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You can't have it all, they say. You can't have both worlds. Well, they're wrong.

Bazleh's intimate knowledge of Western classical music and exquisite taste in Persian melodies blissfully mingle in her newly re-released piano compositions, "Hidden Path to a Persian Garden".

The album is the latest fruit of Bazleh's long and distinguieshed career. She began piano training at the tender age of seven in the southern Iranian city of Abadan. At fifteen, she continued her music education in England and later in the United States where she studied at the University of Southern California School of Music in Los Angeles.

The first major break in Bazleh's career came in 1976. She was featured in a documentary, "Women of the World", produced by Victor Stoloff, performing her first original piano duet. Five years later, she won the best original music award for the film "Duet" at the LMU Film Festival.

In 1994, she was invited by the Marine League of the San Francisco Symphony to appear at a concert performance of six of her solo piano pieces as well as her Fantasy for Cello and Piano. She has been invited by the league to perform her vocal compositions in April this year.

Most recently, she and her husband Alexei Reznick have started to perform "Music Forums" in Los Angeles. The first was held last October at the Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church.

In a city like Los Angeles, which is a Mecca for rather cheesy Iranian music, Bazleh's performances feel like a breath of fresh air from a Persian garden.

Hear selections from her solo album.

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