Aylar Lie

Persian model (ex? porn star) interview with Norwegian TV


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Dahati Jan...

by Anonymousdahati (not verified) on

Please don't waste your breath trying to argue with people on this site. For the most parts (and this actually EXCLUDES Kaveh which I find to be a reasonable person) commenters on this site are a combination of fire breathing liberals, desparate left over 60's and 70's socialists looking to repeat their "great success" of the 1979 revolution, America haters (most of whom live in the U.S), those who have a severe case of power and "world standing" envy toward Israel (oghdeiey as we call them), Islamist hooligans, neo-liberals and garden variety psuedo intellectuals. This bunch is: A) never wrong, and B) all knowing. Arguing with them is like cutting your own liver out with a rusty knife. It is slow, painful and it repeats itself!


Well... someone can be a

by Dahati (not verified) on

Well... someone can be a virgin in a sense that s/he has never had a sexual intercourse before but they could have had other sexual experiences like masturbating or even orgasm through other means besides the sexual intercourse. When I said total virgin, I meant a TOTAL virgin. I have noticed this cultural thing among Iranians that they can be extremely judgmental towards other people especially when that poor person is exposed on Internet and you can leave anonymous comments about her/him. Sometimes the comments serve a purpose, for instance, the comments are informative but sometimes, the comments are quite nasty and mean. I haven't personally seen this massive amount of meanness in any other culture besides Iranian and other third world cultures alike. There must be a reason it is called third world, don't you think? I had close friendships with people around the globe and almost all the time, my friendship with Iranians had a nasty ending, but with other cultures, even if the friendship ended or got distant, it never involved hurt feelings. Most Iranians with Iranian culture feel the need to hurt the person they no longer are friends with or care about. I don't think anybody on this website or among the Iranian community cares about Aylar as a person and they have no reservation to hurt her if they can. All I am trying to say is that don't be so judgmental towards a person you really don't know and trust me, I know alot of people from MIT and alot of them are socially challenged individuals. I am not going to say all of them, but the majority of them have miserable personal relationships because they are not street smart or social smart and they are sometimes incapable of the simplest social interactions with the world outside. I know I can go on and on forever on this website and not convince those that should be convinced, I simply can not change a person until they wanna change and that's probably why I don't hang out with Iranians as much as I hang out with others and I know that I won't be a frequent visitor on this website either. All I wanted to do was to defend a person that nobody really doesn't know much about the person she is while they all seems quite rash to judge her. I can't care less about you or anyone else's opinion for that matter. And for you Mohammad is all you need, Jesus is too advanced for you, don't you think? you would personally feel more at home with a prophet like Mohammad because he had no reservation for passing judgments on others. Make sure to step with your right foot to the toilet when you are taking a piss, that's all you need to be concerned about for now :P

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Dahati....can you define total virgin? I thought either you are you aren't.

"OK, but just a little bit. I'm a virgin". Nope.

What kind of false assumptions are you talking about? The girl has sex on camera for God's sake. She's not curing any diseases (with the possible exception of administering temporary relief of an enlarged prostate).

If I assume she's a doctoral candidate at MIT.....then THAT is a false assumption.

I could care less what she does for a living. She's the one who has to live with the results, not me.

And I don't know why you have to bring Jesus into this. Unless it's because maybe she yells out "Oh God" or Oh Jesus CHRIST!!" while 'on the job'.

DK jaan....plus de Mel Brooks si'l vous plait.


Daryush's Response to Fred

by Anonymous4ever (not verified) on

Israel blah blah blah, Zionists blah blah blah, conspiracy, blah blah blah, Muslim world, blah, blah blah, neocon, blah, blah blah, Zionists (again) blah blah blah, Jewish propoganda, AIPAC, blah, blah, blah.....


contact me for further information

by Saraamin on

Iranian Guys (most of the comments written and discussed by Iranain Guys) are craving for Iranian Pornography which as a matter of fact hasnt been introduced to adult industry  yet!its a good bussiness oportunity because after most of these guys spending years out of Iran and having access to everything , they miss home and Iranian Hommade Porn !poor guys!your patriotism kills me !

Anyway kinda classified information for investors !

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We need more beautiful persian porn stars

by BahaalAgha on

why is our culture so backwards? it is nice to see sexy women on the screen. what's wrong with that? do persian girl think it's bad to be a porn star?

programmer craig

Faribors Maleknasri M.D.

by programmer craig on

The way the westerns see the human rights is: they put the rights of a
single individual first and not the rights of the comunity.

That's because "communities" don't have rights. People have rights. Any system that puts the welfare of the community as a whole (which is what socialism is) ahead of the welfare of the individual members of that community is a tyranny in the making. A society becomes healthy and happy when the individuals who make up that society are healthy and happy. It's bottom-up, not top-down. Anyone who wants what we have in teh US needs to understand that recipe. Anyone who wants what people have in the IRI or in China is free to do things their way. This is a VERY SIMPLE concept. Even an MD can understand it, I think :P


not hairy enough to be Iranian

by asghar gholi (not verified) on


Darius Kadivar

My Program to Unite Iranian Opposition Forces ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

I think we Iranians should decree a dirty weekend and collective Orgy between Monarchists, Republicans, MKO, Islamists, Feminists, Machos, sexists, Zionists,Nazis, Gays, Lesbians ( Oh Oui Lesbians ) and even Jahanshah Javids, Abarmands  and Darius KADIVARs ;0))

Don't Be Saucy Bearnaise Lets Have an Orgy ! ;0)

Its Good to Be the King

Hitler Rap: To be or Not to Be ... 

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

My Goodness, Hey Ramin (Tork) your right, I did not realize this post would get such deep comments from all walks of life ;0))...

 Khosh Basheed, MAKE LOVE NOT WAR ;0)




Iranian of the Day?

by Zan Amrikai (not verified) on

Sometimes the choice of people who get posted as Iranian of the Day makes me wonder. Alongside someone's baby, you have a scientist, or an author, a politician, or a porn star. Typically, a person of the day or year--let's say Time's Man or Woman of the Year, for example--is there because that person has accomplished something of value for others. I admit that we do have our share of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton and Jenna James and...ad nauseum, ad infinitum...who make national news. Big deal. That tells you more about the idiots who live in this country than it does about the person's reason for fame or notoriety. As for this girl, so what? She's Iranian and because she is a porn star that is exciting news? So she has a nice body and now either Iranians are proud of her or disgusted by her? Give me a break. As if her being Iranian has anything to do with it. As if porn stars do what they do for anyone else--get real. I guess my thought is that if iranian.com is just up for posting anyone for Iranian of the Day, they may as well start putting not only people persecuted in Iran who have bravely stood against oppression, but the executioners and revolutionary guards...I mean, if anything goes, why limit the choice of nominees?

Just here to stir up even more controversy. We American women like to do that--and may chauvinism and patriarchy be damned!

I'd love to stay and stir up even more heated discussion, but I am thinking of putting on some stilettos and thigh-high stockings with no underwear under my dress, and going to feed homeless people in an underprivileged neighborhood.


Another Woman's Perspective

by Dahati (not verified) on

I am a woman and I am actually a married woman, I married my husband when I was very young, I was a total virgin but still my husband's family would talk behind me when we were dating, they didn't believe that I am a virgin, not that it should have been important or anyone's business that I was a virgin, but just because, I was holding hands with my then boyfriend and hugging him at times or spending alot of times with him, his asshole relatives would accuse me of not being a virgin, or maybe they thought I am not a virgin because I was very Americanized and pretty (I am not trying to be cocky here), for whatever hell reason they treated me the way they did, I would never forgive them in my heart for all those false and mean accusations that they made about me. So why don't you stop talking negatively about her while you don't even know her? everybody knows pornography is bad, but don't make any accusations or false assumptions about somebody that you don't know. You would be accountable to the lord for this. I don't know how many of you have ever read the Christian bible, but there is a narrative there about a woman who was a prostitute and the Jews were about to stone her to death because of her profession, they brought the prostitute to Jesus and declared that they are going to execute her right then. Jesus said that only those among you that has never done a wrong or shameful thing in their lives must throw the first stone at her. One by one, everybody stepped back because all of those hypocrites had done wrong themselves, after a while, there was nobody left to throw even one stone at her. Jesus told the woman, " Go my daughter, your sins are forgiven." Why couldn't we all learn from Jesus even if you are Muslims? As far as I have read about Aylar's biography, she had a very hard life, give her a slack and don't be judgmental, just pray to God that one day she would find her true path.


Aylar Lie by Texas Mike (not verified) on Thu Aug 14, 2008 12:45

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

Aylar Lie
by Texas Mike (not verified) on Thu Aug 14, 2008 12:45 PM CDT

It is HER life. She can do with it what she wants
My comment: The Argumentation above is not reasonable.
There is no daubt that "it is her life". But what actually is done hier is the unlegal interferring in others poeple`s Sexlife. This is up to my opinion a sever damage to other poeple`s Humanrights and to their Right on planing their (sexual-) life by themselves. The way the westerns see the human rights is: they put the rights of a single individual first and not the rights of the comunity. This is based on material reasons. The westerns evaluate everything with money. also the most ideal values and the human rights. I think we have to take into account: The money that the manager earn on the brave lady is hundred and thousand times more than she herself earns. The media of just these same manager propagate the Dress-take-Off as Human right and then we innocent poeple mean: It is her life, she can do what she wants. In fact she does not do what she wants, but what the financial bosses want. the story is long. Greeting


Sadegh jan: elementary EYranian concept

by disgusted (not verified) on

Whatever Euro Americans do must be OK.


A Comment on Hypocrites note

by an Iranian women (not verified) on

Loving and dating a man is not the same as getting naked in front of camera for money. Making love is beautiful; is sharing your souls and bodies and becoming one person (married or not) How dare you comparing love with pornography? Maybe you need to experience love.
By the way not everyone had a little dirty secret!!


We need more persian porn stars

by PornLover (not verified) on

I think some porn is good. Not everybody can afford to marry a beautiful girl. Porn stars are a little like rich people who give some of their money to the poor. They share their beauty with all men/women. We should encourage more Persian women (and men) to become porn stars and show the world what they have. Iranian men should be less jealous and let their wives or girlfriends give some pleasure to other men. Within limits, this is a good thing.


Aylar .....or of the same

by Benyamin, Canada (not verified) on

I live in Canada for the past 13 years and there is something that I have noticed about Aylar`s story or of the simillar rate of this sort, if you will! I have noticed in western countires only Iranian women are the ones that have gotten alot of attention for their success in any field they are in, we know many of them are in CNN or French news, actors and so on and so forth but we don`t hear about Iranian male success stories? If this is a policy hinted by the USA policy makers to the media that the persian women should be given special attention as we know they do get that, then it may actually back fire, Aylar is a porn star by any contrast she probobly would have been executed in Iran but yet, not only she isnot been let to live on her own quetly but she is being glorified I amnot muslim and never been! but this seems to be suspicious, why a persian porn star given sepcial attention? i have to clarify that if Aylar is happy for what she does i have nothing against her and all the powers to her, but glorifying a porn star!.....come on guys we all know where that comes from!


How the Hell

by Anonymously (not verified) on

did we get from porn to the Islamic Republic????? Did I miss something?!!!

Com'on people, we were having fun here....

Look, the botoom line is that we all know that pornography is a dirty business and it exploits women, etc. However, if an adult, knowing the risks, wants to become involved in that business, it is nobody's business. One can provide advice and guidance, but one cannot and should not impose his / her ideas on other adults who are free to make their own decisions. After all, the ones making those decisions will suffer the consequences if they are wrong. That is called life! We all make mistakes, learn from them and move on. And what if someone likes that lifestyle and makes millions and is totally happy and content with it (i.e., Jenna Jameson). Do we still have to feel sorry for her (or him)? Whatever Ms. Dinati has done in the past (or whatever she is doing today for that matter) has been based on her free choice and free will. Let's not be "kaseyeh as ash daghtar here."


Fred's message to you all:

by Daryush on

Islamists/anti semite and alike are here to say that she is wrong to want to satisfy our desires wanting to bring their leftist sad ideological blah blah balh islamist Republic and its supporters blah blah blah and alike and symplthizers blah blah


Aylar Lie

by Texas Mike (not verified) on

It is HER life. She can do with it what she wants. You worry about your own and YOUR children (while they are children). Just because you a muslim and follow a 5th century ridicules shiria law, does NOT make you God (allah) and you do not make the decision on who is doing right or wrong. That is for the Lord to judge when that time comes. Opinions are like asses.... We all have one. Keep yours to yourself!


Accidental mirror on our online community

by ramintork on

Dear Darius,

Once again, deliberately or otherwise you have put a posting that brings out the Freudian projections of our online community.As Rumi puts it: -

Each interprets my notes in harmony with his own feelings,
But not one fathoms the secrets of my heart.

We have the moralists, the giggling horny juveniles, the sympathetic humanists, the feminists, the Playboy school of thought feminists, and the “everyone in the porn industry has a low IQ” theorists.

It is ironic that Western culture has opened up so much that celebrities like Paris Hilton act like porn stars and Porn Stars like Aylar or “Sharareh” as her real name is can become celebrities and some even cultural icons.

It shows how thanks to FHM, Big brother and pop culture attitudes have become relaxed over sex.

The hypocracy is that I'm willing to bet most of the people in this forum buy into this culture.



    Aylar has a

by varjavand on



Aylar has a fabulous body and appearanceis, I am sure  she is very talented too. She could have chosen many rightful professions or go to school like other girls at her age. I have no doubt that she would have been successful at any career she chose to pursue. However, in my (an old fashoned guy) opinion, she has deliberately chosen to follow a wrong path. While she deserves sympathy, she does not deserve admiration and certainly not glorification. Doing so, sends a wrong message to the kids. Hers is a story of disgrace, promiscuity, and indiscretion and not of inspiration. She is a victim as well as an accomplice. Pornography is not a rightful way to express yourself.


I have a student who lost her parents when she was only 6 years old. She has been raised by her grandparents since then. She is blind, very beautiful, same age as Aylar and has been living under the same environment as she has been. However, she has resisted temptation and vulnerability by going to school, spent her spare time working, engaging in extracurricular activities, and volunteering. She is a graduate student now destined to become a tomorrow’s mover and shaker. There are millions of girls like Bridget out there, Aylar could haven been one of them

Dear 135, thanks for the information




Why Some people get so emotional over this!

by Arjang1212 (not verified) on

Trust me even extreme liberal Europeans and Americans would not equate her act with honesty, and freedom of choice. Pornography is despised in every culture. Why some iranians want to protect her from criticism is just way out of line. Pornography is the same as prostitution. Would you have your sister or mother do the stuff that she used to do?

And once again I can't believe that she is selected as iranian of the day! Do you people have any shame? This site should have been named"I hate Iranians.com"


She Is Beautiful

by aaminian on

Hi Darius, thanks for the video.

I personally believe that she (or any other human being for that matter) should pursue her interests whatever they may be. She is gorgeous and if she wants to show her beauty, that's her business.


Our Portfolio Is Growing!!

by Anonymously (not verified) on

I'm glad that we can add a porn star to the list of accompolished Iranians. I mean...we can't JUST have NASA scientists, heart surgeons and Nobel Prize winning lawyers....it's boring! Let's congratulate her for breaking the mold!!!

P.S., the only thing that I don't like about her is her claim that she is "half Norewegian", which she obviously is not. She should proudly say that she is a full blooded Iranian.


She Needs Redemption Water (Aab-e-tobeh)

by Movaffagh (not verified) on

In situations like this, when one of our Iranian sisters has gone bad, we should look to our famous movie star, Malek Moti'ee and ask what he would have done. In many movies where Foroozan was a club dancer or worse, he would pour some redemption water (aab-e-tobeh)on her head and make a good woman out of her. Time to act.



by Kameilia (not verified) on

She was adopted and raised by her Norwegian foster parents..


Comment advisory; Not Suitable For Dogmatics!

by 135 (not verified) on

Dear Varjavand,
Cleavage in Farsi is,
formal: Shekaaf-e Seen-e
informal; Chakk-e Seen-e

I do support her despite being kitch, as smart as a goldfish or a horny bitch. At least she is honest:

She is Iranian and therefore, my sister.
Being Iranian, is a collective concept and not everybody necessarily should end up being a scientist, philosopher or freedom-fighter.
Even Gheyratee Kolaah-Makhmalee men in Farsi films were more open-minded than we are. Marrying a prostitute was a good deed according to their kooche mentality, wasn't it? And had nothing to do with islam or what so ever but being an Iranian; "The culture of Ensaan-Salaari".


Aylar lie starred in 1

by SOL (not verified) on

Aylar lie starred in 1 porno, filmed in America with two guys. I wont post the link for fear of offending anyones taste, however google 'Aylar lie porn' and you will find the link.

She also starred in videos for dance music producers BassHunter for two of their latest single releases.

I belive she features regularly in lads mags too, such as FHM, Maxim, Zoo and Nuts.

basically, her career involves her being 'wank material'


Iranians=#1 Hypocrites

by Iranians #1 Hypocrites (not verified) on

Who the heck are any of you guys to judge her? For damn sure none of you ladies are "mother Theresas" and for damn sure none of you guys are innocent little masloom men who has only had 1 partner for sure if you are living in the US.

The only difference between her and you guys is that what she has done is in public media now.

Many of you women have slept with men on the down low, or have dated men and then slept with them.

If you think about it, even if you are dating a guy and you don't sleep with him after 6 months, he still has spent alot of money on you before you decide to sleep with him, hence you have reaped the benefits of his money. (This does not apply if you are married).

My bottom line is EVERYONE has dirty little secrets and yes EVERY SINGLE one of you too has secrets that is equivalent to hers except hers is public.

I don't think she should be ashamed as long as she can understand why she did it and she is the person she wants to be today.

LIVE AND LET LIVE YOU IRanian hypocrites!