I am going to break these walls

I am  going to break these walls
by Hedieh Sajadi

I am going to break these walls
I am going to be the fuel of fire
Watch me dancing seductively
I am the flame of a wild burning candle

These nights are begging…
Begging for my heat

These long kept emotions are begging
Begging for me to set them free

Neither sky nor the universe can limit me
I am the splendid creation
I am the meaning of freedom

No one
No one
And I said NO ONE can now hold me down….

I am going to shamelessly invade the boundaries of tradition
I am going to ruthlessly break the chains of history
Watch me singing passionately
All the forbidden songs
Cause I am a woman
A woman with no shame at all

I am going to make you hear
The trembling voice of Love that is in me

I am going to make you feel
The heat of Love that is burning me

I am going to make you see
How desparately. ....
How so desparately I am in need of ME.

Hedieh Sajadi


Manoucher Avaznia

A scent of Mowlavee

by Manoucher Avaznia on

With a little rhym and music this poem would have become like a sonnect of Mowlavee.  A good concept to build upon. 

Done a good job.

Man Teshne Kaam Hezaaraan Sepeed Rood

Dar Entezaare Haraazee Khoroosahn Neshaste'am.


This is a good one.

by Kose sher (not verified) on

This is a good poem. Mesl bacheye adam sher mige dige. No quotations and aimless yak yaking by our Mr. "shaer", and she is a woman!