Sultans of Swing

KIOSK - Sultans of Swing - A tribute to Dire Straits - London Mar 2010 - Barax Production from jool on Vimeo.

16-Aug-2011 (17 comments)

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by Shemirani on

He rocks.... just love this band !!! i didn't listen to dire straits for ages ....a mixture of my souvenirs and a iranian singer... love it thanks for sharing !


pretty good cover

by azadi5 on

His voice is bang on as Mark Knopfler's, and his guitar playing is pretty good. I would love to see them do a cover of Brothers in Arms.




by Arj on

RW, I know what I'm talking about! And that is my right to express my opinion for or against whatever is featured here. What you don't get is that you're not the arbiter here to determine whether or not I, or anyone else, am/is qualified for expression of opinion!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

خیر... مثلِ اینکه حضرتِ عالی‌ متوجه جریان نشده و همچنان تخت گاز به پیشِ قاضی رفته و خندان بازگشتید،منظورِ ما دانشِ موسیقی‌ و دانستنِ این هنر قبل از دادن هر گونه نظر و انتقاد است،به غیر از این هر چه به خود گرفتید،به اشتباه برداشت کرده اید و تمام .


To RW:

by Arj on

Is calling people "kalleh pook" considered criticising in your lexicon? As far as I know, this is called "Chaleh Mayduni" lingo. Kiosk or any other musical band does not need zealot basiji and Lebas Shakhsis. Nor is there any Blue vs Red thuggery in music! And for goodness sake, what is "makosh Marg-e Ma" supposed to mean? That I am not masculine enough and you are a tough man?! What does that have to do with anything?!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

عرج (یا ارج ؟!)

ما به نظرِ  شما احترام گذاشته و تنها یاد آور مُعضلی شدیم که همیشه گریبانگیرِ  خلقِ  ایرانیست.

موسیقی‌ آن نیست که تنها شنیده شود و یا تنها دیده شود،موسیقی‌ قاعِده و راستِه‌ دارد،حال می‌خواهد ایرانی باشد و یا فرنگی‌ (نوعِ  فرنگی‌ آن بیشتر است،اِنعطاف پذیرتر است تا به ایرانی ! ) ، زمانی‌ که انتقاد می‌‌شود باید قِید کرد که گوشِ  شنونده داری و یا تنها چشمِ  یک بیننده وگرنه دوست داشتنِ  یک ترانه و یا بِلعکس که دیگر این همه مَکُش مرگِ  ما و تو بِمیری ندارد.تعارف هم با هم نداریم و شما به راهِ  خود و موسیقیدان به سبکِ  خود.

موّفق باشید.



by Arj on

JJ, first of all, I didn't say that anybody tried to shut me up. Yet, I felt I touched a nerve here! I never calimed to know about music or did I try cheap lingo as some have here to pretend to know about music. All I'm saying here, is that I've been a DS fan for as long as I can remember. Hence, the very first time I heard Kiosak, I thought; "cool, here's an Iranian band who's not affraid to be experimental." I looked forward to their next work to see what they've delved into this time! Alas, it was the same music with the same vocal sounds! It was like they were stuck in the same gear (the quality of their lyrics notwithstanding)! I urge you to compare the vocals of the two bands and then judge my critique!

And about Shajarian, come on...! He is the guy who has added chapters to Persian music that did not exist before (and I'm not a big fan of traditional music either)! Although he's not beyond criticism, yet he's not comparable to anyone as far as I can think of! You don't have to like Persian music in order to see that! 

P.S. Red Wine, if the target of your cheap diatribe is me, all I have to say is that you are the one who is acting like a lumpen! I, on the other hand, am entitled to my opinion, whether you approve of it or...



by XsorpassoX on

Inspiration is imitation turned inside out. Great artists have always been inspired, and frankly at times more or less have copied the greater forerunners of their genre or other genres. Kiosk has demonstrated their prodigious talent over the years and their unique mesmerizing style, although it owes much to blues-inspired musicians such as Dire Straits. Let's give them credit for creating a new direction in Iranian rock music, and laud them for their acheivements, however foreigh-inspired they may seem.

Anahid Hojjati

Being a fan of Bob Dylan

by Anahid Hojjati on

I read parts of his biography. What in the opening pages surprised me was how calculating he was to achieve fame. I have to find the passages but he was just not some idealist who wrote great songs. He set out to become successful and he was influenced by others. Read the Wikipedia entry on Dylan an dyou see that he was influenced too


 For instance in this section of the entry, notice how it talks about influences of Guthrie and Pete Seeger on Dylan:"

By the time Dylan's second album, The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, was released in May 1963, he had begun to make his name as both a singer and a songwriter. Many of the songs on this album were labeled protest songs, inspired partly by Guthrie and influenced by Pete Seeger's passion for topical songs.[47] "Oxford Town", for example, was a sardonic account of James Meredith's ordeal as the first black student to risk enrollment at the University of Mississippi.[48]


Bob Dylan in November 1963

His most famous song at this time, "Blowin' in the Wind", partially derived its melody from the traditional slave song "No More Auction Block", while its lyrics questioned the social and political status quo.[49] The song was widely recorded and became an international hit for Peter, Paul and Mary, setting ..."


Everybody have a mother and a father

by آشنا on

But to be an original artist you have to kill your parents.

Imitation and repetition is a blasphemy in modern art.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

در مجموع کار بدی نیست،صدایِ آقایِ سبحانی با صدایِ مارک نافلر اندکی‌ می‌خواند اما ملودیها نا خوانا هستند،تنظیم گویا نیست و انگاری با عجله تمرین شده است.با این حال خاطره انگیز است،یادگارِ سالهایِ ابتداییِ تبعید در آیالات متحده عمری کار !

بعضی‌ از دوستان (شبه دوستان ایرانی‌ نما ؟!) همچنان از موسیقی‌ به دورند و تنها گوش به چند نت می‌‌دهند و این گونه انتقاد کنند که هم ساز می‌‌زنند و هم تحصیلات و مدارج دارند در این زمینه،نظریاتِ پوچ و کله‌ها همچنان خالی‌ !

ممنون جهانشاه جان برایِ گذاشتنِ این ویدئو در اینجا.


Jahanshah Javid

Musical Icons

by Jahanshah Javid on

Arj, you think I wouldn't criticize musical icons? Here you go:

With rare exceptions I don't like listening to Shajarian. I generally don't like traditional Iranian music, period. But I don't go around saying all Shajarian does is ripping off or copying others who sing the same style.

Kayhan Kalhor? Not my taste. Banan? Forget about it. Googoosh, not since 1979. U2 not since "Joshua Tree". You want more examples?

Kiosk doesn't turn you on? Fine. I can name several of their songs I don't care for. But are they ripping off Dire Straits? Come on...

Oh, and when someone responds and opposes your view, they are not trying to shut you up. Nothing is still not sacred :)


Influence vs imitation

by Arj on

There is influence, and there is imitation! Kurosh Yaghmaei was influenced by a wide range in musical spectrum (anywhere from Deep Purple, Rainbow, Thin Lizzy..., to Pink Floyd and Alan Parson's Project, and even Bach and Mozart in addition to Persian folk...). But when influence becomes a recurring and repetitive theme, it's called imitation!

I realize that it's not popular to criticize a celebrated icon in our culture. But then again, I thought nothing was sacred!


strange in English

by choghok on

as much as I like Kiosk I don't think they should try to do cover songs, that is unless they bring something new to it. This cover was not a "kiosk" version of the song but it could be done from any cover band in a pub near you.

I also do not think it is bad that kiosk has been heavily influenced by DS, Leonard Cohen or a likes as long as they add something to it, and I beleive in their Persian songs they do that. And to the ones that bash Kiosk all the time for ripping others music, could you please show us other Iranian "original" artists? Los Angeles music or even traditional music is 99% of the time copy of the same melodies and lyrics.


Great Music from a Great Band

by Faramarz on

Great musicians always get inspired by other great musicians, no problem there.

For me Dire Straits' Sultan of Swings could have been inspired by Bob Dylan's Hurricane, my favorite Dylan song of all time.


Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

It happens so often in the treatment of our artists that it shouldn't amaze me anymore, but it does. It amazes me how we bash talented and creative artists for "ripping off" others while all they have done is making art or music in a style that could at times resemble other/previous artists or musicians.

It's one thing if one doesn't like someone's art or music as a matter of taste. But to think that an artist is truly an artist ONLY if he or she is singularly original with no link to the past or established artists, is just false.

With that kind of thinking, any Iranian band that simply has a drummer, guitarist or bass player would be ripping off western bands. Vigen would be reduced to an Iranian Frank Sinatra. And what would Homayoun Shajarian be? Simply mimicking his father? Would Mohsen Namjoo be a cartoonish version of Bob Dylan?

Iranian music historians will note, from ample evidence, that Kiosk not only developed it's own style in the same evolutionary way as other artists, but also inspired a whole generation of Iranian bands. Or more copycats :)


About time!

by Arj on

After ripping off DS's melodies, riffs and vocals for so long, it was about time they paid a tribute to them!