Aylar Lie

Persian model (ex? porn star) interview with Norwegian TV


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Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Believe me you don't have my respect. By coming here and quoting biblical passages you have demostrated that you are inherently incapable of constructing an independent thought, and that you rely upon unproven text to further your point. And people who cannot formulate their own thoughts and follow others like sheep on their way to slaughter have no respect for themselves. And if you don't respect yourself, you won't get any from anyone else.

I personally don't care if you worship Jesus, Mohammad or your neighbor's cat. Just keep it to yourself. If I have a religious question, I know where to go.

The difference between you and me is that I HAVE a life, dear. I know what to do, and how to do it, and I'm successful as hell at it. You see, God only had to tell me ONCE, and I listened. You have to keep cracking open that book of fairy tales every step of the way to figure out what to do next.

You are also a raving hypocrite. Those fairy tales you were quoting earlier frowns upon this girl's behavior and lifestyle, while you are pulling the "What Would Jesus Do" card and talking about not casting stones.

That whole joke of a religion you're trying to shove down my throat is about casting stones. So if you are an adherent to it, pick up a rock. If you're not going to pick up the rock, then you're not one of them.

Pick a side. You can't have it both ways. That comes from the Book of Kaveh, Chapter 1, Verse 1.


To Kaveh Nouraee

by Dahati (not verified) on

Oh Yeah , that was what I was trying to achieve " Get your respect" , get a life


check out Wikipedia for the list of movies

by bazam man (not verified) on

I think someone mentioned about where to find the list of her porn movies, check out wikipedia and search for her name. some interesting titles, very educational.



by farz (not verified) on

baba in chi migea????
nice racks BTW.


more info

by MRX1 (not verified) on

what's the name of the movies she has done and where can i get a copy? she is damn cute and sexy.


If she hadn't done porn, I'd

by Bravura on

If she hadn't done porn, I would've given her much more respect.



by Majid Azadeh (not verified) on

amazing girl .
what am i thinking is the Mollas like this girl or hate her?
If she goes to iran what is her punishment?
I bet with Molla's backround (meaning where they came from and their history) they will forgive her and make her to become one of their 3 hours wife.
we had harams now we have several wife's. and all we can see is wait till mr sam or miss Israel BOMB IRAN.
it is shamfull first from me.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I have to disagree with you on one point you made.

There are girls who indeed willfully choose to embark on the same path this girl took or worse. They choose it of their own free will. No one forces them to.

They make this choice because they are lured by the false sense of glamour, the false sense of an easy, fast and carefree life with lots of money.

They are lured because they lack any sense of values. They figure it's easier to make money this way than to work for it and realize long-term rewards.

Kaveh Nouraee

Aylar Lie VS. Dahati

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Aylar Lie.....demonstrates a lack of respect for herself by getting naked and performing sexual acts in front of a camera.

Dahati....demonstrates a lack of respect for others by using quotes from a book to instill her beliefs down the throats of others. In other words, proselytizing.

I, for one, have no time for either one of you.


Anonymous Observer I

by varjavand on

Anonymous Observer

I reviewed my last comment, I did not find anything that can be, explicitly or implicitly, construed as insulting or disrespectful. I believe you are overreacting or misinterpreting some of my remarks. I had no tension of insulting you, or God forbidden your family, or anyone else.  Nonetheless, if you feel that I did, I apologize.





by Anonymous Observer (not verified) on

Again with the personal attacks. I wasn's preaching you. I was simply explaining what my take on the issue of personal freedom. I though we had a rational debate here...but since it has gotten to the point of you insulting me nad my family, I do not believe that your comments deserve a response. So much for your "high moral standards". You can't even engage in a simple debate without insulting the other person and his family. By the way, a rational debate is one that does not involve the other side's personal life and his family. Have a nice life!


to Anonymous

by varjavand on

to Anonymous Observer

While your attempt to preach me on free choice is a nice try, but it is fallacious.  You may be free to choose but your any choice you make entails economic and non economic consequences, in this case both. Free choice does not mean costless choice. Plus, you should choose within the limitation of laws and you’re your means. Are you free to sell illegal drug? Can I fly first class to Europe if I cannot afford to pay for it?

Also, if I make a bad choice (like the one we are arguing about) I may impose costs on society in which case I should be held responsible for it. She is certainly free to choose whatever she wants to do. I should be, likewise,  free to criticize her action because I believe it imposes costs on society. And, I should be free to do that, just as she is without verbal stalking “. .. ad hominem emotional appeal that has no place in a rational debate” what is your definition of the rule of rationality?

“This is the trade off for living in a society that gives you the freedom of personal choice and personal responsibility” false again, the trade off is not her personal responsibility as you stated, it is the costs of her choice. Cost may be private which stays with her and should not be a matter of concern to you and me. However, cost may be imposed on society, which may be in form of monetary or non monetary, which is what I am talking about.

No one, in his/her rightful mind choose to engage in pornography on his/her free will. It seems to me like a “forced choice” hence your argument in support of free choice is categorically false. If you are a concerned parent, you should not let your daughter to be lured, or forced, into a situation where she has to make such choices. So before banging your head against the wall, make sure to take some preventive measure so, it may not be easy, but that is part of good parenting.   



Wow, I can't believe that

by skatermom (not verified) on

Wow, I can't believe that this chick has spawned a theological debate. Are you really quoting scripture? Lest I remind you she's writhing on plexiglass.


To Funny Dahati

by Arjang1212 (not verified) on

No one is ever going to miss you!


To this deaf person

by Dahati (not verified) on

To this deaf person that I officially now declare that I would ignore his comments and not read them anymore. Don't get me wrong, I would read other comments but not his, trust me. But, just to get the message of God clear out there:

King James Version: Matthew Chapter 7

1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.

2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.

Where does it say in there that you CAN judge others if they judge you?

Would you be an a****le if everybody else is an a****le to you?

Oh, and one more thing, I am not your buddy and as I said, I would not read your comments anymore because you just want to fight. I would still read other comments :P


The verse is from Mathew

by To Dahati (not verified) on

The verse is from Mathew Chapter 7 verse 1, Bible. I have lived with muslims all my life and I have never seen anyone making such statement. Therefore, you are either a liar or don't know what you are talking about. Secondly, one of the definitions of the hypocrite is, a person who acts in contradiction to his stated belief, or feelings. You are Christian; therefore, you are stating things which are contradicting your bible. So you fit the definition of the hypocrite. You see, unlike you I don't make any assumptions about others, but you like to do that. Now you are in trouble so you got to lie, like your good old preachers, to make your point.

Criticizing other’s actions are not character attacks, this is very simple concept. I am relaxed buddy; I just don't like lies, and hypocrisy. You seemed to be little agitated. Take care!


Varjavand - Very Simple Answer

by Anonymous Observer (not verified) on

"what would you think if it was your daughter, sister, etc.," question is a red herring and an ad hominem emotional appeal that has no place in a rational debate. Nonetheless, I will provide you with a very simple answer. If it was my daughter, and she was an adult and was doing this based on her free choice: my opinion would be irrelevant. I can guide her, I can give her advice, I can curl up in fetal position and cry for days, months and years (which I probably will do if that happens), I can bang my head against the wall, but at the end of the day, it will be her decision as an adult who is free to make her own decisions and take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for them. This is the trade off for living in a society that gives you the freedom of personal choice and personal responsibility. No system is perfect, and when it comes to a free society, which I personally believe to be the best system available, the trade off is that you will end up with individuals who make bad decisions and have to live with the consequences of those decisions.

We (myself included) need to grow (and grow up) as a culture and do away with the notion of a paternal State that sets collective moral standards. Again, we need laws to protect us against crime (which is an act against one's will that causes the person harm). What we do not need is a big brother who tells us how we should think and act about other people's private and personal decisions, or worst yet, infringe upon people's right to make those decisions.


To Arjang1212

by Dahati (not verified) on

No, actually " don't judge others unless you are judged" is what your Mohammad said :P , Jesus said don't judge others regardless of whether you are judged or not. Who cares about your character, you were the one that first abused this poor girl with anonymous names and then called me "irrational" just because I sided with the minority not the tyranny of the majority, now who is labeling whom? Now, what is the definition of hypocrite? since English is probably your second language like me, I am going to bring a quote from dictionary.com :

Hypocrite: a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.

Do I watch porn and at the same time, condemn and trash this girl for playing in it? Do you? Do I claim to be a saint? or do you? Be honest with yourself and you would realize who is the real hypocrite. I just hope I am not but I can't decide for you.

Actually, I am glad that you found me funny, I usually enjoyed more the classes that had funny teachers or students in it. Take a deep breath or a cold glass of water and maybe you can cool down alittle bit and maybe then I can find you funny too :P


Great to Read

by Zan Amrikai (not verified) on

Just wanted to say that the most recent comments were actually quite fun to read. I laughed out loud at the blah blah blah zionist blah blah blah one. The others were good, too. This is a great site, regardless of the stupid stuff that is either put on it or posted on it...I'm glad I found it back in the late 1990s.


In Response to Funny dahati

by Arjang1212 (not verified) on

Look you don't know me so stop labeling me and others. Did n't your Jesus said: do not judge others, unless you are judged. Apply your own law to your own argument, and you will see that you are a hypocrite, because you like to label others in order to abuse them, without even knowing them. For you to say that I have a deep religious views, is totally wrong, because non of my comments inferred such views, because religion is not the only cult or association that is against pornography.

Where as I was merely criticizing her actions and your comments, you are passing a judgment upon my character. I am not going to teach you a logic lesson; you can do that on your own. Good Luck!


In response to Arjang1212

by Dahati (not verified) on

Yeah right, " leave us alone and let us have a rational discussion." haha... What part of rationale even concerns with pornography? Isn't the morale the major thing that is concerned with the evils of porn? Aren't these irrational people like yourself here commenting on how bad her actions are based on your own moral code and deep down religiosity? And what part of the narrative of Jesus that I brought up was irrational? Read it again or let someone explain it to you in even more simple terms. And of course, I do not approve of pornography because it is mostly harmful for the person that participates in those pornographic movies but the whole porn thing exists because there is a demand for it. So, do you want me to believe that you have never watched porn in your life? If you are really against porn, don't watch it and it would eventually lose its popularity. But I am sure that all of these very "rational" folks here have watched porn in their lives. Don't be a hypocrite and as Jesus said, don't concern yourself with a peck in someone else's eye while you have a big thorn in yours.


Dear Anonymous

by varjavand on

Dear Anonymous Observer


I appreciate your comments, very well expressed. Wouldn’t be our discussion so redundant and unnecessary if you and I have the same viewpoint? Then, we didn’t have this constructive discussion. What makes us interesting is diversity of opinions, we should cherish it. And, I am so glad that this short video clip brought so many issues into our focaus. I have to make this comment hastily because I have to go somewhere.


I have a question from you and from other commenters: How would you react to this  situation if she was your daughter?


Although with the passage of the time things change, but  the fundamental social and moral values, making the fabric of the society never change.  


Extremism breeds extremism, why do you think people poured into the streets in Iran  and brought the IR to power? I think mainly because they thought that their way o life was being threatend by western culture and extremism.  


Why do you think the educators offer all these courses on Ethics, and Moral Values and wear those medieval-looking academic regalia once a year and give speeches on integrity, ethics, truth, character, and social and moral values? The would like to think of themselves as the arbiters of these attributes. 


I have no authority to coerce anyone into believing in certain values if they don’t want to. My reference to we, as Iranians, in my earlier comment, was mainly based on the majority of comments here disapproving of what she has done as porn star.






Aghayani ke

by paasdar (not verified) on

Aghayani ke fekr mikonid en dokhtare javan va nadaan kare khobi karde ke lokht shodeh va jeloye dorbin sex dasteh, en filmesho be modar va khahareton neshoon bedid, va tashvigheshoon konid ke kare kheyle khobi hast va onha ham anjam bedand.


Huh? Chi? Havasam Part Shod...

by eroonman on


Unfiortunately I have been too busy watching and re-watching the video here, and then serching for even more pics and (better) videos online, to respond properly to any of the moronic discussions about porn, nakedness (yummy!), morality, and a woman's personal choice....wait...

...Hang on I just found another one....

...Nice! VERY NICE! OK I'm officially in love.

Now how does that whole seegheh, up to 4 wives, thingey work again?


Aylar Lie raised by foster Norweigen parents

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

Why isn't the interview translated in farsi or english?

Aylar is the result of Norweigen foster parents raising an Iranian born girl.

This is a unique situation.

As for the religious points raised, she lives in Norway. People from Noway are not religious.



by Anonymous Observer (not verified) on

I really did not want to jump into this fray, but I find some of these comments scary.

Mr. Varjavend, your repeated references to "decency" are alarming and are eerily reminiscent of a totalitarian imposition of a value system. You should not generalize the Iranian society as "we want to be known...", as you do not speak on everyone's behalf. I am an Iranian. Perhaps I like to see an Iranian porn star. Ms. Dianati is also an Iranian. Perhaps she likes to become a porn star. Are you going to impose your value system on us? Pornography has been around since the dawn of human culture (just like homosexuality). It is, in fact, a part of the human value system. If you equate every sexual conduct which falls outside of your narrow definition of "decency", then we should go around and arrest all pornographers and homosexuals (you do compare pornography with other "illegal" acts). Incidentally, that experiment has been done many times in human history, the most recent example of which is Iran. And every time that this futile experiment in imposition of cultural values has been implemented, it has only worked to advance and further proliferate the acts which it was intending to curtail. The perfect example, again, is today's Iran, where underground (and sometimes not even underground) prostitution has flourished since it was outlawed after the Revolution.

The State is no one's guardian, and neither is the society. While the State has a responsibility to its citizens to protect them against that which harms them (such as murder, rape, burglary, etc.), the State does NOT have the right to prevent free individuals from engaging in conduct that it seems "indecent", so long as that conduct does not harm anyone and it provides others with an option to engage in it-even if the majority agrees that the act is indecent. I know that you will come back now and say that pornography is harmful conduct because it effects the moral values, exploits women, etc... But that argument is flawed because pornography is something in which both the actor and the watcher have a choice. In other words, if you do not want your values to be effected, don't watch it. You have a choice, and that is what sets it a part from criminal conduct, wherein the victim has no choice. Please also note that I am talking about legal and regulated pornography in which the age of actors are monitored to ensure that no minors are exploited.

That is my two cents on this subject.


I agree with Arjan1212 and

by varjavand on

I agree with Arjan1212 and many other commenters. No one is criticizing her as a person. She is being criticized because she has crossed the line of decency and her action does impose some severe external costs on the society in general and the Iranian community in Diaspora in particular. We want to be known as a high achiever, decent, well-mannered, moderate minority and do not wish to be associated with pornography and other social ills that tarnish our image.


If you justify her action, then, the society should not punish any criminal because you can always find something, an excuse, to justify illigal actions. But that is not the way we can keep social order and decency. Many suffer economic hardship sometime in their life that doesn’t mean that they should go ahead steal or sell illegal drug to earn income.



Non sense

by Arjang1212 (not verified) on

I don't know how the religion issue came up in middle of all this. Do you think religion has anything to do with me criticizing her? How did you reach to this conclusion? How Islamic republic did come in to discussion?! We were merely criticizing her participation in porn movies. Nobody wanted to stone her, or even wants to harm her in any way. We were just criticizing her actions.

I think you people have a lot of hatred in your heart towards the regime in Iran that every chance you get, you start out of no where, connect someone's misery to the regime's actions.

After viewing the opinion of all these ex-Iranian/Christian/liberals, I came to this conclusion that you are extremely irrational bunch.

Go ahead, stick with your Jesus and leave us alone, we are trying to have a rational discussion.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I feel so left out now  :(

Seriously, thanks for the kind word.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I think you have missed my point.

My understanding of the definition of virgin is a person who has yet to have sexual relations, not limited to intercourse. A girl who has gone down on half the varsity football team or has had anal sex while maintaining an intact hymen hardly classifies as a virgin.

I don't know this girl, nor would the opportunity exist where that would change. She clearly has a different peer group as well as a different sense of values. That's not a judgment. That's fact.

How she makes a living is of no consequence to me. Her method of deriving an income does not pay my bills or otherwise fulfill my obligations. She doesn't cause me any harm or inconvenience of any sort, and as long that remains the status quo, everything is hunky-dory.

To say that her choice of profession has brought and will continue to bring about difficulty for her in later years is not being judgmental. The memory of the Internet is long, and will not be affected by the ravages of Alzheimer's Disease in later years.

Yes, many MIT grads are socially awkward. Just as many aren't. Again, you missed my point.

But the fact remains, this girl has sex on camera for money. Does she steal, cause bodily harm or anything else? Not that I know of. But that doesn't matter. People with self-respect do not engage in this behavior.

When you were a young girl, did you ever tell your parents that you wanted to be a stripper, a porn star or God knows what else when you grew up?

Is a porn career one of the available choices on "Career Day" at school?

Don't presume to think you can change anybody, whether they want to change or not. It's very arrogant posture to adopt.

And yes, you DO care about opinions on this matter. If you didn't, you wouldn't have responded to me or anyone else. But for God's sake don't lie to yourself about it.

And as far as Jesus or Mohammad is concerned, I never bought into any of those silly fairy tales, so it appears you are the one who made the assumption. And when I go to the bathroom to take a piss, the only thing I worry about is not hitting my shoes.