Doostie khale kherse

I hope Iran’s politicians are not counting too much on China and Russia’s support


Doostie khale kherse
by Tina Ehrami

Ayatollah Mohammad Emami- Kashani called out during his Friday sermon that China and Russia should “stand firm” against the evil effort of Britain and the US to further impose any sanctions on Iran. The P5+1 that includes both China and Russia are seeking new sanctions.

There are many clear and obvious reasons why clerics should not be talking politics, and this is one of them. The fact is that Russia and China are not quite the kind of friends of Iran as Mr.Emami-Kashani would like to think they are. It is true that Russia and China initially opposed the sanctions against Iran, but it is also known that these two countries have actually profited economically because of the same sanctions.

This “friendship” that politicians and clerics in the Islamic Republic of Iran consider useful, is nothing more than a “doostie khale kherse”!

Either Iran’s politicians have no problems with this one-sided friendship or they are ignorant of the fact that they are being played! When the Russians attacked South Ossetia and Abkhazia, Iran’s media blew this up into former-USSR-propaganda proportions! I don’t think Russian media even claimed this attack to be as much as a success as Iranian media did!

I hope Iran’s politicians are not counting too much on China and Russia’s support when negotiations on the nuclear issue escalates even further and military options come into perspective. Because then they could be in for an ugly surprise.

Consider that after years of political and economic cooperation, the US president discusses issues of religious freedom and the freedom of speech with its Chinese counterpart during their meetings at the Olympics in Beijing. If the American president is advised to interfere in China’s internal affairs, something he obviously held low during previous years, his successor could continue this trend in order to put more pressure on the relations next to the current dead-end negotiations between the P5+1 and Iran.

If that would happen, China would not be the first “friend” in line to support Iran, since it then suffers from the same accusations of human rights violations. Russia, who already has been told off by the US for attacking Georgia (and according to some Russian bloggers has made a trade-off with the US on Iran), would have nothing to gain by supporting Iran. It has other economic and geopolitical interests in mind.

It seems that when it really matters, Iran stands alone. But with such finely educated and wise statesmen and politicians, who needs friends anyway?


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Off topic!!

by OMG (not verified) on

these last comments were so way off track.


If the late Shah could speak

by Lucifercus (not verified) on

As he could stil speak he said, well just continue reading if you are realy interessted to know wgat he said:In a 2004 interview titled 'How to overthrow a government', Stephen Kinzer, a New York Times reporter and author of All the Shah's Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror, retells a part of the coup: The shah is in Rome and is being called upon to return to his throne. "He went into a form of shock, the color drained out of his face and his hands started to shake. When he could finally regain his composure, he said: 'I knew it. They love me.'"
In 1953 his majesty was young. 1979 he was 26 years elder. "They" could not love him any more. because of their cheating on his majesty they had to learn to love the ayatollahs. As a godly punishment.


If the late Shah could speak

by Mina H (not verified) on

I hope Tina has read your comment! I don't know if it's true. They say the first thing he said when visited by Carter in the hospital was: "Why did you do that?"


re: Dear Mr./Ms. Coward

by Coward (not verified) on

Thanks for the complement.
It's very simple in fact. If Shaater Abbas wont sell you bread you'll have to get it anywhere anyway otherwise you'll STARVE. And I don't think you understand the concept of (mis)managing the country. It's much like US actually. You'll need bullshit to keep your people busy otherwise they'll get you and start Joftak-parooni! Now it happens that for Iranians that Looloo is America and in America it is Iran. Now are you suggesting that they should give up everything and go to America saying "ghalat kardam"?
Personally I think Putin is a strong leader and I'd do the same if I were in his shoes. I admire him as much as I despise Clintons, Cheney and Godzilla Rice (Bush makes me laugh!). The man in Georgia is an idiot. Every fool would know Russia would never give up Caucasus.
Why do you all think everybody has to be America's "Nokar"? Just because you live there? Or is it because they used to be strong? It's so absurd!
(Not you Tina. I know you don't live there) If you are so coward not to move out of most evil country of all time you could at least be fair and admit it.


If the late Shah could speak

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

1. If? I have - just for me - a good number of 100% sure signs, that His Majesty the Last, Mr. Bushy Bushy, CNN, Condolence, CIA and likewise subjects CAN SPEAK and speak more often and much more than poeple want to hear them. To proove the fact one needs only to click on the "IRANIAN".
2. The youngest history show us that the honorable Iranian Nation has learned its Lessons and know that in the politics exist no familiarity and freidship comparable with brother`s love. Iranians know well that China and Russia need them and as long as they show good behaviour they may get - by well paying - from Iran what they need.
3. Iranians have also often enogh and already made clear: every country can enjoy the freindship with their Islamic Republic in case of good conduct. Greeting

Tina Ehrami

Dear Mr./Ms.Coward

by Tina Ehrami on

-Perfect choice of nickname by the way!- It is in fact because of China's economy why Iran won't have to count on their political support, my dear coward friend.

Iran is being sanctioned, which is in China's favor!! Read the article:


And even if Iran one day would profit economically from a "friendship"with China, do you think China would protect them against any military threat from the US or Israel? Do you think the Chinese actually care about what happens to Iran? I bet if that moment comes, they would be selling arms to the US or Israel, and perhaps to Iran too, whatever brings in the money!


So no, I don't think that the shift of economical power on the international arena will make China a better friend for Iran.


I hope Iran’s politicians are not counting too much on China and

by faribors maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

The fundamentals of Iran`s modern politic were based at late 1978. That Nation wanted: Niether West, nor east, but Islamic republic. So it goes since that time. Iran has often enough repeated: We are ready to have friendly relationship to all nations. First of all with other Moslem Countries, then with naighbores then with others. If the Iranian government should someday do not enjoy Iranian`s Support so that Government will be thrown away by it. Might does not come from Rifles, but from believing in the legitimacy. In the moment as his majesty the last did not enjoy the believing of Iranians in his legitimacy, he did not have an army any more. Since 1978/79 Iranian governments have been allways legitimated by Iranian Nation. That is why the devils can only stay offside barking and grunting and do not dare to come in. They are not affraid from a handfull fanatic Mullahs, but fron 7ty Million fanatic individuals. The anscestores of them have built their Islamic republic. They themselves are ready to protect what they have achieved in the past 30 years. even by sacrificing blood and life. so pleas dont worry be happy. Geeting


Russia stealing land from

by meymoon (not verified) on

Russia stealing land from us! what does it have to do with anything? That was even pre-communism Russian regim!



by Coward (not verified) on

Your article offers absolutely no arguments on why Iran should not count on Russia and China. Why don't you want to open your eyes and see what's happening? Don't you see that China's economy is actually saving the world from subprime mess made by the Yankees? You wouldn't even be able to run this very website without China-made computer equipment. America is bankrupt and is going down. It's evening in America. Your children will not have the life you are having now. Of course both Russia and China are evil and don't give a damn to what is going to happen to Iran but what other choices are on the table?


Israel is the best "khers" to be friends with

by Mehdi on

There is no bigger khers in the region. So I think IRI should join the bigger criminals and create a criminal conglomerate! Don't you think?


If the late Shah could speak

by Realist (not verified) on

If the late Shah could speak, he could tell you much about "doostiye khale kherse."

He experienced it first hand at the hands of the U.S.

In this world, every country looks after its own interests. In a best case scenario, you have temporary alliances and partners for given circumstances.



by Anonymous2 (not verified) on

"Many people confuse the clergy in Qom with the policy makers in Iran."

The internal political role of the clergy in Iran is best shown by the role of the Guardian's Council, the Assembly of Experts and the big guy himself, Khamenei!!!

I can assure you that the role these clerics have in internal politics influences policymakers developing Iran's foreign policy. Their direct and indirect role in foreign politics is evident. And when it comes to the big decisions, it's not Ahmadinejad pulling the strings, but Khamenei. Everyone knows that!



by XerXes (not verified) on

Ziyafa haaye aashegh ra khosh bakhshesh khosha ee-saar
khosha payda shodan dar eshgh
baraye gom shodan faryad

Che daryayee miyaneh maast
khosh didaar e maa dar khaab


US friendship is also khale kherse friendship.

by Ali Sefati (not verified) on

Look at both of their 80s allies Afghanistan and Iraq, they are now invaded by US. I mean Sadam Hossein and Rumsfeld shook hands and now Sadam was hung by US.


they are all same s*** we Iranians need to look after ourselves only


I have not seen Iranian politicians take sides

by Abarmard on

Many people confuse the clergy in Qom with the policy makers in Iran. Agreed that some of them are influential and very a few speak of the totality of the Islamic Republic policies, but most of them are not in the political circle or a decision making body of the Islamic Republic.

The IR has sat strangely quiet in regard to the Russian act and until today I have not heard any analysis in any of the IR news or media about the Russian/Georgian conflict. Unless you know something that I don't, I would say that your analysis are not correct.

If anything, the IR knows very well that every country is there for their own benefit. How much these benefits run parallel is what IR has been following.

Unlike the domestic policies, the foreign policies of IR has been working well for them. Note the word "working well for THEM". This doesn't translate that they have been doing what's best for Iran. 

Farhad Kashani

Tina jaan, great article

by Farhad Kashani on

Tina jaan, great article and analysis. Russia has done more injustice towards Iran and Iranian than all of our enemies combined.

The Mullah regime, itself one of the biggest violators of human rights and center of terrorism in the world, has sold our country to ruthless Russia and China. The Mullah regime has made Iran a tool in the hands of Russia and China in their competition with the West. Thats how much the Mullahs and their Russian and Chinese allies have degraded our country.

behrang barzin

good points but...

by behrang barzin on

Russia Didn't attack South Ossetia and Abkhazia. they both have russian-backed government. Georgia attacked South Ossetia inorder to bring it back under central (Georgian) government. Russian forces went in in order to protect South Ossetians. after the Georgian attack was over and defused, Russian forces attacked Georgia forces even outside of South Ossetian land and Russian forces went insid eof Georgia.

saying that, i agree that China and Russia (specially Russia) are no friends of Iran and Iranians. No country stole more land from Iran than Russia.