Mostafa Ghorbani

Homeless in Los Angeles


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حاجي آقا,

Anonymous1234 (not verified)

حاجي آقا, نميدونم ميفهمي كه تو هم مثل اون آقا مشكل داري ? يا نه ? چطور به اون آقا كه ميرسه تنبله, اما يكي نيست كه بخودت بگه برو كار كن .


you lazy man read my life story from canada

by hajiagha on


in 2002 I was be homeless in Ottawa I was be homeless in many times in Vancouver and in Toronto, but this times in cold winter of the Ottawa I became mad and call to parliament of Canada and ask for help but no one ever care about my phone then i told them I came and break your glass should know Canadian are so racist ....Then police came after me because I was born in Iran, 2 day in jail . 10 month in court, ignore and torture....after i sue the government of Canada and RCMP same police taser the polish man in Vancouver and kill the man,,,,,they are close my file ( to amnesty international and against RCMP) from me.....I left Canada with $300 to los angeles in just week I start working as cartoonist, I get to school. I pay my rent, I but car......this man is lazy. USA is best place to get job and became rich or have healthy life because have better system as Canada or Iran, I saw how they are helping people ,with free school or training, buss pass, immigration, this is sh....t this homeless guy he like to stay homeless in los angeles , in Canada no, we like to have good life we like to get to school we like to work but are government in Canada and system is sucks, because there is no support in canada we have very bad system in canada , bad police, law , canada and looks like a dictatorship programs like we have in Iran, I recommended do not landing in Canada as immigrant if you are educated , this place is sucks, i was working 2 years volunteer for them to help HIV+ and homeless, after one days I complain about my breakfast in cafe shop because was old sandwiches ...they are fire me and they are call the police over me because i complain abut bad food they sale to homeless in this place..I can not have art show in canada because I born in Iran, I can not sale my art work because I born in Iran, I can not teach as art instructor because I born in Iran, %99 of government job in canada go for white canadian blond hir and blue eyes, Canada is racist country ...homeless are going to die in Canada on street frozen to death, young as 13 years are sale the sex for drugs and government of Canada supporting drugs programs....why i so much I mad about Canada or democracy or draw cartoons because I am victims of the stupid capitalism and system we have in Canada. you are having better system in USA, so much better,


an iranian homeless guy who goes to Vegas and gambles!

by Ali Sefati (not verified) on

either this is a sad attempt by bebin TV to get more audience or this guy is major psychotic.


No actor...

by marjan (not verified) on

This man is no actor... Bebin tv has NOT made this up. That's for sure.
He seems to have come from a cultured background(from the way he speaks) what happened thereafter, who knows!
I believe he seriously needs some form of medical aid.
This could be any one of us!
I wonder where his family is?
Have they given up on him?
It does not take all that much to cross the line of sanity to the land of hallucinations and delusions.
God help us all.


Total Bullshit!

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

Bebin TV is broadcasting fraud! It's not even funny. But trying to pass this off as real, they are making a sick joke. I look more homeless than this guy! His nails are trimmed nice, his sun-glasses are expensive, his luggage looks like brand new airplane luggage! His eye-brows are even done nicely... And how and why did he come back from Vegas to LA with no money?


This is not uncommon

by Alborzi (not verified) on

He would benefit from some out patient intervention and some (but not forced) social integration. His problems have driven him more to schizophrenia, but he may have had some basis for it.


i called it laziness

by just me (not verified) on

Serious need of psychiatric help? i don't think so..i see this guy almost every other day and i've talked to him in few occasion.i even offered him a job. but he refuse and he has all sort of excuses not to work.. i think since the god or whoever else created us, he/she put one small cell in our brian that called excuses and we use it in a profound and convincing way that rest of the world is wrong and he is right....Stop making excuses. Eat some SENJET and get a job like rest of us..


names of the actors please!

by it is acting (not verified) on

What are the names of the actors in this movie?


This is saddddd...This guy

by This is sad.. (not verified) on

This is saddddd...This guy obviously has mental problems and you guys are exploiting it... I hope at least you guys do something to help his situation... Instead of thinking about profiting and creating a name for yourself. He needs to be sent to a mental institution.


So sad,

by پیام on

This guy is in serious need of psychiatric help.