Gently pushing each boundary of classical Persian music

22-Dec-2010 (5 comments)
Hamed Nikpay's third album completes the young virtuoso’s artistic sojourn. He is finally home as a mature and confident master, unafraid to be fully himself. Having played for so many large audiences, Nikpay revisits tradition-inspired Persian music and delights the listener with new orchestral sounds and melodic innovations. Notably Nikpay’s bringing Shervin Mohajer’s inventive kamanche playing to the ensemble has added a flavorful string sound that is sometimes hard to distinguishable from the violin and cello>>>


Nadid Padid

Amir Astro sings about "innocent girls"

21-Dec-2010 (31 comments)


Yare Aziz

A song by Soheil Nafisi

19-Dec-2010 (11 comments)


House of Gods

House of Gods

Photo essay: Getty Villa museum in Los Angeles

by Bita



Poems for the Sea

In response to 2009 uprising

13-Dec-2010 (4 comments)


Ashnaye Gharib

Death and devastation brought by drought

12-Dec-2010 (31 comments)


Khoda Ba Maast

Sogand's "God is With Us"

24-Nov-2010 (10 comments)


(Life in parentheses)

An intimate portrait of author, director & composer Reza Ghassemi

19-Nov-2010 (6 comments)


Intelligent Chords

A conversation with Abjee Melody Safavi

15-Nov-2010 (3 comments)
The Abjeez Band will be coming to the San Francisco Bay Area on Saturday, December 4, 2010, to perform at the Great American Music Hall. I had a chance to chat with Melody (a.k.a. AbjeeZooloo!) of Abjeez Band this week. The fabulous band is kicking off their American tour in the San Francisco in a short few weeks, and I wanted to find out what to expect so that I could come and tell you!>>>


Love and Death in the Time of Facebook

First music video from Kiosk's new album

02-Nov-2010 (22 comments)


The Boys of Bushehr

Teaser for Shanbehzadeh Ensemble performances in San Francisco and Los Angeles

19-Oct-2010 (28 comments)



خارج که بروی مشکل اولت آفتاب است و دوم آفتابه

12-Oct-2010 (4 comments)
کی گفته به جز سرزمین ما هیچ جای دنیا آفتاب ندارد؟ آفتاب از این درخشان تر می خواهی دختر؟ روز از این زیباتر؟ عین بهشت می ماند. تازه نگرانم چرا کرم ضد آفتاب به صورتم نزده ام. روز دوم است که رسیده ام و هنوز از توی سمب و سوراخ چمدان ها پیدایش نکرده ام. عیبی ندارد دارم می روم خرید و توی فروشگاه چندان هم نیاز به ضد آفتاب نیست. خرید وسایل ضروری اولیه یک دو ساعتی طول کشید. خوشحال بودم که به یمن وسایل جدید زندگی از این که هست هم بهتر خواهد شد>>>


Ambassador of Music & Freedom

Ambassador of Music & Freedom

Photo essay: Shanbehzadeh Ensemble in Richmond folk music festival

by Jahanshah Javid
12-Oct-2010 (7 comments)




Music video by Mostafa Heravi

09-Oct-2010 (39 comments)


Doing it in the Dark

"First sex scene" in Iranian cinema after 1979

30-Sep-2010 (15 comments)