In black and white

A great democracy, no matter who becomes president


In black and white
by Ben Madadi

The conventions of the two major U.S. parties were some amazing events, propaganda machines that have a great impact, both to publicise to the relatively passive general public, and also to energise the members and the believers. I waited to see both of the conventions, so to be able to express my opinion (a very short one) about the two candidacies for the US presidency. These elections are important not just for America, but also for the whole world, as America is the most powerful democracy in the world, and the only credible and capable defender of democratic values in the face of serious threats.

The two major American political forces, the Democratic and the Republican parties, have two types of images, a subconscious (or maybe unconscious) one, and another, an attempted one! The subconscious one for the Democratic Party is the party of Socialists and Liberals, who can rarely ally, unless (as usually is the case) in the face of a serious political or other 'calamity'. And the subconscious image of the Republican Party is the party of white Christians! White Christians, whether die-heart ones or moderate ones, can usually get along much better, though their absolute numbers are usually smaller than Socialists and Liberals put together. But their unity and belief in their cause make them a true force to reckon with in the United States. But these are not suitable images for two modern political parties to openly present to the public.

Of course the Republican Party also has black (or other non-white, or not exactly very white) or non-Christian members. As long as votes count, only stupidity, or too much of an irrational racism, can make one deny the presence of an extra vote (or voice) in the electoral process. And this cannot happen in today's relatively stable and old competitively-democratic countries. Membership of a political party, and more, voting for one party or another, is more often the result of the hatred and dislike toward the opposing political movement and threat rather than a true belief in certain political views, plans or ideologies. And it seems that Socialists and Liberals, by the matter of a historical accident, seem to be unanimous haters of white Christians, and white Christians seem to feel the need to come together for their hatred of Socialism and Liberalism (or what they understand as Liberalism, social liberalism).

When I was watching Joe Lieberman talk to the Republican crowd, it almost felt like an alien from Mars talking to the people of earth against the threats of Communists (for instance) taking over in Mars! It simply goes against 'common sense' to see a Jew (or an Iranian etc) become a supporter of the Republican Party candidate. The Republicans would not mind it of course, but it simply goes against the generally supported, accepted, and fact-checked, hate theory, toward the opposing view that is! This is unfortunately how political parties work, not according to platforms, messages, ideas and plans, but according to intolerance toward the other, or some others. This is democracy! It's the best possible option of providing for people's needs.

So, the conventions were great. When I was watching the Democratic Convention, and I heard all those great orators, especially the Clintons, I was just thinking "where do I vote now?" The psychological impact was so great one felt the need to go and vote right away, before he changed his mind. Then, when I heard the Republican Party orators, and Palin, the candidate for the vice-presidency, was more than I could imagine, I felt the same, the urge to vote right away! So, both parties are great in their abilities to attract crowds and motivate their people. The Democrats came with a black man who talked music to the leftist ears, pleasing both Liberals (who hate white Christians so much, they don't care about the Socialistic, leftist, details) by having the chance to elect a non-white president, and the usually relatively-not-so-wealthy, by promising them all sorts of goodies, social welfare and so on.

The Republicans threw at the Democrats and the general public, beside the white Christian old man they usually have, with a woman, and lots of born, or unborn, babies (of the VP and her family)! It was like saying "You have a black man, yeah? But we give them not just a woman, but lots of babies too!" The Republicans know almost for sure that none of their base (the white Christians) would vote for a black man whose father was a Muslim, and whose name is Obama (forget about Hussein), so they are trying very hard to appeal to the rest, so they came up with a woman (for the Liberals and especially the disaffected Ms Clinton supporters), and they are also lucky enough to have a strong Democratic Jewish voice (Mr Lieberman) to woo the millions of Jews in America, who are a serious voting block too, and usually a serious Democratic voting block!

This is going to be a serious battle! Will those who hate George Bush the second so much that they even wanted to change the colour of the president win over those who hate and fear non-white-Christians, in attracting the remaining who usually don't care that much? I have serious doubts about enough Americans voting for a black man (I am talking about those who will vote him BECAUSE he is black, not those who will NOT vote him because he is black), though my concerns are usually about the policies, which are never the main issue (in reality) for the voters. And I like McCain's policies (theoretically speaking, smaller more conservative government, less taxes, more 'liberal' economic and social plans) because they are better for the US economy, and society, but I doubt this will be either the reason he will get votes, or the reason he will not!

I also agree with McCain's character and his leadership abilities, and his political courage to support a war which seemed all but lost just before the surge. I also agree with his plans for Iraq's future. But even I (and I don't have a vote in the US), as a person much more inclined toward McCain's policies and plans, find it hard to vote a man from the party of the white Christians! It almost doesn't feel right for an Iranian to do something like this! And I am sure this is how most other Iranians, and most non-white-Christians (Hispanics, Jews, African-Americans, Muslims etc), feel, still. But it is a beautiful country anyway, a great democracy, and no matter who becomes president, I am sure America will remain strong and prosperous and will still be the place Iranians who run from tyranny, call home!


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by varjavand on

Your article reminds me of a Farsi expression “yeki be naal (horse shoe) mizaneh yeki be mikh (nail)”. You praise everything; Republican, American democracy as a prelude to ridicule the democrats at the end and to label them as even socialists. Your biasness for a black man who has worked hard to earn his way up inch by inch, and destined to become the next US president, is clear from your skewed opinion of Republicans and is utterly unfair. You state that republicans are better for the economy. Whom are you kidding? May be because you don’t live in this country, you have not seen what this country has gone through under the Republican administration and as a result “trickle down” ideology. Of course Republican administration is better for the economy, look at the following evidence:

Unemployment rate nearly 6.1%, a loss of more than 1.8 milling jobs during the last year alone

Overall Inflation rate of 5.6%, with escalating cost of energy, basic industrial materials, and food stuff

Nearly $400 billion annual deficit and mounting national debt, currently 9.7 Trillion, more then 70% of our GDP, and rising.

45.7 million 15.2.% of population cannot afford to buy health insurance, not counting the elderly who are on Medicaid or those who lose their insurance temporary

Falling consumer spending for the first time since 1990-91 recession mainly due to deterioraring consumer confidence and pessimistic outlook for the US economy

17% of US population lives below 50% median income, highest among developed nations and 12% of population living under poverty line (less than $20,000 annual income for a family of four)

Deeply in crisis housing, mortgage and possibly banking industries

Only the US government has the power and the resources to fix the monumental problems like these, no it is not liberalism, nor socialism, it is the mandated function of government.

With all due respect, as I stated in one of my earlier comments you are a good writer but a shallow analyst. Please you worry about the country where you live in, and let those who know what is going on make judgment about economic condition in this country.

American Wife


by American Wife on

and you're waiting for....what exactly... to "do so much better" ??


Ben, Great democracy?

by Abarmard on

If you are speaking of free market that's fine. With two party system and all the other issues, it's nothing to be proud about the American politics. We certainly can do much better.

In regard to race and gender, yes we have come a long way and it's looking better.

American Wife


by American Wife on

ok... I've asked this so many times, it's starting to type itself.  I ask you... what do YOU suggest.  You criticize this... you criticize that.... or them... or those...

While not suggesting that sitting around the table with the IRI IS the solution... you tell me what is!  If I thought I was going to learn something here I was sadly  There isn't any agreement WITHIN the Iranian community of what the solution is, much less for the average American trying to understand. 

Talk/no talk... surgical strike/no surgical strike... sanctions/no sanctions...intervention/no intervention...



read and be informed

by Democracy... (not verified) on


to Anonymous-today

by Anonymous everyday (not verified) on

"This site has become the den of a bunch of traitors!

Yeah, right you are Anonymous-today - traitors who want the US and IRI sit around a discussion table!

Ben Madadi

Re: Farhad

by Ben Madadi on

Thank you :)

Farhad Kashani

Ben aziz, another great

by Farhad Kashani on

Ben aziz, another great article as always. Indeed this is the greatest democracy.


I guess you didn't get the bitter joke

by Anonymousfornow too (not verified) on

"to what they did in Iraq."
was not to say they want it...

Some people keep leaving anonymous hints "here and there" to spread rumors.

People of Iran are not stupid and they don't need us to speak for them. Obama or McCain are not going to change the US foreign policies much. They're different on a lot of issues, but US foreign policy is not only in the hands of the President. Although, as we all have seen, the president can play cowboy and do a lot of damage but essentially, they all want what's best for their own country with little regards for the rest of the world especially the third world countries like ours.


Stop the rubbish!

by Anonymous-today (not verified) on

Stop this "most of the Iranians" nonsense. How the hell can you make this claim? Anecdotal stuff you hear from your Northern Tehran friends and families are of little value. Get your asses to Iran at least before asking for the US "to what they did in Iraq." Shame on the whole lot of you!! This site has become the den of a bunch of traitors!

Ben Madadi

Re: zion

by Ben Madadi on



Most Iranians want the U.S. to do what it did in Iraq

by Anonymous Fellow (not verified) on

Most Iranians in Iran support the Republicans and McCain-Palin because, at heart they are fundamentalist Christians, pro-Likud, very pro-Big Business, and pro-NRA. Also, they want the U.S. government to do to Iran what it has done to Iraq. They dream of a day when conditions in Iran can be as good as things are currently going in Iraq.


Here and there

by Zion on

I have seen it mentioned here and there in the comment sections. Here for instance: (Is Iran still a red state?)


Dear Ben

by Anonymoushee (not verified) on

You're right most Iranians are pro Obama, Zion is talking about the comment that she left anonymously on another thread. It's called spreading the rumor...

Ben Madadi

Re: zion

by Ben Madadi on

Hi! I would appreciate if you showed me the link to such discussions.

I think the vast majority of Iranians would be pro-Obama, both inside and outside of Iran (especially the US).


Good article

by Zion on

Really enjoyed your intelligent humor Ben. I agree with a lot of it.
Now a question, what do you think of the comments in other threads that talk of majority of Iranians inside Iran being actually pro-McCain?
I can understand it, it reminds me of Soviet dissidents in eh 80s and the Reagan administration (and hey they were right, weren't they?)

What do you think? Do you believe it? Do you think that could be the case?


comments are Dean On

by sharizie (not verified) on

Brown, yellow, black and young whites vs. old, white and racists

I am afraid -there are more of the 2nd ones. All of my old white co-workers will tell you, they will not vote for a black guy.

This is Orange County California, imagine what - Hell Hole Nebreska is like