LET ME...know you azizam

He is the man I had always wanted and he knows it


LET ME...know you azizam
by Daniela Prado

I knew I did not want to waste another year crying over a man who did not understand me nor knew how to make love to me. But Kamran's words burned off the screen from which they emanated and I knew there was only one thing I desired to the point of obsession – him.

I wanted to know, meet and be desired by the man that had written those words.


Truthfully, I WAS OBSESSED!

After reading his work it consumed me and I could not sleep or eat for days. I decided – that’s it. My mission should I choose to accept it – was to meet him and be with him at all costs. So I contacted him in January via email.


Oh My God!

That is very sensual.

It makes me think that I need an azizam who is capable of doing what you state.


He thanked me and said he would go to masjid and pray for the coming of my azizam to me. I wanted him to pray for his arrival in my life. So my thoughts must have passed on in that prayer because he kept emailing me.

I was so excited that Kamran had contacted me and I was in disbelief that this man who was so sensual, so erotic had emailed me!

Conquering Kamran was my all consuming desire.

He asked whether I had a YAHOO id and soon we were sending IMs for eight hours or more at a time. We discussed life and the difficulties we had been through in life in general but also in our love lives. He also spoke about his upcoming book and how I would love the stories. It felt wonderful for a man to understand what I was talking about and it was easy to connect with him because we had both felt intense thoughts and emotions throughout our lives. We both believed that those around us had never understood us and never gave us the rush we so wanted to feel in the midst of one another.

This went on for so many hours and soon afterward he called me simply to hear my voice. He said, “I need to hear that sexy voice.” I responded, “How could you possibly know my voice was sexy.” He said, “Because I get so excited every time you IM me.” I was shocked and turned on.

I started to think that my mission would in fact be completed – sooner than I had hoped.

Our online conversations started to become more torrid with his stories about how much he loved women and would make me forget everyone and everything before him including oral sex.

Even though I had not wanted that from a man in years – I was starting to get intrigued. He added that I would really like him because he knows how to love a woman like no one else.

I blushed when I read his words and then I opened up and told him that I prefer to please a man with oral sex. And he claimed he that he was not a big fan since most women do not know how to do it properly. I said, “There is no greater pleasure for me than taking a kir in my mouth and eating it, caressing it with my tongue and stroking it with my hand at the same time playing with his balls.” Adding, “Then my mouth and tongue travel to that tiny opening between his ass which I gently pry apart to allow my tongue to teasingly circle and enter him while still stroking the kir.” Finally, “My mouth is back to the kir and my finger is slowly sliding in and out of him while he moans loudly and lifts his body off the bed and finally exploding in my mouth with a wonderful taste that I swallow and lick off my lips.”

Kamran insisted he did not usually get off on this but by our next conversation admitted he had masturbated to the thought of me doing that very thing to him.

Since it was obvious that we were both taken with each other and felt like each other’s equal we decided to meet in Madrid on February 14, 2007 to talk and he wanted me to be the first to read the latest draft of his book or at least this is what he said. I took my flight from Los Angels and missed the connecting flight in Philadelphia and wanted to die. I felt anxious and thought about going back to Los Angeles because I thought it was fate intervening and preventing me from meeting Kamran. I called the A.C. Hotel Retiro del Palacio on Avenida and left Kamran a message with the concierge. I cried myself to sleep because it would be another day before I got to him.

By the time I arrived in Madrid I was overcome with anxiety – Would he really be all he thought he would be? – Would I be all he thought I would be? I was dying to see him and kiss him full on the mouth. Once at the hotel my bags were taken upstairs and the room was quiet. Kamran was not there. The concierge informed me that he had gone out.

I took a shower and decided to take a nap so I went to bed with nothing on and fell right to sleep. I do not know how much time passed bur I awoke to a sensation I had not felt in a very long time – something wet licking my entire cos from bottom to top and the intensity of it made me scream.

I realized he was what he said he was and I wanted all of him right then and there. After I came, he took my juices with his fingers – put them on my lips and began to give me the most intense kisses I have ever felt in my life.

He continued kissing me and moved down to my breasts with a touch like no other before him. At the same time he was stroking my cos and I kept having orgasms. He then touched my ass and opened me with his hands to allow his tongue to circle my little star. As soon as his tongue touched it I exploded violently and screamed and then I begged him to take me – NOW! He turned me around – with my upper half against the wall and my ass in the air and slowly entered me from behind. He continued with a slow rhythm until I begged him to, “Fuck me hard!” HE had me screaming and yelping in Spanish for an hour.

We did not leave the room for the entire evening and just kept giving each other orgasm after orgasm. We drank, smoked, talked, laughed and fucked for the entire five days in Madrid. And yes, I read some of his book but I read most of it after I left Madrid. Thank God both of us had visited the city in the past because we only saw that room in Madrid.

I let him have me in every imaginable way possible, even giving him my little star several times. This was the most exquisite experience of anal sex in my life.

He is the man I had always wanted and he knows it. He knows everything before I even say it.

It is a shame that we had to leave each other’s side but we each have a life elsewhere. I will however do everything it takes to be in Europe with him.

He is the only man I want.

And I will know I am the only woman if there is a story about me in his book when it is published.

-- Los Angeles