Wind Brings, Wind Takes

Wind Brings, Wind Takes
by Tina Ehrami

Do not torment me, oh wind
With your restless remembrance
Of menacing soft whispers

It is not fair to make be wander
Dancing in fantasies and illusions
On the faint melody of mercy

Do not seduce me, oh wind
To follow your infinite destiny
On a single fallen orange leaf

Let me sit in this darkened room
That from time to time lightens
With the fireflies of simple joy

Do not leave me, oh wind
Drifting in this endless ocean
Without stars above to find me

Let me cling on to your last breath
Held in a rapture of autumns tale
To float on the horizon of a rising sun


~~ Tina Ehrami


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keep it up

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your poems sounds better with these flowers. :)


Manoucher Avaznia

Harbingers of Fall

by Manoucher Avaznia on


The fall is in its full swing in Ottawa; and this is how I have pictured it few years ago.

Harbingers of Fall; Geese of the North Pole

Fly to Daws Lake, single or as whole

Linger in city, now the cold front

Of northern regions, has taken a toll

Stay warm with us; graze in pastures

Until exhaustion, leaves your wings and sole

Before cold breeze, freezes the land

A warmer pasture, set as your next goal

Fly to sky, in a big V-shape

Follow your leader, as model and role

Once the tides reverse, current direction

Reverse your trip, towards the North Pole

Thus defy the cold, all of its tricks

As it freezes, brooks, every knoll

You thus keep alive, moving spirit

And transmit it, into every soul

Life without moving; My Dear Friends

Is a vast plain, quiet and dole



I like ur poems

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Here is mine but not as good as yours.

Wind is blowing all day long,

Wind is the bridge we can not see but feel,

Wind passes, waving the face of the mountain,

Winds come, the mountain's in a dream,

Winds and rain come and go as they please,

Only the mountain, forever green, remains.