Aylar Lie

Persian model (ex? porn star) interview with Norwegian TV


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she looked better before the fake boobs

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and she has beautiful teeth


I call her

by Forme Madona's photographer (not verified) on

both "Iranian of the Day" as well as "Iranian of the Night".....


A brief translation of what Aylar is saying in Norwegian!

by Norwegian (not verified) on

In this interview, Aylar is saying that she would never participate in those porno movies today! She regrets doing that and explains that her aim was not to get to Hollywood and make a name for herself by becoming a porno star. She puts the blame on bad situations and poor environment. She admits to have been dishonest to the Miss Norway competition adjudicators about her past and that’s why she was expelled from the contest, but on the other hand she says she wouldn’t have these achievements in her currier if it wasn’t for that lie!


So? What is your point Mr.

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So? What is your point Mr. Kadivar?