Hungry Traveler

In Memory of Bijan Kargar-Moghadam [1]

Hungry Traveler
by Majid Naficy

Sa'di[2] called death a wolf

Who snatches sheep at every moment

From the herd of the village.

But I saw you, on that white bed

Lying like a feather-plucked bird

With closed wings and browned skin,

And death like a hungry traveler

Sitting before a white tablecloth

With silver knife and fork in hand

And a red glass on the side.

I opened the curtain and said:

"What are you waiting for, death?

Have your dinner and go away."


Last night at your bed

While holding your burning hand

And listening to the breathing pump

I heard the heavy footsteps of death

In the hallway of the nursing home

And whispered in your ear:

"Be calm, Let your body go

This flesh and these bones will be his share

And your immortal stories

Will belong to the living."

Then death knocked on the door

And I hurried to hide myself

Behind the white curtain.


October 27, 2008

[1] Bijan K. Moghadam (1948-2008) One of the best Iranian writers of short stories in exile and a member of the literary circle of "Saturday's Notebooks" in Los Angeles. He has two books in Persian: "rahbandan" (Traffic Jam)1989  and "khab-e magas" (Fly Dream) 2008. Bijan has left behind a son and a daughter.

[2] Sa'di, a great Persian poet in thirteenth century.


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Thank you for remembering

by NinaM on

Thank you for remembering my fathers death in such a beautiful way. 

-Nina Moghaddam