Exclusive elections

No need to vote in Iranian parliamentary elections


Exclusive elections
by Ben Madadi

I just saw the news that Khomeini's grandson, Ali Eshraghi, has not been allowed to participate in the March parliamentary elections in Iran. I was looking at the picture of the guy and I was almost feeling the TERROR of Khomeini in my body. You remember how he looked. I could almost feel how the old man was able to kill mercilessly for what he believed to be the cause of Shia Islam. This guy, Mr Eshraghi, looks so much like his mass-murderer grandfather.

By the way, the grandfather was indeed a ruthless man who will in time, definitely, be exposed, but the fact of the matter is that Khomeini was adored by the vast majority of Iranians. He was probably the most loved Iranian ruler since the Safavid. Well, we cannot know this for sure! But neither the Qajar, nor the Pahlavi were loved by ordinary Iranians. They were just feared at best. And they had very few, though powerful, true followers.

But Khomeini... no, he was truly loved by Iranians. His followers were ordinary people, weak as individuals though powerful in masses. Even my relatives who hated him, the female ones mostly, cried when he died! I was shocked, but I have for a long time been starting to learn not to be shocked by human ignorance, as it has little limits. And I had relatives (no fan left anymore) who loved him a lot. Some of them would die for him. And this is my family who were quite educated. Less educated Iranians were far more fanatic about Khomeini. So, enough about Khomeini's crimes and atrocities! By the way, I am not so sure about this, but didn't Khomeini also order the mass killing of many ordinary Iranian Kurds just like Saddam had done about Iraqi Kurds? It doesn't matter anyway, adding some more thousands here and there!

And I don't quite understand why they rejected this guy, Mr Ali Eshraghi!? Did they also feel the terror when they saw the relatively young fellow, and their pens got off the right track? Very hard to imagine the exact motives! Or is he actually a drug-addict, a heavy-drinker, or something who has just gone out of the basic necessities and needs some serious parliamentary cash? Or maybe he is just a moderate!?!?

I really don't want to say anything I don't know. I don't know much about the guy. He may also be a nice guy, a grandson of a popular mass-murderer who has legitimate rights that any normal citizen must have! Even the children and grand children of mass murderers must be given all the chances that any other normal citizen must have, right? I actually think so. But, why, just why did they reject this man's application to run for parliament? Maybe someone can come up with the true reason as I am in the dark.

I actually didn't really want to talk about this politically and socially irrelevant person who brings the most horrifying images about our Islamic revolution gone bad. But I also read that Mr Eshraghi was upset because his family thought that the banning was an insult. This was the word that actually puzzled me. Insult on what? Has Khomeini's family turned moderate now? Even if this guy is an Islamic moderate and even if he is a decent citizen and a true patriot, I think they (he and his family) ought either to shut up and stay anonymous or denounce the atrocities of the grandfather first, then talk about moderation and rights.

Who is talking here? They feel insulted because the 'hardliners' rejected Mr Eshraghi's application for parliament? Why do they feel insulted? Because their grandfather founded the Islamic Republic? Yes, he did, and thank God he died. Those who are ruling the IRI now are far better than Khomeini. Or maybe it is just a coincidence, and if Khomeini hadn't done the hard work (killing probably one hundred thousand of his own Iranian opponents) in the early times, they would have done it later. His atrocities are not just limited to the executions. His social and economic policies, and his urging little teenagers (13-14 year-olds aplenty) to go to war and die, were probably even more odious and outrageous.

But anyway, I hope if someone thinks that I was harsh on Mr Eshraghi, I will be forgiven on the grounds of emotions after having noticed the incredible resemblance to his grandfather. I think the grandson owns the Iranian people an apology first. Or he shall keep quiet and avoid the public sphere.

The other huge problem is indeed the fact that the Guardian Council is banning thousands of people from participating in elections. This is not democracy indeed, though I personally don't mind Khomeini's grandson being banned :) Okay, he could run in a normal democracy too, I was just kidding. In case too many people are not allowed to participate and run for parliament the best thing Iranians can do is to stay home and ignore the whole process. But it is bad for freedom and bad for the country to go and vote one of many who are the same type of people.

I have nothing against moderate Muslims running against Conservative Muslims, but one hardliner running against another hardliner, one who thinks Khomeini must have killed twice as many against the other who thinks that he was perfectly right on mark, that is not okay! Want to be a patriotic Iranian and show your care for the future of your country? Don't go to vote so that the leaders understand the desire of the people. Boycott the vote and be a true Iranian!


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Most islamic movements are

by ah (not verified) on

Most islamic movements are surprisingly skewed in their economic outlook against the very (usually poor) popular base that supports them. And many would cut a deal with the Imperialists

Political Islam in the Service of Imperialism
by Samir Amin



Ben: The difference is that

by Ah (not verified) on

Ben: The difference is that the Shah's regime never claimed to be a "democracy" or a "Republic" but the "Islamic Republic" does indeed, uses the disguise of "elections" to deceive the international community and useful idiots in the West. However, the Islamic Republic's version of democracy is more insidious and dangerous than the than Shah's regime because of this deception. It's Shahan-Sheikhi, which is more lethal than just Shahanshahi.

Ben Madadi

Re: ah

by Ben Madadi on

Thanks for sharing this nice piece with us! The Shah era 'democracy' was worse than IRI 'democracy' indeed.



ah (not verified)

قسمت اول:
انتخابات قبل از انقلاب را بخوبی به‌یاد ندارم که چگونه بود و چگونه برگزار میشد. اما شنیده بودم که اصولا بدون موافقت دربار٬ کسی را به مجلس راه نمیدادند. بعدها از طریق کتاب خاطرات اسدالله علم (وزیر دربار شاه) فهمیدم که شخص اعلیحضرت در مورد کاندیداهای نقاط مختلف کشور اعمال نظر میکرد و مثلا دستور میداده عباسقلی خان از فلان شهرستان حتما باید رای بیاورد!
این طریقه انتخابات در قبل از انقلاب بود.
اصولا انتخابات به معنی امکان برگزیدن آزادنه یک گزینه از چندین گزینه مختلف و مخالف است. زمانی که خردسال بودم یکروز پدرم در حالی که به شاه فحش میداد شناسنامه‌اش را از خانه برداشت تا برود رای بدهد. ظاهرا شاه یک حزب راه انداخته بود به‌نام حزب رستاخیز و گفته بود: همه ملت ایران باید عضو این حزب بشوند. هرکس مخالف است بیاید پاسپورت بگیرد و از کشور خارج شود!
بهرحال٬ من تاریخ نگار نیستم ولی شک ندارم که آنچه که در قبل از انقلاب انجام میشد اصلا معنای «انتخابات» را نداشت. بیشتر تمایل به انتصابات را داشت. مردم هم از ترس و یا از روی نادانی و یا از روی ناچاری میرفتند پای صندوقها تا مهری به شناسنامه‌هایشان بخورد.
انقلاب که پیروز شد٬ قرار بود «میزان رای ملت باشد». همه فکر میکردیم که مملکت مال خودمان شده و از این پس خودمان سرنوشت کشورمان را رقم خواهیم زد. این بود که شور و هیجان بی سابقه‌ای در بین مردم و مخصوصا جوانان بوجود آمده بود. همه به فکر پیشرفت و بهبود اوضاع کشور بودند. هرکس به میزان توانایی خودش برای سازندگی و سر و سامان دادن به اوضاع تلاش میکرد غافل از اینکه سکانداران نااهل٬ کشتی انقلاب را به ورطه گمراهی و نابودی می‌راندند.
عده‌ای داوطلبانه در چهارراه‌ها٬ می ایستادند و کار عبور و مرور وسایط نقلیه را پیگیری میکردند(چون پلیس راهنمایی و رانندگی منحل شده بود و مردم خودشان به برقراری نظم کمک میکردند).
یادم هست من به همراه تعدای از جوانان محل اعم از دختر و پسر برای کمک به روستاها به مناطق دور افتاده کشور میرفتیم. در بین ما همه نوع گرایش سیاسی بود ولی نقطه مشترک همه٬ امید به بهبودی و سعادت میهن انقلاب زده‌مان بود. ما در روستاها مستقر میشدیم و هر گروه کاری را انجام میداد. عده‌ای چاههای آب را با ریختن کلر ضد عفونی میکردند. عده‌ای دامها و احشام روستائیان را مجانی واکسن میزدند. حتی بادم هست چند بار به همراه یکی دو نفر به خانه روستائیان مراجعه میکردیم و در حالیکه پمپ سم روی دوش‌مان بود٬ داخل طویله آنها میشدیم و آنجا را سم پاشی میکردیم. وقتی از داخل طویله بیرون می‌آمدیم٬ لبخند زن روستایی یا پیر مرد عصا بدست دهاتی٬ بهترین دستمزد ما بود. شاید برای بسیاری از شما تعجب آور باشد که چندین ماه در روستاهای مختلف همین کارها را میکردیم. شب و روز کار میکردیم بدون اینکه یک ریال از جایی حقوق بگیریم. امکانات را از فرمانداریها و بخشداریها و ادارات بهداری و کشاورزی میگرفتیم. آن صحنه‌ها در زندگی فقط یکبار اتفاق می‌افتد. هرگز فراموش نمیکنم عده‌ای از دختران دبیرستانی را به روستایی برده بودیم تا در چیدن گندم‌های یک پیرمرد بی بضاعت دهاتی کمک کنند. داس به اندازه کافی نبود.مجبور شدند با دست خالی گندم بچینند.
همین زنانی که امروز به جرم بدحجابی دستگیر می‌شوند٬ آن روزها دخترکانی بودند که در زیر تابش سوزان آفتاب در حالیکه عرق از سر و صورتشان میرخت با دست ساقه‌های گندم را می‌گرفتند و به امید استقلال و خودکفایی و هزاران امید دیگر آنها را می‌چیدند.

منظورم از نوشتن این سطور یادآوری همبستگی عمومی بی‌نظیر مردم بود که در اوایل انقلاب در اوج خود قرار داشت ولی کم کم آنقدر دایره خودی‌ها تنگ و تنگ‌تر شد تا امروز علی ماندّه است و حوضش.
اولین انتخابات مجلس از آزادی نسبی‌ای برخوردار بود. حتی انتخابات اولین رئیس جمهور هم نسبتا آزاد بود. تا آنجا که یادم هست خیلی چهره‌های مختلف اعم از سکولار و مذهبی و لیبرال وتندرو و غیره در بین کاندیداها بودند.
خوب به یاد دارم که بعضی از گروه‌های افراطی چپی که فاقد پایگاه مردمی بودند٬ از کاندیدا شدن در انتخابات خودداری و انتخابات را تحریم کردند. درصورتیکه راه برای مشارکت در انتخابات برای آنها باز بود.
فضای سیاسی کشور آنقدر ملتهب شد که در انتخابات بعدی٬ عده‌ای را به نام وابسته به طاغوت و گروههای ضد انقلاب رد کردند. متاسفانه کمتر کسی به این روند اعتراض کرد. کم کم دایره حذف به گروههای لیبرال هم رسید. باز هم جناح‌های سیاسی ذی‌نفع اعتراضی نکردند و حذف شدن غیر خودی را به نفع خود می‌پنداشتند.
هرچه قدرت دافعه انقلاب بیشتر میشد٬ آن شور و همبستگی ملی در بین مردم کمتر و کمرنگ‌تر گردید. همه را از صحنه راندند. عده‌ای را کشتند٬ عده‌ای را فراری دادند٬ عده‌ای را زندانی و شکنجه کردند٬ زنان را تحقیر کردند و مردان را اسیر درآوردن یک لقمه نان. حس میهن دوستی و ملی‌گرایی را در ملت کشتند و از بین بردند.
امروزه جز عده‌ای فرصت طلب و تملق‌گو دیگر کسی با آنها نیست.
ادامه دارد....



Please watch this video to see how Mullah's operate!!!

by Tahirih (not verified) on

Lets see how clergy have operated to deceive masses of Iran.Please watch the video to the end.


Ben Madadi

Re: $75M Club

by Ben Madadi on

Hahaha! Just 12 cents? Is that all? What the hell man? Thanks anyway! Send my 12 cents (US) to Khomeini's tomb ;) Please tell him it's from me!


A check for 12 cents for Ben Madadi at Headquarters of "Club"

by ... (not verified) on

There is a check for Ben Madadi for his article in the headquarters of the "$75M Club". Please present your ID and pick up your check for 12 cents (US). Make sure you praise W for this gift!

$75M Club Management

Ben Madadi

Re: anonymous patriot

by Ben Madadi on

I don't, didn't either, say anything about regime change.


mark bar sahyunsm va apartheid

by Anonymous patriot (not verified) on

here's a thought, if you don't like the iranian government, why don't you do something about it. you can't live in the states, and order people around as to what you think is morally correct to do in iran. its doesn't work that way. you're writing, much like other neo-con garbage out there, is lopsided and views iran through the mypoic lens of an outsider. we all want iran to behave like switzerland, when we know it isnt. it's what i called wilfull ignorance of reality. this is the same mistake foreign journalists made during the shah's time. democracy takes time. some of the worst presidents this country (USA) has had were democratically elected and they did horrid things. but then again, some of the best presidents also came to office in the same way. to advise people to stay out the election in a country which they live in is utter stupidity. participating in the elections may be a way to tangibly validate a corrupt regime. But it also give people a way to try and correct the system. this is how democracies operate. they arent inherently perfect. they take work, and in many cases a lot of work. but it has to start somewhere. if you think regime change will be good for democracy in iran, think again. regime change will push back the cause of democracy in iran at least another 50 years. the only entities that will benefit from regime change in iran right now are outsiders, and they can all go to hell in a hand basket!

Ben Madadi

Re: Ish

by Ben Madadi on

I plead guilty on that.


Your inability to separate a

by Ish (not verified) on

Your inability to separate a grandson from a grandfather clouds your vision, Ali Eshraghi is not Khomeini, you cannot judge him but by his actions alone. And you yourself know that relative of his or not, one cannot try to participate in the government without paying lip service to Khomeini. Is this right? Of course not, but it is a fault of the system and not of the individual. It is just like an American politician cannot hope for office without paying lip service to his or her religion


I liked your article Mr Madadi.

by Tahirih (not verified) on

It is a real ,from the heart article.I am not sure as why some comentators want statistics,for a historical event that every one knows about it specially people who were alive and mature adults during the revolution.

As for his grandson being rejected,it felt good for me,eventhough I do not care for any of them.Let them eat eachother and clean the earth from their crulty.

This is what God had said about clergy in Iran,which Khomeini was one of them,just see how it is coming true!!!

“O heedless one! Rely not on thy glory, and thy power. Thou art even as the last trace of sunlight upon the mountain-top. Soon will it fade away as decreed by God, the All-Possessing, the Most High. Thy glory and the glory of such as are like thee have been taken away, and this verily is what hath been ordained by the One with Whom is the Mother Tablet.""

Ben Madadi

Re: Anonymous 911

by Ben Madadi on

What source do you expect? You want me to put articles in western media or pages from amnesty international or transparency international etc to say this and that? I think what is mentioned in the article are pretty much known to the people.


Insinuation and no

by Anonymous911 (not verified) on

Insinuation and no argument!!! Where are the facts...Khomeini this, Khomeini that...seriously this is garbage and helps no one...If you want to criticize something or someone, at least get some evidence...Where is the order saying 'kill so and so' and 'murder so and so'. There aren't any cited in your essay at all. That is not to say that IRI henchmen haven't killed thousands of people, it merely points to the fact that your rhetoric lends no help in clarifying the historical record. It's just a pointless waste of time for the not so intelligent who like to hear their own opinions confirmed in writing...

Ben Madadi


by Ben Madadi on

You know what is the percentage of Iranians going to vote on each election? Not so small. Iranians usually do bother to go and vote.


waste of time any way

by MRX1 (not verified) on

who cares about the stupid elections in the islamic sewer republic? I mean after almost 2 decade of yanking chain of people with their bull shit while at the same time continuing policy of abuse, use, torture, rape , killing and gharat kardan are there some people still so stupid and naieve that they want to vote and participate in this scam! give me a break.


Who cares.....?

by Antibullshit (not verified) on

These actions are IR's way of getting a buzz going on their forgotten elections. Who cares who is elected? What difference does it make? 8 years of so called Islamic reformists(Oxymoron!) has proven to the people that it is useless to vote in these elections. As usual IR's propaganda machine is in works to somehow drag the people to the voting poles so they can show how well democracy and Islam mix...
Just ingnore these people...

Javid Iran


Your real position

by Pouyan (not verified) on

As a convinced Muslim, as a believer in democracy within the IRI, why such a fake skirmished article?!
Jang zargari...?!
After all those amateurish maneuvers and flattery writings tell your audience on which side you stand.


Tooth fairy

by sz (not verified) on

There is as much chance of finding a “moderate Moslem” in the context of Islamic Republic’s constitution as there is in finding a tooth fairy.