Die, you filthy insect

Iranians are now cockroaches and Iran is a roach infested sewer

Die, you filthy insect
by tinoush

What do you do with a cockroach? You kill it, most likely. How
guilty do you feel if someone dropped one of those exterminator bombs
in a hole infested with roaches? Not really guilty, you may even thank
them or at least feel relieved. Well, Iranians are now cockroaches and
Iran is a roach infested sewer.

This cartoon appeared in both Investor’s Business Daily and The Columbus Dispatch.
What really gets my goat is not the racist, stupid nature of the
cartoonist, Michael Ramirez. No, not at all, I expect that such
individuals exist. The real tragedy here is born of us, Iranians.

we don’t speak up, we ought not to be shocked that we are compared to
roaches. And many Iranians don’t. They trust the good nature of Western
media. They see only extremism coming from Middle East, while they turn
a blind eye to the most blatant displays of Western extremism.

brings to mind the whole debate about the movie “300.”A good number of
Iranians saw “300” as just a fun flick, while in some parts of US
people watched it to “brush up on their history.”

I only hope
that one of these days that naiveté is finally gone.
If Sheller and Ramirez feel so comfortable that they can flaunt their
racism, it is because we allow them that freedom. Today we are compared
to cockroaches; tomorrow we WILL be treated like cockroaches.
Meanwhile, Dick and George are busy preparing the roach bomb for the




by almo5000 on

Have your brain examined as soon as possible, before it is too late. No one in this forum has been able to understand your point stating that the writer of the original article in Iranian.com (Tinoush)  can cause "brutalizing" iranian population. Are you a neocon? If you are, you need to join the crazies club! If you are israeli, that figures, you don't need to do anything! If you are still in diaper, you need to grow up.


Dispatch is a maggot-infested dying rag!

by Anonymous on

People should not be taking anything that this so called "paper" publishes. It is an embarrassment even to the cowtown that it is from. It is dying and desparate for readership. I think that it is run by a bunch of low-life losers who cannot get a job in a decent newspaper.

I subscribed to this rag just for the coupons as it has absolutely nothing worth reading (will be cancelled as soon as the sun rises tomorrow!). People should not waste their time or stress over this filty piece of crap, coming from a bunch of stupid racist demogogues. I would not sweat it, like I would not sweat it if it came from the mouth of KKK or neo-Nazis.

You cannot use reason or arguments about decency and humanity with maggots trying to dehumanize millions of innocent human beings that have done nothing to hurt anybody. You cannot argue with losers who have no issue with bombing millions of innocent women and children, and see it as their nightly entertainment on TV, not realizing these are real people, and real lives. These idiots are incapable of distinguishing between people and politics.


To: Daniel Pourkesali

by almo5000 on


Don't let idiots like the names you have mentioned bother you.  We believe (but we hope that we are wrong), they are members of "$75M Club" and are tasked with creating the grounds for another Iraq out of Iran. Their paycheck may come from Tel Aviv -- who knows. Whoever  logics with them is accused of taking money from IRI, and/or somehow being associated with the government in Iran. I wish they had their facts and statistics right. They are in many ways like the current neocons in USA. They are usually Shah's followers (very SMALL brains, no real self-esteem and NOT independent minded -- they like to be slaves as they were under the Shah). Their behavior is not very different from what their ancestors used to be at the shah's time; when they were angry, they used to run to Savak and report/accuse someone and put them in jail, not for a just reason, but to satisfy their anger! I suppose nowadays they run to DHS and report people.

We enjoy reading what you have to say and continue saying it. You are a great Iranian.

Daniel M Pourkesali

I hear you my brother (or sister)...

by Daniel M Pourkesali on

"Parkh and Gorbeh think that if you defend Iran herself and if you don't
want to see it turned into another Iraq, then you MUST be in support of


You are correct. I've been on the receiving end of the same baseless accusations. One word of advice; ignore them all and keep doing what you do best -- defending our shared motherland. Thak you and may god bless you.


 People like Tinoush et al

by xivaro on

 People like Tinoush et al are only promoting misery and devestation on the already brutalized Iranian population by supporting the regime to stand up to the U.S. I hope you don't have any family back home but many of us do and we want them to stay alive. You have to understand that America will do whatever is in its strategic and national interest (right or wrong) irregardless of congress, anti-war movement, democrats or republicans.  If you're so arrogant as to  think that your bolshevik tirade is going to affect U.S. Policy makers then you're too gullible.


If you really want to avert a devestating war on Iran, first, you need to stop lieing and at least be honest with yourself. The islamic regime with or without nuclear weapon presents a long-term threat to U.S. strategic interest (read buffer against rise of china, India, and re-emergence of Russia). It's not about oil...

 The U.S is at war with  fundamentalist Muslims, which Iran has exported in the region by supporting proxy militias.  The way to save Iran from being attacked is not lying about this, but making Iran understand that it won't get away with this. Today, the U.S. announced that they are going to build their first U.S. base on the border of Iraq-Iran. The U.S. is not going anywhere. The more radicalized Islamists become, the more ammunition they would provide for their so called enemies to once and for all, annihilate the entire ME.


The People who encourage Iran to defy the US - more because of pathological hatred for the US, rather than having Iranian people's interests at heart - are Iranians' greatest enemy, more so than the mythical neocons et al. In fact, neocon's interests and messianic jihadists running Iran overlap and are one and the same. Both foolishly think they will profit from setting the region on fire. Inciting hate is not going to help the  Iranian cause.

Kaveh Nouraee

Where are your priorities?

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Out of all the publications this can show up in, it appears in the Investor's Business Daily and the Columbus Dispatch? Are you serious?


Ramirez and the Dispatch are getting what they want. Recognitiona nd attention. This Ramirez hasn't had this much recognition since he was toilet trained. The IRI is literally, figuratively, and economically bleeding the country dry and some of you are honestly more offended by what some second-rate talentless illustrator has drawn and by the fact some third-rate midwestern newspaper that no one reads published it.


I will be the first one to say that this cartoon is tasteless and classless. But what do you expect? Ramirez has already been banned by the LA Times. What is more offensive anyway? The criticism or the depiction as cockroaches? Would the offense be any different if he drew mosquitoes, or flies, or pigs or camels?


We are in this country because of oppression in Iran, are we not? You want freedom to say or express what you want, right? Well, this is the result. As ugly and as offensive as the cartoon is (not to mention the fact that the jerk simply cannot draw worth a damn), he is free to draw it. And you and I are free to call it trash. Just like the IRI apologists who obtain permanent visas to live in the U.S. are still free to use every opportunity to criticize the country where they are a guest.


We have more important things to worry about than some asshole with a box of colored pencils.







Given the row of enemies that Iran has today, it needs ......

by almo5000 on

Unless and until Iran has Atomic weapons, it will not be safe, it will not be able to dominate the ME or be back to its glorious days -- the Persian Empire. Lets face it,during that empire, the entire world was safer. Look and compare with today: The monkey level IQ is ruling the world. Nothing and noone is safe ... . Iran needs Atomic weapons. If it had, Sadam would not dear to attack Iran. Iraqi soldiers raped 9 and 10 year old Iranian girls in Abadan and Ahwaz. Hundred sof thousand young and old iranians lost their lives because some zionists and their friends wanted it that way. This all occured by the US's encouragement of their "friend Saddam". If Iran has atomic weapons, US would not dare to encourage Saddam or others to attack iran. If Iran has atomic weapons, Israelies would not wake up every morning and threathen Iran with bombings, etc. etc., World would be safer with Iran having Atomic weapons. The time of "business as usual" has come to an end. It just does not work anymore.. The business as usual led by the west has failed the humanity. It is time for Iran to lead a safer world....


Circular logic of regime apologists

by Parkhash on

It is so funny to see apologists like Tinoush Moulaee trying to argue seriously. You can't expect them to know the principles of a civilised deabte, but one needs to know its basic rules at least. Fortunately, Moulaee himself provides us with every example of how thse apologists reaon on this very page. Let us examine the evidence. This is an example of our debator's civilised argument in a public forum (all taken from his posting on this page titled "Hold on to YOUR roaches"):

"For them, the proof is implicit in the accusation: because it is the gang of lying bastards in Washington making an accusation, then it must be true!!! "

Is this a logical debate or a burst of abusive claptrap? Now look at a clear example of circular logic of Tinoush Moulaee (TM). Here are two paragraphs, quoted in full from the same posting. The first one says that Americans have bombed a nation (Iraq) based on false evidence:

"As for terrorist infestation, the greatest (not the only) infestation I see is coming out of West. Is it not terrorism to bomb a nation into oblivion on false accusation and doctored up evidence?"

Just a few lines later our "logical" debator says that if Americans had a any evidence (against Iran) they would have bombed it already!!

"Not one iota, of evidence is provided for the accusations against Iran, simply because they do not exist. If they did, Iran had already been bombed."

This is the most rediculous example of circular reasoning. In one sentence TM says that all the evidence against Iraq was false and doctored up and in the next one the same TM says that bombing of a nation by Americans shows that they must have had substantive evdience against that nation!!! :)) It is like saying that, on one hand, police arrests thieves on false evidence, and at the same time saying, if somebody is a thieve, then police would have arrested him! Well, sorry TM but you can't have it both ways!! I don't want to get personal TM but I am disappointed that such simple and basic point is missed by you - obviously your education didn't require reasoning.

In my previous postings I stated four irrefutable facts that are not even disputed by the Iranian regime as my evidence for mullahs regime's disregard for the international laws and the national interests of Iran. You failed to come up with a single response to these four facts and simply referred the readers to "reliable sources". What are these reliable sources? And please don't talk about patriotism. Your abusive remarks on this page against Americans is enough to show where you stand. Finally, read my lines carefully before opening your mouth. I only say that you are a regime apologist either decidedly or foolishly - a clumsy one too. You still don't understand the difference between the interests of a nation and the power-lust interets of its oppresive regime. And I don't have time to teach you that here. I know that you keep regurgitating the same vomit over and over again. All I can say is: Enjoy!


If you could debate logically....

by tinoush on

The problem is that Parkh and Gorbeh don't debate, they just accuse and then and only then (for the umpteenth time!) is their use of a pen name shameful.


I'm not a US citizen, although I hardly see the relevance of my citizenship to criticism of US policy. A true patriot SHOULD criticize the government, as it was put elegantly by Senator Fulbright. I have lived in US for over 20 years, and have not been to Iran since 2000. For personal reasons, I'm planning to go back next year, and in truth I don't really know what will happen. Why? Because of what I have been writing about IRI on the internet. I don't expect everyone to take the kind of risks that I am, but don't hide behind a pen name and throw baseless accusations at me.


If Parkh, or Gorbeh want to have a real, logical debate, then they can choose whatever name. However, people like me keep being accused of supporting the IRI. I know Parkh has read what I have written on Iranian.com, I have a folder of abusive emails from him to prove it. So, why does he keep making such a false accusation? That is not debate. It's standing in the shadows and engaging in character assassination.


Parkh and Gorbeh think that if you defend Iran herself, if you don't want to see it turned into another Iraq, then you MUST be in support of IRI. That is not logical and doesn't lend itself to a debate. Furthermore, they do not believe in universal equality. If a set of standards is applied to IRI, then the VERY SAME set of standards must be applied to everyone, including Western nations. Parkh and Gorbeh operate with two sets of standards, at least! Again, that is not a basis for debate.


Debate the message not the messenger

by Parkhash on

There is a well known, last-resort technique among the desparately failing supporters of the regime which is to attack the messenger when they can't argue against the message. This technique has been tried umpteen times and has failed at each attempt and yet, these poor sad souls never learn that simple lesson. The only time that a messenger is worthy of being attacked is when he or she is using his or her name (or fame) to influence the message or when the preacher does not practise what he or she preaches. But when a messenger is using the legitimate anonymity which is available to every one on this site, there is no way that his or her message can be influenced - after all how can one who only exists as a pen name influence the message that one delivers?

But the persistance shown by the likes of Tinoush Moulaee and his friends to get the pen name writers to disclose their identities, is very suspicious. Who needs to know such information more that the agents of the regime? Why do they need it? What differene does it make if for instance myself or Gorbeh_Pashmaloo or other users are male or female or whether we live in Tehran, LA, UK, or US? All these information could be false. Even if I write under a name like Hossein Hosseini, how can you tell if I genuinely exist, unless you investigate me. And why should you investigate me in the first place, unless you have different motives.

There is also another side to this argument.  How come those who write under their true names and claim to be the hard line opponents of the rgime in Tehran, travel to and fro Iran without being arrested? Is it because the regime is tolerant of its opponents or is it becaause there is a real democracy in Iran? Perhaps, the regime and its securtiy services are fearful of people like Tinoush Moulaee and wouldn't dare touching them? Or is it because they don't give a damn to what they say because their opposition is so water-logged that wouldn't harm anything, so they keep them as little pawns in this game to show that yes the IRI can tolerate certain degree of dissent. In every way that you like to look at them, they are directly or indirectly serving the interests of the Islamic regime of Tehran. This is why their action is misguided and condemnable.

I don't know who Gorbeh_Pashmaloo is but he/she speaks the truth and he/she is a person who, unlike his/her opposers, does not suffer from a double-faced mentality. I salute you Grobeh_Pashmaloo! 


How do we resolve deep seated problems that stem from

by sh8tune on

being dominated for only 200 years by Arab muslims?  The Spaniards were held for nearly 500 years and look at them now. They certainly did not buy Islam lock, stock and barrel.



by almo5000 on

Lets get this GORBEH_PASHMALOO fellow out of very many intellectually stimulating and heavy discussions on iranian.com. Clearly, he does not understand an iota, but wants to be part of all discussions. Lets tell him Shah is dead, gone, finished, rotten in hell, and so are his masters. It is time to move on.


As a US citizen, which one comes first for you? US or Iran!?

by Gorbeh_Pashmalo on

So, do you consider yourself an American first and Iranian second or the other way around? I assume you are a US citizen! As a US citizen you should not have any career and livelihood in Iran!? Don’t you know that the Islamic Republic is considered a terrorist regime!? Are you betraying your country (America)that you took an oath to uphold its constitution on the day you sworn in? Or, are you one of those who enjoys the comfort of America but his allegiance is to the Islamic Republic!?



by tinoush on

You certainly have the right to protect yourself. But then don't accuse me of supporting IRI, when I consistently have condemned its human rights abuses, undemocratic nature, etc.


And I do that with my real name, at a risk to my livelihood and career both in US and Iran. What do you risk?


The messenger is hiding in the shadows and preaching a message full of falsehood!


Parkhash is the person who just defeated you in Debate-101....!?

by Gorbeh_Pashmalo on


To protect ones life from the Islamic Republic assassins, one needs to hide his/her true identity. But, as long as the message in right on the money, why do you care who the messenger is….!?


Who is Parkhash?

by tinoush on

I don't have to prove that I don't support the IRI. My record of
writings on Iranian.com does that sufficiently. The only thing that
Parkhash and others like him accuse me of is that I point out actual history
and demand equal treatment. But, it's pointless to go through that with
these people. What we ought to ask really is "who is Parkhash?"

I have a folder full of abusive emails from Parkhash. He/She writes
here and else where without giving out his real name. Parkhash won't
identify himself in anyways. So, how would we know that he is not a goon
hired by the Office of Dick to put out misinformation and foment discord!?
We don't! I can't prove that either way. All I can say is that he
accuses me and others incognito of what we out right deny: support of IRI. We also know that the Bush administration has
time and time again employed his particular flavor of disinformation and
character assassination.


As for is i, ii, iii, iv, all you have to do is look for a reliable international source to see that he's distorting history and facts.


Pathetic apologists

by Parkhash on

in more ways than one, the islamic republic's apologists like moulaee or pourkesali are worthy of pity. in their clumsy way of defending their regime, they create self-defeating excuses and arguemnts and hope they are not caught out red-handed. well, not this time. let me show you how:

 (i) by its own admission, for 18 years the islamic regime had kept parts of its nuclear tech activities secret and did not disclose anything to the IAEA. this is in clear breach of their obligations and so a serious violation of the npt treaty. 

(ii) the pakistani scientist a q khan has admitted selling his non-civil nuclear knowhow to the islamic regime.

(iii) the funding of the nuclear technolgy is against all the economic and financial interests of the nation. not a single economist, not even the fabrication factory of the regime has come up with even a semi-viable economic theory or calculation to show that the nuclear tech is  an economically justifiable investment, short or long term,

 (iv) there is no democratic process in place to allow the people's representation in deciding whether this technology is approved by the nation or not.

 so moulaee and pourkesali do not defend the right of the people of iran - because the nation have never had a say in deciding if the nuclaer tech iwas essential for them. whether by being ultra stupid or by being a direct agent of the regime, these apologists are prottecting the mullah's regime and put their interests and te interest of the nation equal to each other. sorry guys but your arguemnts are doomed to fire back at your own.  you must try harder.


Hold on to YOUR roaches...

by tinoush on

Before you go on defending Ramirez...

Michael Ramirez got in hot water in 2000 over cartoons offensive to Jews.
The end result was that he no longer publishes in LA Times.

As for terrorist infestation, the greatest (not the only) infestation I see is coming out
of West. Is it not terrorism to bomb a nation into oblivion on false
accusation and doctored up evidence? People like Ramirez, Westerners in general,
have nothing to say when it comes to terrorism, until they face the sordid
history of Unites States of America,
Britain, France...

As for evidence of accusations, we might as well toss the concept of
"burden of proof" right into the toilet. Ramirez and his ilk
never ask for proof of what Iran
is accused of. For them, the proof is implicit in the accusation: because
it is the gang of lying bastards in Washington
making an accusation, then it must be true!!! Not one iota, of evidence
is provided for the accusations against Iran, simply because they do not
exist. If they did, Iran
had already been bombed.

As for the nuclear issue, again the sheepish American public goaded on
by Ramirez-types knows nothing about international law or treaties. Iran has signed
the NPT and its extra protocols. Because it has signed the NPT, it has the right to civilian nuclear
technology. It has agreed to the most intrusive regiment of
inspections. And, there is not one spec of evidence (something allien to
Ramirez) of military nuclear activities. All this must be viewed along
with the fact that, US does not allow inspection of any of its facilities, has
engaged in use of nuclear weapons and depleted uranium against civilians, and
its arch ally refuses to declare its nuclear stockpile much less sign the NPT.

Currently, the roots of all terrorism are in the halls of Washington, and until
Americans face that fact, they have no moral, ethical, or legal grounds to
stand on.




by gol-dust on

all work of israeli dominated media who are iran's enemy no.1! world would never see peace with them! they are hateful as the mollahs are! hell with AIPAC  and israel, who are the real cockroaches! ramirez who is really chineses and part hispanic is another damn radical who was kicked out of the LA TIMES!



Terrorists cockroaches coming out of the IR of Mullahs...

by Gorbeh_Pashmalo on


The American forces have already started engaging the forces of the
Islamic Republic terrorists (as this cartoon rightfully so depicts as
cockroaches). So, the question is when not if the massive bombing of
the mullahs, the IRGCs, their thugs and supporters inside Iran will
start? The news of the Israeli air planes being fired upon over the
Syrian air space should be an indication that the all assault on the
mullahs and their weapons of mass destruction is around the corner. The
sad thing is that a country like Israel that was a friend of Iran 28
years ago has become an adversary purely due to the belligerence of the
criminal regime of the Islamic Republic. Thanks to the mullahs for
making so many enemies around the world over the past 28 years. But
this time, it is the end of the mullahs and their criminal ideology.
Now, as for the treasonous supporters of the Islamic Republic of
Mullahs (e.g., Tinoush Mowlaee, Nahid Shafiei, Daniel Pourkesali,
Almo 5069, etc.), we will report them to the authorities to be rounded up and quarantined as spies and security threat to America.


Iranians' Enemies will not stop at anything

by almo5000 on

This cartoon, and many others published in the past, as well as the periodic statements by governments of our enemies show that they have Iranians death and destrction in mind. when they fail at one approach, they poke their fingure at us from a different angel. That is why Iran needs the best defenses (militarily) that it can come up with (whether atomic or not), and should treat the enemy as it is. We should not, on the other hand, take a crazy cartoonist so seriously that he/she becomes an overnight success (in their own screwed up way). However, we need to be alert and aware.


not all of us are like that?

by hajiagha on

I know some Iranian are so stupid selfish and I meet so many of them out of Iran ...they are crazy for one things money and money and money... as cartoonist but some times a cartoonist have right to exaggeration on his art works also freedom of speech, you don't liked do not look at this cartoon ,


Hold Your Roaches

by Mazloom on

Michael Ramirez is a great Editorial Cartoonist. His depiction of IRI and the sewer manhole cover infested with roaches has nothing to do with Iran (as a nation not a government) or Iranians. It is showing extremist elements of IRI regime mostly in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestinian territories. The least number of roaches are in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and northern neighborhood counties, clearly showing the intent, which is to indicate that the IRI has it’s roaches, spies and instigator mostly in Iraq and Afghanistan. I only wish that he would have used “Islamic Republic of Iran” instead of “Iran”.To compare Michael Ramirez’s work with Nazism is ridiculous. We don’t need instruction from the Office of Mullahs Interest Section in Washington DC to think for ourselves.  


The heat is on!

by B-Naam on

There you have it folks!  Thanks Tinoushak. It's time to put aside all of our differences whenever we are deamonized like this and speak up politely but firmly.  No matter how they try to sugarcoat it, this cartoon is one more attempt to mold American public opinion agianst Iran and portray us as disgusting roaches. There are times when you simply have to unite and speak up.  There is no alternative.


When you're under attack, you unite.  Yes, make no mistake.  We're under attack!!!    


Daniel M Pourkesali

Thank you Tinoush; very well said!

by Daniel M Pourkesali on


Below was my response to The Columbus Dispatch:


To: gsheller@dispatch.com, michael.ramirez@investors.com


Dear Mr. Sheller,


Your dismally pathetic "one response shuts them all" reply to letters of objection regarding the display of the genocide-inciting cartoon at the top of the Opinion page in your September 4th, 2007 issue of The Columbus Dispatch only added insult to injury.


First, let me assure you sir that I'm not writing at the behest of any certain group or organization but solely on behalf of our shared humanity in the meager hope that I may arouse some level of moral decency at your paper that would, at the very least, offer an apology to the 70 million Iranian people you have offended.


Second, evident from your reference to "Iraqi regime's support of violent extremists and terrorists throughout the Middle East", may I recommend that next time you rush to defend a vile and depraved hate-mongering cartoon like the one by Mr. Michael Ramirez, at least have a semi-vague understanding of the people being dehumanized.


And finally, is it really an exercise in "intellectual gymnastics" to see this cartoon for what it really is? Is there a fundamental difference between portraying a group of people as cock roaches inside the pages of Columbus Dispatch in 2007 versus a reptile on the cover of Nazi Germany's Lustige Blätter Magazine in 1943?


Disgustingly yours,


Daniel M Pourkesali



Dear sir or Madame:


Thank you for writing to The Dispatch.


You apparently are responding to a call from the Council of American-Islamic relations to write to me and to cartoonist Michael Ramirez to complain about a cartoon about the Iraqi regime's support of violent extremists and terrorists throughout the Middle East.


CAIR claims the cartoon demeans all Iranians as cockroaches. But since the drain cover depicted in the cartoon is clearly labeled with "Iran" and "extremism" it is clear that the cartoon refers only to those elements of the Iranian regime who support extremism. In other words, it doesn't come close to labeling all Iranians as cockroaches.


CAIR also likens the cartoon to Nazi propaganda. This is a remarkable display of intellectual gymnastics. Iranian President Ahmadinejad has called for the destruction of the Jewish state and questions the Holocaust, while his regime tries to develop nuclear weapons.


If CAIR is truly concerned about the promotion of Nazi ideas and the use of Nazi methods, it should direct its attention to Tehran.CAIR's claims that its mission is to promote understanding of Islam and combat anti-Islamic information and anti-Islamic attitudes.That's an honorable mission when it is directed at legitimate grievances.In this case, CAIR has misrepresented this cartoon and missed the mark by fabricating a false grievance.


All the best,


Glenn Sheller

Editorial Page Editor

The Columbus Dispatch