Kolangi Ghabele Sokoonat

08-Feb-2011 (4 comments)

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do zar tahe ganje bood

by Doctor mohandes on

Ferestadim felestin...

that was their best song ever

Dirty Angel


by Dirty Angel on

 apart from my problem with the electric guitar (too simplistic), those tea drinking shots could have been made from a much better angle to juxtapose with the footage(?). I just expect a lot from this lot. I can see there is a reason for it, but I don't know the reason, please explain.

 But this guy's orgasmic voice - uuufff!

"If they chew you up, they still have to spit you out "

hamsade ghadimi

nice video.  i always

by hamsade ghadimi on

nice video.  i always liked the song.  lots of kolangi ghabel sokoonat in iran.



by Monda on

Strong commentary, voice and guitar. khasteh nabaashi.