The Ten Phases of Ansbach

The Armageddon scenario is not discovered before it is too late


The Ten Phases of Ansbach
by George L. King

The Ten Phases of Ansbach involves the discovery of files commissioned by Hitler, to be planted and discovered by the Americans if they are to win the war against Germany. The files unbeknownst to anyone, other than Hitler and a few close members of the Third Reich, were created by a brilliant young Jewish scientist to facilitate a world Armageddon, only the Americans believe the files to be brilliant German war strategies.

The Jewish Scientist only created the files to prolong his own life and hides the files upon completion in a flooded underground airfield in Katterbach, Germany, only to be discovered years later and used secretly by UniTech, an American aerospace company set on starting regional confrontations in order to increase sales revenues.

The Armageddon scenario is not discovered before it is too late, and only the relentless work of a weathered detective, and the Ambassador of Iran, who mistakenly is accused of global terrorism, can resolve the perpetual global killing of dignitaries; even if it will cost the young Iranian his own reputation or life.


Farah sat in the study with ImAn on her lap soothing and comforting as her little girl’s crying had now ceased and the comfort of the antibiotic ointment was calming the nerve endings in her slightly brushed cheek. It was apparent to Amir almost immediately that his daughter had come very close to being seriously hurt.

The housekeeper wanted to stay before leaving for her errands incase Farah still needed her for ImAn, but it seemed that the little girl had gained her composure as she slowly released the hold on her mother and regained confidence in her surroundings.

“Keep her away from windows,” Amir said aloud to anyone in listening range.

The phone rang for the first time in about an hour, which Amir hadn’t

realized to this moment. He already knew he was being monitored on the internet; how hard would it be over the phone? Questioning himself rhetorically.

“Charlie?” Farah answered the phone which was sitting on a little table adjacent the chair her and ImAn were comforting each other in. The voice she heard was rather excited. “Farah!” exclaimed Charlie from his United Nations office in New York, relieved to finally get through to someone at Amir’s home in Tehran.

“Where is Amir?!”

“Charlie...Charlie,” she so wanted to understand his English. He was such a kind man, but they had always met with either Amir interpreting or an assistant to Amir. “Amir, it’s Charlie.” Farah said. Amir hesitated. “It’s Charlie,” she repeated more emphatically, looking at him questionably.

Amir paused then took the receiver, “Hi Charlie.”

“Amir, Amir, listen, Hassan has been detained... I’m sorry about Hassan. He’s only a child. These guys will eat him alive. I was just trying to get him the hell home. I paid for his damn ticket myself. Amir! Amir!”

Charlie could hear a slight click through the phone as the line was disconnected then the Secretary General slowly placed his phone down, only accepting that Amir did not want to speak and leading him to only one conclusion. “Charlie? Charlie?” With the phone dead, Amir knew now his suspicions were correct. He also knew that Charlie had no choice but to move forward with the Security Council and actions against Iran. Able to hear from Charlie that Hassan was detained though sent chills up his back knowing it would solidify any suspicions against him or his country for that matter. Amir couldn’t let go of the phone receiver as his hold on it was tightly clenched and the world seemed to slowly be moving in around him.


Federal Bureau of Investigation
26 Federal Plaza, New York, N.Y.

“Your English is better than mine, Hassan,” the first agent commented from the 23rd Third floor of the federal building. The room was closed off to the bustle of the front office and was by no means meant as an interrogation area. The two agents waiting with Hassan were just told to hold pending further orders. The State Department was being contacted in the meantime considering that this was an international issue and had to be handled ever so delicately. Hassan unaware of this and expecting the worst from the agents was shaking with fear as they were not including him in the back office discussions with the White House.

“You are holding me...why?” Hassan said. He was bent over with his chest almost touching his knees. He had heard rumors of brutal interrogations, drowning on dry land and beatings and stories of tortures to the scrotum for males and even worse for the females. The agents’ words just bounced off of him in anticipation.

“Just get on with it!” He cried.

The two agents tried in vain to calm the young Iranian, but he could not be talked into lowering his guard knowing that the inevitable was to start.

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Here, let me help you with that, George.

by Joubin on

The accurate name for that "entity" is "Islamic Republic of Iran".

About the author [from Amazon - emphasis added for your amusement]:

"Born in Syracuse 1962, George L. King was raised in DeWitt, New York where he attended school graduating in 1981. His family owned a cottage on the Rideau Canal Waterway in Canada, which he visited for many years and gave him a great love of the water. Shortly after graduating [high school] George joined the United States Army[-Air] which was timely as the U.S. was not involved in any large scale military engagements and being able to seize the opportunity, he attended night school earning enough college credits to be considered a junior. During active duty in the Army[-Air], he traveled to Moscow with a friend [during Ronald Reagan's Presidency, likely 1st term, right George?] while the Iron Curtain still was present, Paris, and many spots in Germany where he was stationed. Taking advantage of the peace time he also spent five days working hard on a German farm in a soldier/German family exchange program where he attended a pig auction and cut wood for days on end to build a barn for his host German family.

George's interest in reading increased while reading one Star Trek novel after another, then expanded to some fantasy, then action/adventure. His daughters will pull him away periodically from his favorite contemporary writers to enjoy an Agatha Christie, John Steinbeck, or Esther Forbes' Johnny Trumain.

After an honorable discharge from the Army, he went on to finish his Bachelor of Professional Aeronautics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University '87, and came out to California, where he currently lives with his wife and two daughters, subsequently having finished his Master of Business Administration at West Coast University '90." 



Looks like it is joined at the hip with the military industrial complex General/President Eisenhower warned us about.  

As you were, mystery/fantasy soldier/writer (but get a better editor.)

[Nice ad, btw, JJ.] 

Think Clearly, Speak Straight, and Act Decisively.  Only then will you be an Iranian.