp given to the group by Saddam — Camp Ashraf just north of Baghdad.

Ever since, the fate of this State Department-listed terrorist organization has been unclear. Hated by Iraqis for its involvement in Saddam's crimes against the Iraqi people, the Baghdad government wants to expel the group. But no country is willing to take them.

Though the Iranian government wants to put the group's leadership on trial in Iran, it seems less interested in the organization's rank and file. The European governments have little interest in taking in 3,000 battle-hardened Muslim militants, fearing that they will use Europe as a base to plan and execute further terrorist attacks.

The U.S., on the other hand, has already contradicted its own principles by giving preferential treatment to an organization on the State Department's terrorist list — even though President Bush himself pointed to the organization's patronage under Saddam Hussein as evidence of Iraq's support for international terrorists in his speech to the United Nations in September 2002.

"Iraq continues to shelter and support terrorist organizations that direct violence against Iran," President Bush said. To complicate matters further, if reports that the U.S. has used MKO terrorists for cross-border raids into Iran are true, then Washington certainly doesn't want these militants to end up in Iranian hands.

Washington seems doomed if it does, doomed if it doesn't.

Members of the terrorist organization have protested outside the White House this past week, angered by the Bush administration's decision to hand over Camp Ashraf to the Iraqi government. The government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki will surrender the MKO members to Tehran, they argue, who in turn will imprison and execute them.

Though approximately 500 MKO fighters have been repatriated to Iran and no reports of abuse have emerged according to the International Committee of the Red Cross, which oversaw their return, sending rank-and-file Mujahedin members to Iran against their will would be irresponsible.

Hated by the Iranian people for having fought on Saddam's side in the Iraq-Iran war, the Iranian Mujahedin is understandably fearful of the fate awaiting them in Iran. After all, the Iranian government systematically violates the human rights of journalists and union leaders alike, let alone anti-Iranian terrorists.

Yet, contrary to the protesters outside the White House, the issue is not a choice between freedom in Camp Ashraf and captivity in Iran.

The Mujahedin is not an effective opposition to the unpopular government in Iran as the organization's defenders in Washington claim, but a politico-religious cult that brainwashes its members, places children of Mujahedin members with other families in order to prevent parents from defecting, and who according to Human Rights Watch, maintains control by torturing its rank and file. "Members who try to leave the Mujahedin pay a very heavy price," according to Joe Stork of Human Rights Watch.

Its involvement in terrorism is undisputed. It assassinated several Americans in Iran in the 1970s. It supported the taking of the U.S. Embassy in Iran and blasted Ayatollah Khomeini for releasing the American diplomats in 1981, arguing instead that the hostages should have been executed. It made a pact with Saddam Hussein in the 1980s and fought alongside his army against their Iranian countrymen. Later in the 1990s, they became Saddam's most trusted henchmen, tasked with quelling Kurdish and Shiite uprisings against the Iraqi dictator.

According to defectors, Mujahedin members in Camp Ashraf celebrated the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

In 2004, French authorities descended upon the Mujahedin headquarters in France, arresting the leader of the cult, Maryam Rajavi. Immediately, zealous Mujahedin members staged hunger strikes and several set themselves ablaze. Hardly the behavior of a democratically oriented opposition group.

But the vast majority of the Camp Ashraf residents are not so much members of a terrorist cult as they are victims of it. The camp is itself a prison. It may have provided Mujahedin militants with protection against ordinary Iraqis who sought to avenge their relatives killed by the Mujahedin at the behest of Saddam Hussein, but the prison has primarily enabled the leaders of the terrorist organization to prevent the rank and file from defecting.

Rather than debating where to expel the Mujahedin terrorists, help should be provided to the rank and file to break with the cult and make free choices about their future. It's the only humanitarian solution to this dilemma - and one that defeats rather than protects this anti-American terrorist group.

This oped appeared first in the Washington Times.

• Trita Parsi is president and founder of the National Iranian American Council and author of "Treacherous Alliances: The Secret Dealings of Israel, Iran, and the United States." The opinions expressed are his own.


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For Once

by Shamse Vazir (not verified) on

IRI despite all of its failings has been welcoming to these traitors. I think the best thing to do is to send the lower ranking members back to Iran. The mullahs have shown mercy { unbelievable as it might be}. So let them go and show "Pashimani" for their crimes. Iran is the only home they have so they should go home.

My personal feelings are to have the lower ranks rehabilitated. They are as much victims of Rajavis as the rest of us. I oppose their executions as a part of general ban on all executions.


MKO response to every thing

by Anonymous3423 (not verified) on

its funny how whenever anybody anywhere criticizes this organization of traitors thier response is A) you must be an IRI agent B) IRI is a bad government.
Lesson: When you can't defend your actions, point the finger to somewhere else.


Trio Gung!

by Shahrex (not verified) on

3 Things are Cristal clear:
Mojahedeen are Traitors, they have been traitors from the very beginning of their creation.
Mullahs are the representatives of imperialist arab culture in Iran , they are a living monument over 1400 years of crime against humanity,science, art, liberty, individualism, and women.
As a matter of fact Mojahedeen are a branch from the same tree, they are irrigated from the same source as Mullahs.
And the third obvious thing is that Mr Trita Parsi is an agent of IRI, working for closer economical ties between some handpicked associations in Iran and in USA.


The Reality!!

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

Another Lost Iranian in Paris:

This HRW report is dated and has come under severe creticism by a wide range of American and European observes lawyers who have traveeled to Asharaf and have dismissed it as bogous.

But since you already propose that you should be called a "Szman e Etelaat agent," I give you a response from the National Council of Resistance of Iran, the arch enemy of the IRI and the voice of Iranian People. Read this one and see if it is to your liking.

-دريك سال گذشته رژيم ولايت فقيه از هيچ فرصتي براي توطئه چيني و ضربه زدن به شهر اشرف فروگذار نكرد, اما اين توطئه ها به خاطر حمايت فزايندة توده هاي مردم عراق، به ويژه اهالي شريف استان ديالي و همسايگان اشرف و نيروهاي دموكراتيك و ميهن پرست عراقي، در صحنه هاي مختلف سياسي، از جمله در جلسات رسمي پارلمان عراق، خنثي شد. بيانيه 3ميليون شيعه عراقي كه از ژانويه تا ژوئن‌2008(دي86- تير87) توسط 135حزب و جريان سياسي و اجتماعي به جريان افتاده بود و در دومين كنگرة همبستگي مردم عراق درشهراشرف, اعلام گرديد, محاسبات استراتژيكي رژيم آخوندها براي مداخله درعراق را به كلي برهم زد. 110‌شوراي شيوخ و سازمانهاي مجتمع غيردولتي، 197‌اتحاديه، سنديكا و انجمن صنفي، 164‌شيخ كل، بيش از 8800‌تن از شيوخ و معتمدين عشاير، 5814‌وکيل و حقوقدان، 353‌روحاني و خطيب، 23030‌پزشك و مهندس و استاد دانشگاه و بيش از 374هزار زن شيعه درشمارامضاكنندگان اين بيانيه هستند. شيعيان عراقي دراين بيانيه از مجاهدين به عنوان« وزنة تعادل در مقابل رژيم ايران» ياد كرده و با استناد به بيانيه 5ميليون و200هزارعراقي تأكيد كرده اند كه«مردم و نيروهاي دموكراتيك عراق، در تلاش مجدانه براي خنثي‌كردن خطر افراط گرايي و تروريسم، مجاهدين خلق ايران را متحد و شريك طبيعي خود در ژئوپوليتيك اين منطقه از جهان مي‌دانند» . بيانيه خواستار«برداشتن محدويتها از ساكنان اشرف و برگرداندن مايملك مجاهدين به آنها», «اخراج و طرد كليه اعضا و عناصرسپاه و اطلاعات و نيروي تروريستي قدس رژيم ايران از كليه مؤسسات دولتي و غيردولتي عراق» شده است.
پس از انتشار بيانيه شيعيان عراق و پس از ان كه همه توطئه هاي سياسي و تلاشهاي آخوندها براي سوء استفاده از دستگاه قضايي عراق باشكست مواجه شد, حكومت آخوندي در عكس العملي جنون آميز نسبت به پيروزيها و موفقيتهاي مقاومت در صحنة داخلي و بين المللي, در روز چهاردهم تيرماه بارديگربه حمله موشكي عليه شهر اشرف روي آورد. حمله موشكي قبلي در ششم خرداد امسال صورت گرفته بود. اين حمله ها كه نقض كنوانسيونهاي بين المللي وجنايت جنگي عليه افراد حفاظت شده محسوب ميشوند, موجي از اعتراض را ازسوي وكلا و حقوقدانان و نيروهاي دموكراتيك عراق برانگيخت . آنان جنايت جنگي رژيم ايران عليه شهر اشرف را به عنوان تجاوز به تماميت وحاكميت عراق محكوم كردند. درسطح بين المللي نيز ارگانها وشخصيتهاي مدافع حقوق بشر, كميته هاي حقوقي, ازجمله كميته بين المللي دفاع از اشرف متشكل از 8500 وكيل وحقوقدان، و هم چنين كميته هاي پارلماني در مجالس كشورهاي مختلف اروپا و دركنگره آمريكا، بيانيه هايي براي محكوم كردن جنايت جنگي آخوندها عليه افراد حفاظت شده طبق كنوانسيونهاي بين المللي صادر كردند. تمامي اين بيانيه ها بر مسئوليت مراجع و ارگانهاي ذيربط بين المللي – به ويژه نيروي چند مليتي و دولت آمريكا و هم چنين دولت عراق- در مقابله با جنايت جنگي رژيم آخوندها و تضمين حفاظت و امنيت ساكنان اشرف تأكيد مي كنند.
شوراي ملي مقاومت با درود به مردم شريف عراق و با تجليل از پايداري حماسي مجاهدان اشرف در برابر فشارها وجنايات ضد انساني آخوندها (ربودن دومجاهد خلق در بغداد, كشتار كارگران عراقي و ترور بيش از 50 تن از ياوران عراقي اشرف , قطع ارزاق وسوخت و دارو, انفجار لوله هاي آبرساني , منفجر كردن ايستگاه پمپاژ آب, وحملات موشكي)؛ برضرورت اتخاذ تدابير جدي ازسوي شوراي امنيت ملل متحد و مجازات بين المللي حكومت آخوندي تأكيد مي كند.شوراي ملي مقاومت ايران بارديگر«گرمترين درودهاي خود را به مردم و نيروهاي دموكراتيك عراقي تقديم مي‌كند و روشن‌بيني استراتژيكي و كارزار ترقيخواهانه و ميهني و انساني مردم كشور همسايه را در مقابله با خطربنيادگرايي و براي دفاع از دموكراسي و ثبات و استقلال ميهنشان مي‌ستايد»(بيانيه شورا مرداد1384).

These are the realities on the ground. The rest is fluff!


Okey, Now I Get it!! Good Dead Mojahed v. Bad Live Mojahed !!

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on


Your personal hate of the PMOI (or MEK, or whatever name that you want to use) notwithstanding, there are thousnads of documents that prove beyoond a reasonable doubt that the PMOI is not what you and your ilk want to portray it. Period.

The idea that the "Orioginal PMOI" was good and the present PMOI has transformed itself into "MEK"--or whatever that the Khomoni regime wants to call it including you has, nothing to do with what the presnet Mojahedin portray of themsleves: that under the leadership of Massoud a generation of Mojaheds have resurrected the Original PMOI that the PEYKAR destoryed.

BTW, this idea that the "Original PMOI" was good and the new one is no longer PMOI because it has been "corrupted" by Massoud crap was first suggested by Bani Sadr after he was kicked out of the NCRI for his duplicitous dealings with both sides.

You can say there was original Mojahed and non-original ones who are all criminals and terrorists and such dime a dozen JAFANGIYAT, but these wont change what the Mojahedin believe about themselves and their organization.

Finally, those who agree with you that the PMOI is what yoy believe it is, have long since left the organization. However, there are those inside and outside of Iran who don't agree with your assessment; you can jump up and down and throw all kind of criminal-terrorist labels at them but they are proven determined to stand up against one of the most vile and criminal regimes on the annals of human history, the IRI.

So, I do get it! You have a grudge against the PMOI because your young brother was one of them, and now you want to revenge his blood. It was Khomeini who executed your Mojahed brother including thousands of non-Mojaheds who stood up against that evil man, but you want to put Rajavi on trial for his "crimes" against Iranian people one of which is the innocent blood of your brother that Khomeini spilled. You would make one one JUST judge in that trial.

The rest of the garbage that you have peened follows the same logic thus is not worthy of serious consideration.


> Human Rights Watch Report on camp Ashraf -please read-

by Another Lost Iranian in Paris (not verified) on


Although the Mohajedin alliance with Saddam's Iraq was outrageaous, this is not the only reason why I have so much hate and contempt for them :

1. Initially, the main base of their ideology is just plain stupid : islam on the one hand AND marxism on the other hand: WTF ?? I mean , I read and hear here and there that their founders were ''highly educated'' and bla bla bla, come on , give me a break. Even my 13 years old cousins know what Marx said about religions.

2. In the past recent years, they were eager to use ancient iranian symbolics for their brain washing propaganda , such as shir o khorshid. the same symbols their were fighting during the 70s...morons.

3. Maryam Rajavi appears to be a hyperactive weirdo, with this stupid Joker style smile on her face. I wish you could understand french , just to realize how dumb she sounds during her endless speaches.

4. Promoting ''democracy'' with mandatory hejab : WTF ???

Now for you guys in America, let me share some memories with you. Back in the early 80s, MEK used to call every single iranian name from the French White Pages in and around Paris to HARASS people on a regular basis. So many people had to change their name so that they could avoid this pain in the ass. This was not a simple phone call : they were as agressive and insisting as can be. If you weren't with them, you were against them.

Now go ahead brave MEK supporters and label me as a ''Sazman e Etelaat agent''. Mojaheds are sooo disconnected from any reality (wheter in Iran or outside the country), it's just pathetic and sad.


دورود بر سازمان مجاهدین خلق ایران

مرگ بر جمهوری اسلامی (not verified)

دورود بر سازمان پر افتخار مجاهدین خلق ایران
مرگ بر رژیم پلید خمینی و مزدوران جنایتکار
مرگ بر پاسدارن سیاسی رژیم آدمکشان



by Mammad on

No, you did not. You did not understand what I was talking about, or pretended to.

PMOI is dead. What exists - the MEK - has nothing to do and no relation with PMOI, except a terroris like Rajavi who was among one of the early members of PMOI.

Yes, Rajavi and his inner circle are terrorists who have committed treason against Iran. I talk about them because there is nothing in this world that I like more than seeing him and his inner circle to be put on trial by the International Criminal Court for all the crimes that they have committed.

If I talk about Rajavi, it is not because I believe he or MEK are important. No, MEK is an isolated terrorist cult, and just a tool in the hands of neocons. The only reason I talk about this hellish group is due to the deep scars that my family and I have, mostly caused by these terrorists, using young, inexperienced, emotional, idealistic young people as the ladder to get to power, but have reached hell.



I got it, I got it!!

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on


I do get it! Based on your personal "knowledge" you want to persuade the readers that:
1) PMOI is "dead";
2) PMOI is a "criminal-terrorist organization";
3) Top leadership of the PMOI is composed of "criminals and terrorists";
4) Rajavi is a "criminal" who "murders" those Mojahed members don't accept his leadership;
5) Rajavi has committed among other crimes, the crime of "Treason";
6) Rajavi has "fled" Iraq and is now in Isreal;
7) supporters of the PMOI are a bunch of "old" and frustrated in diaspora and those remaining in Ashraf are either torturing each othr or are bunch of zombies who worship Maryam and Massoud;

These fantastic stories that you want me to believe, have been fabricated, packaged, regurgitated from the time of Khomeini to present. If you believe that PMOI is dead, finished and does not exist and some such jazz why do you even care what Professor Tenter says about the PMOI?

In fact, why do you even bother to get involved in a discussion that is about a dead entity, the PMOI? Oh, I got it, because you want to enlighten Iranians not to attend the rallies and getherings of a dead organization that does not even exist?

Or may be you would want Iranian youths not be misguided by the same dead and non-existent PMOI?

Or may be you have come to this conclusion that although PMOI does not exist and is dead, but it could resurrect itslef and continue doing the same crimes and terrorisms and treasons against Iran?

Or may be you are apprehensive that this dead and non-existent criminal organization could all of a sudden get some recognition in Iraq and not get dismentled altogethr?

The point is this: if the PMOI is a dead entiry, why do you bother with it? Do you see any one on this BB even mention the name of the Tudeh, or the Aksariyat, or Bani Sadr, or xyz? After all we are talking about an entity that even does not exists any more based on your rendition? Why do you think that is the case?



by Mammad on

You don't get it sir/mam. They asked the fox who is your witness; the fox responded, my tail. The discussion and the article are about a terrorist cult, known as MEK. By bringing in your witness, professor RT, you showed your true colours. 

Do not give me your nonsense about POMI. I know the history of PMOI far better than you will ever; that is, of course, if your Dear Ideological Leader, and your powerless President of the Resistance allow you to.

PMOI is dead. That one was an honourable organization established in 1965, and destroyed in 1975 by the "opportunist haa-ye chap namaa" (you know what I am talking about?), i.e., Vahid Afrakhteh, Mohsen Khamooshi, Bahram Aaraam, Taghi Shahram, and their supporters outside Iran like Torab Haghshenas and Hossein Rouhani. They killed the true Mojaheds like Majid Sharif Vaghefi.

Rajavi and his gang inherited what was left of of PMOI, and turned it first into a Stalinist organization under the pretext of "democratic centralism," then into a terrorist organization committing treason, and then into a terrorist cult of the worst kind.

The criminal Rajavi gang did not even have mercy on people like Ali Zarkesh - my old "hamdaneshkadeh" who entered Tehran University a year before me. Zarkesh had started having serious doubts about what Rajavi was doing, and so he was murdered by MEK, not by IRI, during the so-called Operation Forough-e Jaavedaan. That is how hellish MEK is. Zarkesh was a man who had dedicated his entire life to MEK, and that fate was he got for it.

It does not matter how much you scream, shout, throw up profanity. People like me, who know MEK word by word, moment by moment, will not be fooled. So long as the MEK is controlled by its present criminal hellish leaders (by the way, your Dear Ideological Leader is living in Israel), it is nothing but a criminal cult, nothing more nothing less.

Now, come back with another article about the IRI, and evade discussing the criminal Rajavi gang. I do not expect anything less of you, because that is what your Dear Ideological Leader and your handler have ordered you to do. As I said in my last post, you are an old, worn out, frustrated, angry MEK supporter/sympathizer who is just like those in Camp Ashraf: A person who has had his/her life ruined by the hellish Dear Ideological Leader, just as my brother's life and those of three cousins were destroyed partly by the Rajavi cult and partly IRI.

If you want to put my name down on the black list that your Dear Ideological Leader has ordered you to make, let me know. The list is getting to include Iran's entire population!



Sad situation

by Anonymous204060 (not verified) on

The MKO leaders like Rajavi, Abrishmchi and the rest of the gang are criminals. The MKO followers are poor victims. Unfortunately some of the brightest mind during the revolution were duped by MKO and were killed by Rajavi's cultish leadership and his stupidity. MKO took a wrong path when Rajavi assumed power and made it into a cult. The best solution is to put their cult leaders who aligned themselves with Saddam, intentionally killed internal opposition, and are responsible for the death of Iraqis, Iranians and their own poor victimized followers on trial and let their followers regain their dignity and freedom from the cult.


They are Cowards!

by Appalled (not verified) on

I don't see why the MKO rank and file should be given any special treatment. They are soldiers just like any other soldier who has taken an oath to defend either his country or his ideology with his life. There have been thousands and thousands of innocent Iraqis who have lost their lives while these free loaders have lived in their country under the protection of the Americans. Come on, where is the justice in that? Why should they be allowed to go any where? If they have committed crimes against the Iraqi people then they should be tried and punished for those crimes in Iraq by the Iraqis.


Here is a Google Search of the Crimes of the IRI in Iraq

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on


Read the following and hear it from the horse's mouth as to how the IRI is conducting its daily crimes of terrorism on the Iraqi people; as to Professor Tenter's history, the list of the PMOI supporters, if published, would cover volumes. He is not the first one who has supported the PMOI no matter what your judgment about him that I could not care less; he wont be the last among several thousands of personalities throughout the world who have supported the PMOI from 1960s to presnet. The support is overwhelming and continuous.

Now let us take a look at the God Fatehr of International Terrorism IRI's activities in Iraq based on Iraqi sources:

خشم و اعتراض عراقیان علیه دخالتها و توطئهچینیهای رژیم آخوندی در عراق
5:17:43 AM 1387/7/16
ظافر العاني

دكتر ظافر العانی، نماینده پارلمان عراق و دبیر كل تجمع آینده ملی روز جمعه درمصاحبه با تلویزیون الشرقیه گفت: دخالتهای رژیم ایران در عراق، نفرت انگیز است و نیازی به ارائه سند و مدرك ندارد. به صراحت بگویم رژیم ایران مزدورانی در عراق دارد كه سیاستهای خصمانه و تجاوزگرانه این رژیم علیه مردم عراق را پیش میبرند. من معتقدم كه رژیم ایران در آینده پرونده ترورهای مذهبی را همزمان با داغ شدن تعصبات فرقهیی، در جریان انتخابات شورای استانها خواهد گشود تا بدینوسیله عراقیان را به سمت صف بندی مذهبی مشخص سوق دهد.
دكتر ظافر العانی در این مصاحبه افزود: تاكنون شاهد بودهایم كه شمار زیادی از عراقیان ترور شده اند تعداد زیادی از آنها اعلام بیرونی نشده اند. شخصیتهای عراقی دستچین می شوند و علیه آنان دست به عملیات میزنند.
بنا به گفته ثامر التمیمی، مشاور كل شوراهای بیداری عراق رژیم ایران مدتی است كه این پرونده را با ترور فرماندهان و نیروهای شوراهای بیداری گشوده است. ثامر التمیمی، در گفتگو با تلویزیون الشرقیه در رابطه با ترورهای اخیر نیروهای بیداری گفت: ما از دو سال قبل در معرض چنین ترورهایی بوده ایم. اكنون انتخابات شوراهای استانی در چشم انداز قرار دارد و در چنین شرایطی طبعا انتظار چنین اعمال تروریستی از سوی رژیم ایران را باید داشت. این رژیم می خواهد با دامن زدن به تعصبات مذهبی، صف بندی مذهبی و جنگ مذهبی ما را به فجایع و مصیبتهای گذشته بازگرداند.

عبدالكریم السامرایی، نماینده پارلمان عراق از جبهه توافق نیز اعلام كرد: رژیم ایران در پشت انفجارهای اخیر در بغداد می باشد. این انفجارها كه در چند منطقه بغداد صورت گرفت دهها كشته و مجروح برجای گذاشت.
مثال الآلوسی نماینده مجلس و رئیس حزب امت عراق به تلویزیون الفیحاء گفت، دخالت ایران در عراق آشكار و جدی است و ایران جنگی برای هدف قرار دادن شخصیتهای كارآمد عراقی به پیش می برد، دخالت ایران یك دخالت معمول نیست بلكه یك جنگ اعلام شده و همچنین مخفی است كه رژیم ایران و احمدی نژاد و قاسم سلیمانی علیه عراق و عراقیان اعلام كرده اند.
مثال الالوسی در ادامه همین مصاحبه گفت: دخالت ایران درعراق خیلی روشن است، این را خود احمدی نژاد می گوید، متكی می گوید، رهبر!عالی می گوید، همه رژیم ایران می گویند، عراقی وجود ندارد، ما شكاف را پر می كنیم، روزانه دولت عراق اعلام می كند كه انبار سلاح ایرانی كشف كرده است، گروههای ویژه ایرانی آموزش می بینند، تسلیح می شوند و دستور قتل به آنها داده می شود.
از سوی دیگر دستگیری عناصر سپاه قدس وابسته به سپاه پاسداران رژیم ایران و كشف تجیهزات و سلاحهای ارسالی رژیم به عراق هم چنان ادامه دارد. ژنرال ریموند اودیرنو فرمانده نیروهای آمریكایی دراین كشور،كه اخیرا سمت فرماندهی كل نیروهای ائتلاف در عراق را به عهده گرفته، طی مصاحبهیی با روزنامه یو است تودی تاكید كرد كه رژیم ایران از طریق آموزش دادن و تامین و تسلیح عناصر و گروههای مسلح هنوز از برخی درگیریهای نظامی در عراق حمایت می كند.

یك بیانیه ارتش آمریكا حاكی از آن است كه در جریان عملیاتی برای هدف قرار دادن یكی از فرماندهان برجسته گروههای ویژه، 5 تن از اعضای این گروههای مرتبط با رژیم ایران را، در بخش رصافه بغداد دستگیر كردهاند. به گزارش تلویزیون الشرقیه در روز 12مهر ماه،این افراد متهم به قاچاق تجهیزات كشنده از ایران به عراق و تسهیل و طراحی برای عملیات علیه نیروهای عراقی و چند ملیتی هستند.
اقدامات و تجاوزات رژیم آخوندی به عراق تنها به تروریسم و انفجار بمب و كشتار محدود نمیشود. از آنجا كه رژیم خود را قیم عراق میداند، آشكارا در مسائل سیاسی عراق كه حیطه خود عراقیهاست دخالت و امر و نهی میكند. از جمله در سرمقاله روز یكشنبه روزنامه حكومتی جمهوری، به طور كاملا صریح، دولت عراق را تهدید كرد كه اگر توافقنامه امنیتی با آمریكا را امضا كند، سقوط خواهد كرد.
ورقپاره جمهوری در این سرمقاله نوشت: اولین پیامد امضای توافقنامه با آمریكا سقوط دولتی است كه این توافق نامه را امضا كند. مردم تكلیف خود را در برابر هر دولتی كه چنین توافق نامهای را امضا كند به روشنی میدانند. به همین دلیل دولتمردان عراقی جسارت امضای چنین توافق نامه ای را نخواهند داشت و اگر مرتكب این بی احتیاطی شوند قطعا امكان ادامه حضور در مسند قدرت را نخواهند داشت.

The above is one page among the Encyclopedia of Crimes that the IRI has penned in Iraq; the larger part of course is in Iran that once this regime is overthrown by our people, we would have time to compare IRI's crimes with those of the PMOI, the so-called "religious cult" that is apparently sitting in some delapetated shanty town in Iraq and is busy torturing its memebrs, based on the testimony of its "ex" members. If you believe that, please call me Her Majesty, the Queen Elizabeth III!!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Mojahedin or akhunds .. all of them are the same criminals and we should do the same thing which they did with iranian ppl.

mojahedin and khunds are NOT iranian ! they are arab or ... down with all of them !



by Mammad on

Your anger and hatred against rationality and level-headedness is typical of an old, worn out MEK sympathizer. All I said was, check who your professor RT is.

What is the problem? You are afraid to find out your professor RT is a most despicable character? Just because someone - especially a horrible character like RT - says something somewhere, does not mean that we should take his words and worship them. Oh, I forgot. In the MEK ideology, end justifies the means.

But, of course, you will not do what I asked you to do, because the MEK supporters and sympathizers were ordered 30 years ago to absolutely avoid any discussion with anybody. Heck, they are not even allowed to discuss things among themselves, let alone with someone outside their shrinking circle, because they might start having doubts about the "Dear Ideological Leader" and the "President of the Resistance," in which case they end up in jail in Camp Ashraf or, when Saddam was in power, in Saddam's jails.

They are forced to shippishly follow the "Dear Ideological Leader" (the Faghih without a turban) and "the President of the Resistance" (the powerless president controlled by the Faghih; sounds and looks familiar?) because, hey, they are above criticism, and MEK has gone through an "ideological revolution." But, of course, if you want to set yourself on fire - like any good member of a cult does - to protest, you are absolutely positively free.

Just because what has been happening in Iran is terrible does not mean that we should support MEK, which is willing to absolutely do anything, from terrorism to treason, just to come to power and satisfy the lust for power of a terrorist like Masoud Rajavi. He is worse than Osama bin Laden. 

And, by the way, my brother was a 23 years old impressionable, inexperienced, and emotional young man who thought MEK was trying to make Iran democratic, when executed in 1981. So, shout as much as you want. I know MEK too well.




by Princess on



Farhad Kashani

by Abdolreza (not verified) on

You want to campaign against NIAC saying they don't represent Iranians?! The politicians already knows who represent Iranians and who doesn't. Their rhetoric doesn't reflect what they actually know.

You squarely fit among those who want a war with Iran regardless of whether you say you support a war or not. Doesn't matter.

You are so jacked up that don't even realize that your stance against a war and position against NIAC is not only an oxymoron, but also closes an eye in seeing the obvious differences between NIAC and IRI.

The more you make these comments the more cemented your position becomes and the more exposed you become.

Good luck gathering friends who think like you.


Google Youself Mamad!!

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

Mamad: Do you know what the Islamic Republic Of Iran is? Just go and google it and you'll find what it is. On a second thought, I WILL tell you what you'll find about IRI because one has to be a complete moron not to see what the IRI is and you are one of those retarded IRI supporters thus we have to put it in front of hoping you might see what IRI is: IRI is not even a terroist regime, it is the TERRORISM pur and simple; but for a bunch of Hezbollahi common crimainals PMOI is worse than this regime that they support!! Right? Right Agha Mamad. You are what you are and no shame in the world is enought to close that thing that we call "Dahan-e Darideh" in Persian.


> a few tips

by Another Lost Iranian in Paris (not verified) on

A few tips on how to recognize a mojahed :

. before you know, he/she will quickly label you as a IR ''agent'' (they just love this terminoly).

. hyper-active

. he/she will never ever talk about where the hell has Massoud Rajavi been for the past 6 years.

. paranoid

now f.y.i guys, I'm far from being a pro IRI. I actually have the late Shah pic hanging in my entrance hall (you know the same guy who put your sorry mojahed, fedayin asses in prison)

= )



by Mammad on

Have you bothered to ggogle search Professor R.T. to see who he is, what his background is, and what he has said and done?

I have. He is beyond terrible. I will not say anything, because I want you to read it for yourself. Of course, if you are a MEK sympathizer, you won't have any of this.

MEK is a terrorist cult, not even a terrorist organization. What it has done for the past 27 years is terrorism.


Farhad Kashani

Guys, lets be more active.

by Farhad Kashani on

Guys, lets be more active. I have already campaigned and wrote to my Senator and representatives and various websites and organizations telling them the un-Iranian NIAC group does not in any way, shape or form, talk on behalf of the Iranian people. I also wrote to the Congress and Human Rights Organizations, even the U.N, and different groups all around the world, exposing the brutality and true nature of the Iranian regime. DO NOT LET NIAC HIJACK YOUR VOICE. 

For Iran's sake, lets be more active.

Farhad Kashani

Mr. Parsi, you are

by Farhad Kashani on

Mr. Parsi, you are representative of a group, namely NIAC, that is trying its best to insure the survival of the fascist regime in Iran. IRI has just found a best pal.

MKO is a terrorist group agreed, but are you constantly mentioning the name of a few misguided individuals who pose no threat to anybody? How can the MKO pose any threat, even to the regime? The Iranian regime with all its power can crush MKO in a couple of days, so why are you exagerating their threat? Isn't it because you wanna victimize your beloved IRI regime? Isn't it because by making the enemies of the IRI, no matter how helpless, look bad, you are making the regime look good? What a shame! NIAC is the ebenmy of the Iranian people.

There is a much bigger and stronger terrorist cult right now destroting our country and that cult is called the Iranian regime. The Iranian people don't care about the MKO, because they are nonodys. Their time has passed, and they know it. However, the Iranian people are determined to go after the Islamic regime, and we will prevail, soon. You can relay this message to your bosses in Tehran.


To IRI Supporters!!

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

These type of videos that the IRI produces dime a dozen and puts at the disposal of its agents are good for mentally retared who believe IRI is better than the Iranian Resistance; as to what the USA should do, here is what the supporters of the PMOI in the US Congress believe as the truth and that counts:

خارج كردن نام سازمان مجاهدین از لیست تروریستی یك ضربه اساسی به رژیم ايران است
6:49:13 AM 1387/7/15
پروفيسور ريموند تانتر

پرفسور ریموند تنتر- رییس كمیته سیاست ایران و عضو سابق شورای امنیت ملی آمریكا، در مقالهیی در واشینگتن تایمز، بر تضمین حفاظت مجاهدان شهر اشرف توسط نیروهای آمریكایی تاكید كرد و خواستار خروج نام این سازمان از لیست تروریستی شد
بخشهایی از این مقاله بشرح زیر است:
وقتی در 31 دسامبر 2008، مهلت قطعنامه سازمان ملل برای ماموریت نیروهای چندملیتی در عراق پایان می یابد، یك توافق دو جانبه بین واشنگتن و بغداد جایگزین آن می شود. این توافق، شامل ایجاد تغییراتی در مورد 3500 مخالف ایرانی در اشرف خواهد بود. آنها از سال 2003 توسط نیروهای ائتلاف حفاظت شده اند، اما رژیم تهران برای متوقف كردن حفاظت آمریكا از آنها . فشار را روی واشنگتن افزایش داده است. پرفسور ریموند تنتر، تاكید كرد: در 21 ژوئیه 2004، ژنرال جفری میلر- معاون فرماندهی نیروهای چند ملیتی در عراق، موقعیت ساكنان اشرف بعنوان افراد حفاظت شده تحت كنوانسیون چهارم ژنو را به رسمیت شناخت. قطع نظر از اینكه آیا واشنگتن در عراق باقی می ماند یا خیر، نیروهای آمریكایی ملزم به حفظ موقعیت ساكنان اشرف بعنوان اشخاص حفاظت شده هستند. در 4 سپتامبر 2008، ژنرال پترائوس تصدیق كرد كه ساكنان اشرف، از موقعیت قانونی برخوردارند كه موقعیت اشخاص حفاظت شده تحت قانون بین المللی است. رئیس كمیته سیاست ایران در ادامه مقاله خود در واشینگتن تایمز، به ضرورت حذف نام مجاهدین از لیست تروریستی پرداخت و گفت: در سال 2001، سازمان مجاهدین خلق، تجهیزات نظامی خود را به نیروهای ائتلاف در عراق واگذار كرد. این سازمان همچنین خشونت و تروریسم را رد كرده است . از طرفی دادگاه استیناف انگلستان، كه ریاست آنرا قاضی القضات انگلیس به عهده داشت، هم مدارك طبقه بندی شده و هم مدارك علنی را مورد بررسی قرار داد و در ماه می به دولت دستور داد تا نام مجاهدین را از لیست سازمانهای ممنوعه خارج كند. در ادامه مقاله مندرج در واشینگتن تایمز آمده است: در زمینه امنیت ملی، سازمان مجاهدین خلق ایران افشاگریهای تعیین كننده یی در رابطه با برنامه تسلیحات هسته ای رژیم ایران و شبكه ترور آن در عراق انجام داده است. حضور سازمان مجاهدین خلق در عراق در مقابل دخالتهای رژیم ایران، نشانه ای از استقلال عراق در برابر نفوذ رژیم ایران می باشد. رئیس كمیته سیاست ایران در پایان تصریح كرد كه خارج كردن نام سازمان مجاهدین از لیست تروریستی یك ضربه اساسی به رژیم ایران است و این پیام قوی را می فرستد كه دولت آمریكا گزینه جدیدی روی میز دارد و آن هم تغییر دموكراتیك توسط مردم ایران است

If IRI were to dismantle Asharaf City in Iraq, it will add to its NEKBAT life another half a century of CRIME and TERRORISM.


Iranian in Paris, GREAT VIDEO!!

by Jaleho on


One of the best recent documentary on the MEK so far."


Thanks, I agree. This it is the best review I have seen. A must see for all Americans who don't know the connection of US-MKO. And many Iranians who blamed IRI for fighting the MKO when the group was terrorizing and killing Iranians during the war, and now are adamant against any repatriation for some members who are themselves abused victims!!



by n3m!s!s (not verified) on

One wonders if the MEK are the chief tool of the US's divide & conquer strategy in Iraq?

Have the MEK been used to seed sectarian tensions via a bombing campaign that has been blamed on religious dischord?


another lost Iranian: If the

by interesting. (not verified) on

another lost Iranian: If the DHS allows Ahmadinejad, President of the most active sponsor of terrorism around the world and other pro-IRI invitees to have a shindig in NY then you should not be surprised at all if MEK is allowed to travel to US.

I also wonder why a pro-IRI person like yourself is allowed to work at the one of US Airports??


Omid Parsi: It appears that

by sickoflies (not verified) on

Omid Parsi: It appears that we have let those who were not even alive or very young before and after the revolution to re-write the history and to present a non-factual view to the international comunity.

We need more voices and witnesses to speak up and set the record straight.


To the Attention of the Supporters of the IRI and the "Moderaotr

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

The Problem is not the PMOI, the problem is that the IRI has put all of its aparatchicks to demonize the PMOI by these types of lies and campigns that the likes of Trita Parsi and his band in NIAC are propegating against PMOI. The problem is that whoever is in charge of the allows these type of lies be put on this BB, but when a documented response is given, he or she does not allow the response to appear.

Let us see what will happen to this response, oh mighty "Noting is Sacred" my left-foot!!


Adopt a Mujahid

by امیر کبیر در کنار نهر القمه (not verified) on

As part of its grand plan of cleansing Iraq, US government might consider to bring the MKO members to USA and dispatch them to different states, knowing that the fail proof "melting pot" skim will liquify the Mujahedins like it did with all the other ethnicities and will turn them into obedient workers, who buy things on credit and sell their future to their employer and then lose their entire savings every ten years just before a Jewish Holiday!

An alternative plan would be to establish a non-profit entity under the title:


Under the Adopt-a-Mujahid plan the Iranians who are financially well off in USA and other countries will accept to bring a Mujahid to live with them in their home and share the household with them.

Alternatively, under the Adopt-a-Mujahid plan you can choose to send $500 a month to adopt a MKO abroad and in exchange you will receive a picture of your very own Mujahid with Saddam-look-alike mustache and his very won hand written thank you note.

The common consensus shows that indeed there seems to be palatable solutions one way or another to the plight of the MKO.


Omid! you said it! I just

by kofri (not verified) on

Omid! you said it! I just want to add that MLK was wrong to kill even pasepane dame banke meili and it will always be wrong to kill. No noble cause demands blood! In aashob 57 ba komake MLK va amsalhom be khosos kesafate toodeeha bood ke akhond savar shod. I want to vomit when he writes "against their Iranian countrymen" they were a lot of different group in that war who wanted to defend but defend what? Those who got executed in Mahshahr because they were paykari wanted to defend their country na Sepahe o basij who were dreaming of crossing Iraq to go to ....all the way to Isreal and pray there. khoda bezane be kamareshoon on namazeshon ro! BTW God knows what is his dream?