Of diety and diarrhea!

Oh, humans! The most gullible of species!


Of diety and diarrhea!
by Disenchanted

Have you noticed that Jesus is the only one (to hedge against a history full of igonorance and bunch of creepy historians I'd say at least the most celebrated one) in the history that has a suspicious birth and death both?!

Now, that's what I call unnecessary divine complications!

I have a hunch that all this hoopla came about because those who came a couple of centuries after him and tried to mold Christianity in to a religion and convenience the gullible that Jesus was god himself had problem explaining even to the credulous how god can be born or die like rest of us mortals?

So they started manipulating his beginning/birth and his end/death. It's common among religions to prefer a one way canal of birth (virgin birth) as there is something dirty about sex. Having god as a by product of a race among bunch of sperms does not sound very godly!!

On the other end, death, that is having a god who hopelessly dies and deteriorates is going to be a hard sell too even to the Gullible. So what they did they shrouded his birth and death with mysteries in order to make him god alright! Ofcourse so goes with the issue of him having an offspring (See the movie The Da vinci code).

Now, since Jesus was obviously living among humans and walking and eating with them it's quite likely that one day he was struck with diarrhea (Eshaal)! Just imaging god having diarrhea!! Oh my GOD!! That is admittedly more demeaning than being born due to sexual intercourse or having a child due to sex or dying and deteriorating.

So I wonder what would scholars like Thomas Aquinas and rest have said about such terrible incidents? Save diarrhea, just image of god having to go to bathroom and take "holy crap" everyday! That is bad enough to disgust the true believers away! But ofcourse what is presented today nowadays is just a mythical figure.

Oh, humans! The most gullible of species! P.S. That I keep separate from respect I have for good deeds and intentions of millions of followers of Christianity throughout the world. I hope one day they reexamine what they are told as a child and see the facts as they are.


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Jesus camp!

by Disenchanted on


   greengage, I kindly refer you to the following video:

   "GOD" (!) knows what kind of stuff we believe!

   We all need more math and science!


that of disenchanted!

by greengage. (not verified) on

Would Disenchanted kindly elaborate on "convenience the gullible"truly profound statement!as for me I access this site to learn mathamatics!


To Raoul...

by Disenchanted on


     Thank you very much for pointing that out. Saying that, there is so much I care about spelling! Language is made up symbols and signs to convey the ideas and concepts. As long as the idea get through that is all I care. The fact that you are pointing to my spelling error shows that you know what I meant. I take it as a job done. Considering that article is contrary to views of a couple of billion inhabitants of this planet I am a bit surprised that you limited your comment to matter of spelling and said nothing of the content! best..



by Raoul (not verified) on

The correct spelling for your title is "Deity" and you may want to run a spell checking before posting your stuff. You have a lot of misspelled words.


Is it a comment or....

by Smarty! (not verified) on

an article?! Comments have to be shorter than the article by definition! ;-)


Now the other side

by Mehdi on

There is actually a counterpart to such divine views. They are just as bad. For example, today, there is a new religion on the rise very quietly, well it is more like a cult, and it is rising not openly as a religion but under the pretence of "science." Most people are aware that religions have done some pretty criminal things and some are still doing it. The priests, mullahs and shamans, etc., who were nothing more than sharlatans. But there is a new breed that has been completely successful in fooling mankind and is gaining widespread success. You may have heard of this cult - Psychiatry. Yes, the one that you think is a science. These guys actually say that the source of all happiness and unhappiness is the chemicals in the brain! And if you think psychiatry is a science please note that this theory has been around for many years now and has never been proven - not even vaguely. Yet millions of people are prescribed poisonous chemicals to fix their "chemical imbalance." The biggest lie of our current times because nobody even knows what is the chemical composition of a "balanced brain," never mind correcting an "imbalanced brain." These guys actually preach that we are nothing more than "sophisticated animals." In fact if you listen to their brain-chemical-happiness mumbo jumbo, you realize that what they are preaching is that we are actually a collection of chemicals and electrical impulses - in short we are no different than a chair, except maybe "more sophisticated," ok, maybe a computer or a robot. But essentially they claim we are at the same level as object. I have actually seen people who have already accepted this viewpoint which is very funny. Because as soon as you start thinking that you are a chair, then you start realizing that nothing makes any sense. Hate, love, anger, pride, opinion, feelings, viewpoints, accomplishments, family, culture, country, along with the rest of it goes to pieces. None of these actually can be defined after accepting such a ridiculous doctorine! It actually puts their own profession under a big question mark - how can one chair decide what is wrong with another chair? What would that even mean? Wouldn't all thoughts of a psychiatrist then be the result of bunch of chemicals and electric impulses wiggling around? Where is the psychiatrist then? Wouldn't he a figment of the chemical's "imagination?" This is too stupid to even try to envision. You get a headache! But this whole system, unlike what most people assume, is totally based on a cult like set of opinions and they have been making strong bonds with the governments (remember the priests of the dark ages). During the sixties and most of seventies, these boys were almost completely involved in research work on brainwashing - almost all psychiatrists during that time were on CIA payrol. Their counterparts in Russia were also working on the same thing - remember Pavlov's work and Stalin's order that he should write a manual on how his experiments could be applied to humans and societies? Do a little research, you'll find the new "religion" that is sweeping this planet fast and will inevitabily have dire consequences no different than the old dark religions - except maybe worse. Did you know that ALL of the so-called mental disorders or mental illnesses are VOTED-IN as illness and disorder? In other words scientifically, not one of these have been proven to even exist! Note that I am not saying that the apparent symptoms don't exists - I am saying there is no scientific evidence that the symptoms indicate a "disease." As a matter of fact it is not even defined what it means when we call it a disease. A traditional medical disease indicates a malfunction or anomoly in some part of the body but what the heck does it mean for a so called mental illness? It gets worse, did you know that if you open any psychology or psychiatry book, they tell you right in there that there is no universal definition for these terms? They can't even define what their profession is or refers to! But that doesn't stop them from prescribing what is essentially cocaine or heroin to millions of people and call it a cure - even though again, there is noscientific evidence that it has ever cured anybody (despite what you may think). Interesting research project!