Life in the Corporate World

by Behzad Sadeghi
Boston, Masssachusetts, USA

Behind the dark, tinted corporate windows, that have been tightly sealed and insulated to keep in sound and heat; body heat that is, seasons are changing.

Snow flakes dancing harmoniously, as they slide down the window pane, are a testimony to the earth's rotation. And as the snow flakes melt away on their traveling path so with them melts away my every conscious moment, but my moments have the luxury of melting away in the corporate world.

In the corporate world life is simulated using scheduling charts calculators, calendars and modeling schemes, and it is accentuated by morning conversations and coffee breaths.

In the corporate world the only living pulse beats within the veins of the office memos that circulate freely and abundantly from one desk to another. Their blood-pressure is measured by my manager, as he often does in his spare time, using advanced computer techniques.

A fellow corporate colleague strides by my office, as he dodges the attack of the flying memos. He greets me with a fake smile, and annoyed by the interruption of my thoughts I smile back; a fake smile, of course.

Through the half-lit hallways I see the office memos in the shape of paper-planes colliding with the sealed tinted glass windows seeming to want to leave these perimeters as if wishing for the cold real world outside the temperature-controlled corporate world.

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