At least his whores are melancholy

Lucky for Iranians, they’re protected from stories of sad prostitutes and old men by vigilant censors


At least his whores are melancholy
by tinoush

At least, his whores are melancholy. Ours are beaten, underpaid, overworked, anguished, and subjected to all forms of torture on a daily basis. Ours passed the melancholy state long ago. I’m referring to a book by the Colombian novelist, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, entitled “Memories of My Melancholy Whores.” It was banned in Iran, after selling out, because the censors discovered that the title was sanitized. The word “whores” was replaced with “sweethearts.” The prostitute in the book is a fourteen year old girl who is the object of a ninety year old mans lust, and then love. Iranians will not be offended by either the title or the 76 year age difference. We know of far worse. We have known far younger whores being the object of madness, for the lack of a better term, not just lust and love.

Even the government’s own data shows that prostitution is rampant. Girls as young as nine start in the world’s oldest profession. Sometimes, they are sold into it. There is a Chinese expression to point out the futility of an act. They call it ‘playing piano in front of a cow.’ I know that when it comes to IRI, I’m playing piano in front of a herd. As obvious as it may be, someone needs to hammer the chords.

Let’s take the story of Leyla M, who was sold into prostitution by her mother at the age of eight. She was raped repeatedly and gave birth to her first child at the age of nine. Yes, we still have years to go to get to Marquez’ whores, and we already shot past the melancholy state. The regimes response was to give her 100 lashes. She was sold again under the guise of temporary marriage (sigheh), to be pimped by her temporary mother in law!

At 14, yes now we’re in the Marquez territory, she gave birth to twins, but only after her pregnant body endured another 100 lashes. She was then sold as a temporary wife for a second time to a 55 year old, married man with children, who also became her new pimp. She was condemned to be executed at the age of nineteen. An international campaign spared her life, although not before the sadists levied another 99 lashes on what was left of her body. Did I mention that repeated examinations showed that at nineteen she had the mental age of an eight year old? No wonder, you would have to crawl into some nook and cranny of your psyche and lock yourself away, if you were to endure her life. I read her story from several sources. After all the physical, emotional, and psychological abuse that she had endured, all she cared for in the end was some ‘Pofak,’ cheese puffs.

Lucky for Iranians, they’re protected from stories of sad whores and old men by the vigilant censors. Let’s beat them, stone them, and sell them over and over, but never ever speak or hear of what they do. As the old maxim goes, “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”




by Sara Hegazi (not verified) on

I was just wondering really is this real this really happened?how could it?


Jesus, right on. Finally

by Nader - West Covina (not verified) on

Jesus, right on. Finally Iranians are waking up and taking responsiblity for their own mistakes. As you said, Neo-Cons, Old-Cons, So called Imperialism, U.S,So called Zionist....have nothing to do with whats going on in Iran. Only two parties at fault, IRI and their leftist allies.


Dear HOMA and everyone else:

by B-Naam on

This Tinoush is a MAN!!!  For the love of God, please stop referring to him as "she"!!!!  See, he even included a picture of himself this time.  Have a good day. :)



by HOMA (not verified) on

Finally she has used her talent to write something worth knowing about.
Thanks Tinoush. I had said to you before you can write well and you should use it to show what IRI has done to Iran and its people. Please continue and stop picking on the longest democracy in the world. THere are enough naive american liberals around to do that you are too smart for being a follower of sean penn and idiots like those or sever fopr propaganda of IRI.


Re: Leyla M

by jamshid on

The story of Leyla M is only one of many uncounted Iranian girls who are victimized by the IRI's bankrupt "sex ideology" and lack of civic responsibilities.


And what could we possibly expect from a regime that allows lashing and stoning? The answer is NOTHING.


Thanks to the IRI incompetence, in the dark alleys of Iran there are many sad and painful stories unraveling as we speak.


Where is the Iranian "gheyrat"? It has gone nowhere, it's only being crushed by the brutal force of IRI and its ideology.




Yes, finally Tinoush is coming around

by Jesus (not verified) on

We are not neo-cons, we are not right-wing war mongers. We are just frustrated that we can not do a damn thing about all these sufferings going on in Iran. We also don't blame the westerners. They have nothing to do with what is going on socially in Iran.
Yes, they can take our oil, but what does this have to do with people getting stoned to death in Iran? I did not see blue eye, blond hair American raping 12 and 13 years old girl for their political belief in Iran.
They gave weapons to the former mujahedin, now Al Qaeda, again, who used those weapons to beat up on innocent afghanee women? Giving somebody a gun, and killing someone with a gun are totally two different things, and for a series of dumbasses in this world who keep defending IR in anyway (directly, or indirectly), I just have one thing to say: shame on you.


My Daughter

by Shae'r (not verified) on

Darkness Covers My Eyes ..
The Shame of Infamy ..
My Daughter Forgive Me ..
As A Father,
I Have Not Protected You ..
Forgive My Ignorance ..
My Incompetence in Sheltering You ..
Bereft of Any Compassion ..
Allowing a Bunch of "Hooligans" To Steal Your Soul ..
O' Daughter, Forgive Me ..
My Inability To Prevent Such Horror ..
On The One Hand Closing My Eyes ..
Not Seeing what I Don't Want To See In "Ignorant Bliss" ..
On The Other Pretending ..
That The Angels of Heaven Will Protect You ..
Forgive My "Shortcomings" ..
For I Know ..
That It Is Better To "Burn" In Hell ..
Than to Steal The Spirit of A Child ..


tinush, i congratulate you

by gholi (not verified) on


i congratulate you for the new quantity in your basket. now you are out of your denial of service vulnerability for IRI. at any rate, after all these years you earned a bit of my respect. say hi to (y)our pal in sterling, va.


I thank you for your

by Shahrzad (not verified) on

I thank you for your article. I think its long overdue for us to open our eyes and ears to the horrifying untold stories in our country. It is easy to pretend they don't happen since we don't hear them. It has to start somewhere, right?


Men can help change this - stop buying sex

by A (not verified) on

Hear no evil speak no evil see no evil definitely applies to men who rarely talk about how they perpetuate the cycle of sex trade- especially pedophilia. It's always about the women being victims (which is true- dont get me wrong), but there is another side to this: the men in the meat market.

In India and elsewhere, the humanitarian workers (natives) are usually women (who end up being attacked or arrested). Men in societies where this problem (child-marriages, prostitution) usually do not get involved except to visit prostitutes for sex. Thanks for writing this.