Kiosk is an underground Iranian music band founded in 2003 by Arash Sobhani in Tehran. Kiosk first made a name for itself by recording material considered “inappropriate” by the Islamic cultural authorities. Prevented from performing in public or publishing in studios in Tehran, Sobhani moved to the U.S. in 2005 where he led Kiosk to release the album, “Ordinary Man” probably the first Iranian underground album ever”officially”released in the west. The album was well-received by music critics and fans alike, both inside and outside of Iran. The album was made available on iTunes and other major music distribution channels in the West, a first for Iranian underground music >>>

Pas Key Pas
Man Daram Miram (I'm Leaving)
Cloudy City
Kiss of Fire
It Never Rains Here Morteza
His Excellency Has Approved
Don't You Remember Haji
Promo: Natijeh Mozakerat
Sultans of Swing
Varda Bebar
Green Grass
I Shall Be Released
Agha! Nigah Dar
Kolangi Ghabele Sokoonat
Love, Death, Facebook
Triple Distilled
Letter to Sardar
Ay Ay (2)
Morghe Sahar
Zoghal Khoob
Dasht e Sabz
Taghsire Man Bood
Yarom Bia ( with Namjoo)
Ye Dasht e Sabz
Nameh beh Sardar
Ay Ay (18 Tir)
Nameh beh Sardar
Ay Ay (Unofficial video)
Pragmatism-e-Eshghi (mp3)
Interview, behind the scenes (Video)
Jadeh Khoshbakhti (Video)
Roozmaregi (Video)
To Kojaee (Video)
Eshgh-e Sorat (Video)
Afsoos (Video)
Ey dad az eshsh (Video)
Ey Yaarom Biyaa (Video)
by Jahanshah Javid updated 27-Mar-2012

Pas Key Pas