Love Photo


by Shahrokh Zarnegar
to Khatereh Gerami

They are right:
It's a feeling, love.
It is, indeed,
Just a feeling.

Just a little storm
In your brain.
Certainly, nothing more than
Chemical reactions.

Love, plain and simple,
Is just like any other
Psychological state.

Well, I've been in a state of
Heaven ever since
I've known you.
And I have
No plans to leave.

How can I describe it?

You're a joy to be with,
To talk to, to look at,
To make love to.

Your smile, your eyes,
Your hair, your breasts,
Your nose, your toes,
Your kiss, your kiss, your kiss.
I love them all.

Your walk, your talk,
Your tears, your fears,
Your everything.

I love them all.

I love your sense of

I even love
Your childishness.
Your selfishness.
Your temper. And
Your inflexible but
Very flexible
Idealism and
I love the whole package.

I love you.

I know.
I don't have to
Prove my love to you.

I don't even have to
Prove that the
Only thing,
The Only Thing
That matters in
Life is love.

But I must
Tell you this:
Love is love is love is love
When lovers are

I want us to
Feel life's every moment.
And enjoy it to the fullest.

I want us to
Show Mr. Fate
That we are masters of
Our own destiny.
That we have found
The Meaning of Life.

That we have found Love.

And we will.

You have my word.
You have my heart.
You have my soul.
You have my love.

May I have your hand?

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