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January 1996 Cover

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Editor's Note
New Year in Times Square

New Zealand?

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For the Flower of Freedom
An open letter from reformist thinker, Dr. Abdolkarim Soroush

From Political Islam to Secular Nationalism
Dr. H. Amirahmadi sees nationalism on the rise.

Qalam dar Ghalaf (Persian)
M. Behnoud on Iranian journalism.

Freek Speech
J. Javid on the diminishing threat of censorship thanks to the Internet.

Cheap Speech
Dismissing pornography as an excuse to limit expression on the Internet.

Open Wounds
Exclusive interview with former U.S. National Security Advisor, Gary Sick.

Searching for Us
J. Javid looks into an Hungarian community's claim to Iranian roots.

Beyond the Feathers of the Peacock
A South African writes about his trip to Iran.

New!Shomal: The Pleasant Reality
An American sees only green in northern Iran.

Areh Joone Ammat!
Remembering James Bond in Iran, plus Tehran's movie schedule in October 1978

Esm Man? Mostaz'af (Persian)
D. Paknezhad has a problem with banned names.

"Banned" and "Freed" Iranian names (Persian)
Official list of names you can and cannot put on your child.

Why Change a Name?
dAyi Hamid is baffled by those who Westernize their names.

J. Javid talks to an Iranian who has become an American citizen.

Rock's early days in Iran.

Tough Times for Persepolis
Football team looking for old glory.

Post-Mortem (Persian)
Headlines from the days of the revolution.

Clueless in Tehran
How Americans evaluated the Shah and the revolution.

Culture is the Key
Dr. Khanlari's advice on overcoming social decay.

Are You Cracking Up? (Persian)
A Mosaddeq-era magazine clipping.

Book Review
Short Story

Readers comment on the previous issue.


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