Veiled Romance

Romantic thriller set in revolutionary Iran

10-Mar-2012 (one comment)
"Veiled Romance", features a strong female protagonist who risks all for love, unfolds against the turbulent backdrop of Tehran during the first months of Ayatollah Khomeini’s revolution, and is inspired by my personal experiences and observations being in Iran during that time period. Simon Ebrahimi was born and raised in Jewbareh, the Jewish ghetto of Esfahan, Iran. He studied management and finance in England before returning to Iran, where he was a partner with an international accounting firm>>>


Not one for breakfast

Q & A with British author Elizabeth Laird

06-Mar-2012 (2 comments)
What do you get the little people in the family for Norouz? Tradition says mint banknotes but these days that will just help buy a mobile phone or a killing-spree game. One friend suggested Shahnameh – the latest retelling by British author Elizabeth Laird. It’s a book children will enjoy or, if focus beyond 140 characters is a problem, pass on to other kids: “I tried to hit my brother with this but it’s too big”>>>


Right on Rights

Review of "A Single Roll of the Dice"

25-Feb-2012 (21 comments)
On one side we have war advocates attacking the book because the minimalism of their populist message is threatened by the political complexity described in Parsi’s writing, and on the other side we have anti-war advocates attempting to discredit the information and analysis contained in the book out of concern that it could muddy the anti-war narrative, making it less convincing in elite policy circles>>>


It's complicated

The Oxford Handbook of Iranian History

21-Feb-2012 (4 comments)
Iran is a nation-state which until the early twentieth century was known to the world as Persia. In the West, the name Persia often invokes images of a world imbued with mystery, decadence, and luxury, images that persist from the time of classical Greek authors to that of the Victorian travelers. Persian carpets, Persian cats, and Iranian caviar, among other commodities, are images associated with Persians and Iran>>>


به آغوش دراز نی
19-Feb-2012 (3 comments)
من پُشتِ هم جیغ می‌کِشم
من پُشتِ هم گوش‌های تو را
می‌گیرم وَ جیغ می‌کِشم...
دنیا گناهِ من است ای لکّه‌های بی‌هدف!
دنیا گناهِ من است ای خنده‌های بی‌شمار!


Searching for Shahrzad

"Modernity, Sexuality, and Ideology in Iran"

15-Feb-2012 (4 comments)
A unique look at modernity as not only advances in industry and economy but also advances toward an open, intellectual discourse on sexuality. Exploring the life and times of Shahrzad, a dancer, actress, filmmaker, and poet, "Modernity, Sexuality, and Ideology in Iran" illuminates the country's struggle with modernity and the ideological, traditional, and religious resistance against it. Born in 1946, she performed in several theater productions, became an acclaimed film star in the 1970s>>>


Patriot of Persia

Interview with Christopher de Bellaigue

08-Feb-2012 (110 comments)
Mohammad Mossadegh — Iran’s charismatic Prime Minister—and the coup that brought him down in 1953 stand at the center of modern Iranian history. British journalist and writer, Christopher de Bellaigue, has written a new book on this remarkable figure titled "Patriot of Persia", which counts as the first real biography of Mossadegh in English. De Bellaigue, who is married to an Iranian artist and who has lived in Iran, has written about the country and the wider Middle East >>>


The Ten Phases of Ansbach

The Armageddon scenario is not discovered before it is too late

21-Jan-2012 (one comment)
Farah sat in the study with ImAn on her lap soothing and comforting as her little girl’s crying had now ceased and the comfort of the antibiotic ointment was calming the nerve endings in her slightly brushed cheek. It was apparent to Amir almost immediately that his daughter had come very close to being seriously hurt. The housekeeper wanted to stay before leaving for her errands incase Farah still needed her for ImAn, but it seemed that the little girl had gained her composure as she slowly released the hold on her mother and regained confidence in her surroundings>>>


چهل مَتل از کودکی

تقدیم به بزرگترا تا بدونن کوچیکترا چی فکر می کنن

17-Jan-2012 (3 comments)
"چهل مَتل از کودکی" نام کتاب تازه ایست از خانم فرشتۀ کوثر. طنز شیرین خانم کوثر در این متل ها هم همچون دو کتاب دیگرش خود را چنان که باید، می نمایاند و از ظرافت فکری، نازک اندیشی وخوش ذوقی نویسنده حکایت می کند. طنز کوثر در این کتاب یک جمله یک سطری نیست بلکه آن را می توان دربافت و رابطه داستانها واشخاص مختلف با یکدیگر یافت>>>


A Revolution On The Page

Finding identity in poetry

An immigrant's arrival in America has a distinct physical beginning marked by the landing of one's plane. But there's another arrival, the cultural one, that's incremental, perpetual. Of these latter sort of arrivals, the most memorable for me occurred nearly 20 years ago. I was still a new refugee, my heart's gaze fixed upon all that I'd left behind — upon Iran and the beloved language which, to the fledgling poet in me, meant everything at the time>>>


Alternate Universe

Interesting argument for multiple realities

26-Dec-2011 (3 comments)
Being Iranian with OCD, PTSD, and as of yesterday, now suffering from "Stockholm Syndrome" too, I wondered what the paradigm shift and cosmic variation of Iran would look like: In a different cosmic 1944, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi went to visit Ayatollah Seyed Hossein Borujerdi who had been taken ill and was in the hospital>>>


آسیه در میان دو دنیا

همه جا هست، هیچ جا هم نیست. تا مى آیم بگیرمش در مى رود.

17-Dec-2011 (2 comments)
آسیه، چهارده ساله، صدمترى دورتر از آخرین خانه ى روستا، نزدیك گورستان روى سنگى نشسته بود كه نامش را بالش رستم گذاشته بودند. داشت به نام خودش مى اندیشید. فكر كرد كاش اسمش صدیقه بود. نخستین بارى كه این نام را شنیده بود دچار این حس شده بود كه در اصل یك صدیقه نامى بوده است. و به خودش گفت دیگر باید فرار كنم. از سه روز پیش كه ماه جبین كتكش زده بود داشت به فرار فكر مى كرد، و مرد كه از دور پیدا شد آسیه فكر كرد به همین شوهر مى كنم>>>


Children of a Lesser Nation

Ultimately, our future isn’t in the stars, but in our mind and hearts

Cyrus’s throat is painfully dry as the deafening scream of the alarm clock wakes him up around half past five the following morning. In disbelief, he feels that his throat is about to crack open every time he swallows. Remembering a remedy prescribed by his mother, he gargles warm water with a pinch of salt before taking a shower. He hopes it may temporarily ease the painful dryness. By the time he washes down two slices of buttered toast with a cup of hot tea sweetened with honey, he senses his body temperature is rising>>>


Out of the Gray

Story of love between a neuroscientist and a social scientist

The novel explores the mind, consciousness, conscience, memory, biochemistry of love, and happiness, sexuality in all its manifestations in nature, mental illness, and the relationship between the artificial and biological consciousness. The origin of God in human mind is explored to the delight of believers and none-believers alike. The wit embedded in exhilarations, the anxieties and the gloom of characters will induce even a reader with a heart of stone, to laugh and/or to shed tears. Juices of life will flow Out of the Gray and ferment into a cosmic cocktail>>>


Nine Rubies

Broken silence of a daughter of revolutionary Iran

16-Nov-2011 (2 comments)
In 1990, two mothers sat in a modest kitchen enjoying a spring day and the usual conversation of getting to know someone new. It would turn out that their common passions of family, children, gardening and heritage became the pathway to deeper stories of women's issues, self-determination, and personal struggle. Sue was an American Jewish educator, writer and entrepreneur. Mahru was an Iranian Muslim nurse and counselor. Mahru's stories were powerful, and screamed for a way into the world>>>