Mostafa Ghorbani

Homeless in Los Angeles


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Noble I made thee!!!!!

by Mona 19 (not verified) on


I created thee rich, why dost thou bring thyself down to poverty? Noble I made thee, wherewith dost thou abase thyself?

...Rise then unto that for which thou wast created.


to hajiagha

by me (not verified) on

haji agha joon don't you think it is time to learn some english too? it'll help you to become a better "cartoonist" :-) movafagh bashi


very sad BUT true

by Mina Nazaryan (not verified) on

I also live in San Diego and very involved with the homeless population...I volunteer at few local places that feeds them...if U know of any Iraninan homeless, please let me know and I will do my very best to do what I can.
thank you


Truth is bitter!

by Khanoom Dr (not verified) on

This Homeless person has a severe form of mental illness. He is living in the land of hallucinations & delusions.

1. $40K is a lot of money for a homeless person! Did he really gamble $40K in one night! Does he keep thousand of dollars in his bag with his chips & doogh?

2. He believes that he is being conspired against. This is a medically recognised sign of mental illness

3. He has problems connecting thoughts into logical sequences. At some points in the interview its hard to make sense of what he is saying! Again a well recognised sign of mental illness.

Unfortunately in our Iranian culture people with mental illness are not treated with respect. That's why people are afraid get help or even go to psychologist when they need to because they are afraid to be diagnosed with a mental illness!

Here are some interesting facts about mental illness:

>> Prevalence Rate for schizophrenia is approx 1.1% of the population over the age of 18.(source: NIMH)

>> About one in four adults experiences mental illness at some point in their life.

>> Most mental illnesses can be treated with medications and/or psychotherapy.

This homeless person might not have the opportunity to seek medical attention. But we should learn to treat people with mental illness with fairness. With such high rates none of us are immune from becoming mentally ill. So watch out!

Mohammad Kazerouni

Hope this Helps answer your questions about

by Mohammad Kazerouni on

Hello People,

Well, I work with and I hope that I can answer some of your questions....or accusations.... not that it makes a difference to some of you.

Several people have listed comments regarding spreading lies, fortunately enough for us, most Iranians living in Westwood are familiar with Mostafa, although maybe not by name. He is a familiar face in the area and sorry to disappoint our critics, he is NOT an actor. I invite those of you who have called this report a lie to visit Westwood and/or talk to people that live in the area as they are most certainly familiar with Mostafa, at least the store owners can verify this story.

To answer JUST ME's question whether considers this a report because we didn't make a specific point, make you feel good or bad about the story, or whether you are supposed to look at the clip for the sake of time, Well.... it's quite simple. This by no means was a documentary, it was simply a Reality story in its true form. We're not trying to tell you our story, or to make you feel one way or another about Mostafa, rather we are showing you Mostafa's story through his own eyes. We hope that his story has in one way or another enriched your life and knowledge.

From a personal perspective, having worked with for over a year now has really given me a glimpse into Iranian culture which I had never before really realized existed. I've found that many Iranians do have a difficult time facing reality with respect to common societal problems that exist in every community, even the Iranian one. Issues like homosexuality, poverty (in this case a homeless Iranian), and/or disease (i.e. HIV and AIDS) are still hard for many of us to swallow. Nevertheless, they play a real role within our community and turning a blind eye to it won’t solve the problem.

Lastly, I wish those of you who criticized the story as fake or unbelievable would go back and watch the story again for what it is really about: Mostafa is a real person, he is an Iranian; homeless in Los Angeles!



by Anonymous984 (not verified) on

This guy clearly has mental issues. I feel sorry for him. He is sick, that's why he makes irrational choices. That's why he can't hold a job. He needs treatment to get better, and install confidence within himself. Only then he can slowly get back into society. When his head is clear, not while he is fighting all kinds of imaginary daemons. That's all it is.

I think the video sort of shows that. It's a shame. He is lost


I did say I was a Baha'i,

by Omid (not verified) on

I did say I was a Baha'i, but the funnier thing is she didn't want help. Some people make these choices.


آقا مسطفی مواذب باش ایرانی های لوس آنحلس حیب تو نزنند

Anonymous67 (not verified)

آقا مسطفی مواذب باش ایرانی های لوس آنحلس حیب تو نزنند


this guy must came from canada

by canadian (not verified) on

he must move from Canada to LA


He isreal

by Gfunk (not verified) on

Hisreal and he is Iranian ,He is a nice guy but he is defintely mentally ill. Yes ,we dohave homelss people in our culture.....surprised ?? Are we that good and pure and responsiblethat it's impossible ?? Give me a break.....go make your Vegas reservations...give him some pot money next time.He really enjoys pot.... :)


He is very real

by very sad to see (not verified) on

I have seen him in San Diego California I talk to him, it is a sad case
Unfortunately we have a few more down here .One recently passed a way.
These three (that I’ve met) come from good background; one had a valid PHD in Physics (the one who passed a way). An Iranian family took care of him for past several years after he was discovered in San Diego (if you are reading this, God Bless You and your respected family)The other two are still here one hangs out with the other homeless people in Front of the mall in downtown.
In the case of Mr. Ghorbani, several Iranian business owners had offered him jobs but he refuses to work. About six months a go I saw him again and he told me he was just released form jail (I could not verify the story) the rest of it is as he explains in the video. My dear friends although it is extremely taboo in our society, at this point I have come to accept this as a part of our life here, after all Harchi dar Alame dar Adameh.
God bless you all


now I am going to bring homeless girl to have fun

by from canada (not verified) on

ha ha ha so fun I have money and she homeless, let get have some fun with only $20
I support women right


stay homeless because this is your right

by ha ha ha ha ha (not verified) on

you came to USA to be free and have fun , now you have
this is not businesses for others to tell you what to do?
you lose your money in gambling they lose own money to smoke hashish or drink.....or pay to hooker.
they blame to to cover own dirty ass


answer to canada ( orzea)

by Anonymous4 (not verified) on

to sale drugs in Canada to became rich
or with fraud working in Canada and be honest do not get you far as a slaves most of the people get rich here are get in the rung way like sale drugs or fraud or..... I am honest man I am not tiff or a guy like to sale drugs in Vancouver to get rich some one told me but I told him sucks get fuck off



by Anonymous. (not verified) on


Give it a rest with your wining. Not every subject has to be spun around and be about you. Most of us who left Iran and immigrated to Canada or the US worked very hard for our lives and our life-styles. I certainly have. No regrets. Nothing is free. Nothing is easy. You have to work hard for what you want in life. Wining about it is not going to get you anywhere. If you had an ounce of pride (gheyrat) you would not complain so much about your life, and instead go and do something about it. If you had the ORZEH. Reading your verbal crap for the past couple of months shows me that you don't have the ORZEH. Canada is not your enemy. YOU are your worst enemy. I am absolutely sick of you and your crap, you blabbing idiot...


Mr. such a shame

by just me (not verified) on

Mr: passionate Such a shame..Please read my comment under i called it laziness..with your judgmental thought you not only offended me personally you discredit your slef as're not the only person who want to help him. i live a block away from west wood and as i mentioned i offered him few times a job in my construction company..He just don't want to work and has his own weird philosophy of life..his is just a manipulative lazy guy..


Many homeless people

by laleh zar (not verified) on

Many homeless people who are out on the streets are not 'capable' of being aware of their own situation and needs, therefore they will not accept help easily.
Do you think anyone actually wants to be in such a situation if they can think clearly?
These people have possibly ended up this way due to a number of reasons,including
poverty, PLUS psychiatric reasons.(Mild to severe)
I know of people who have gotten themselves off the streets when it was only due to poverty. But other categories need professional help.
Some of you, who are perhaps not quite aware of this kind of life - possibly because in years past we did not have this phenomenon in Iran - you do sound extremely heartless here!


funny funny

by funny funny (not verified) on

You are very funny my friend! Did you introduce yourself as: I am a Baha'i and would like to help you - and then the poor woman said,, I like a Muslim to help me!!??

default about a schizo

by irooni (not verified) on

You know I just figured out who these two guys are...
The reporter is a HOBBIT from the LORD OF THE RINGS and the homeless guy is PETER JACKSON the director of lord of the rings....Is this a sequel....where is the ring???????


I swear to you that this is

by Omid (not verified) on

I swear to you that this is true:

I used to live in Orlando and I found an Iranian woman, chador and everything homeless and sleeping on the street near Valencia Community College. I tried to help her and give her a hand to a mosque or something. She was very confrontational and did not want help at all. Although I doubt she chose her situation, sometimes even the unthinkable happens. Maybe she didn't want my help because I was a Baha'i guy...who knows.


علاج قوچانی

Anonymous13 (not verified)

این مرتیکه اگر یک شکم کتک بخورد ادم میشود.
حاجی اقا هم همینطور.


Bebin TV people are spreading lies on this board...

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

this is total fraud, you should be ashamed of yourselves.


your language show how you are educated

by Anonymous44 (not verified) on

I thinks this TV made excellent point,
1- why we should have homeless ?
2- what we can do to help them?
3-why government of USA spending over 400 billion dollars on war and not on low income in USA
5- what we can do to stop became homeless?
6- get job yes but if you can not land job ? what you are going to do? like in Canada Canadian traveling from all over the Canada to work in Victoria and Vancouver now we have so many people and we don't have enough rental housing people are sleeping van or in car...they are homeless too? but they have job.
7- why this man have gambling problems?
8- gambling is dangerous game gambling in USA are free?
9- why advertising gambling on TV?
10 gambling like drugs, should be controlled by government?
11- he told he like to be homeless what is your problems free of the life shields in west is not your business.
12- this guys was reporter, if he was report about sex perhaps you was happy?


Iranian Homeless -

by Such A Shame (not verified) on

I live in LA & have seen this poor guy a lot. He is mainly hanging around Westwood area, but he does travel as far as he Valley around Norouz & hangs around all the Iranian supermarkets and begs for money and cigarettes.

He's definitely in need of psychiatric help and I am so ashamed how few of us want to face the reality that people like him do exist and there is a lot of them; and yes they are Iranian I did read right to the end of the page looking for at least one person offering to help! But, no, no no, instead we all have to deny the realities of life, like what our culture is used to for years & years! Blame it on others, hired a "manicured" actor to pretend to be an Iranian Homeless!!! I don't think the aim of the program was to make you laugh,but to make you think. What are we giving back to the society we live in? We refuse to help our own people let alone the people of the host countries we live in. I have actually contacted some shelters who are willing to help this guy and I have arranged to meet with them and take them to see this guy in Westwood next week.
SUCH A SHAME - keep brushing the dirt under the carpet & see what happens - These are he taboos in our culture we should start dealing with.



by just me (not verified) on

i have a question for Bebin-tv..hey guys,do you call this a report made for T.V? if so,What is your subject? is that a short documentary? if yes what is the massage? what am i suppose to learn from this clip.. You obviously didn't help me to like the guy or sympathize for him. You didn't even help me to hate him. So, what am i suppose to look for? should i just look at it for the sake of time or what....???
You spent so much time chasing him. .And now, please take your time and explain to us as your audience what is that you trying to say.


... and you guys believe him

by River (not verified) on

... and you guys believe him when he says he went to Vegas and lost $40k???


Well do you know what I

by ShahinUK (not verified) on

Well do you know what I think? It is the gambling habit that drove him to this point. It was mentioned that he lost $40k in LA. Who knows he might as well lost his job, car, house, family and etc. Such situation can cause one having mental illnesses...


I have my own job as handyman and painter

by hajiagha on


i working as security guard, i working Canada with %14 TAX and pay high as $800 for obe bedroom apartment and cost of the living every one like me have hard times, why not just you move in Canada and i pay for your place and live in Canada for month.

and I help you to get job for $8 an hours and tell me how you can live like this 40 hours X $8 =? - $800 for rent - %14 TAX - food-_ gas for car- insurance- others cost of the living like medical......what you talking about man Canadian are working 20 hours a day and they can not be happy with own life , why when I move in los angeles I can be happy with only draw cartoon on street ?sytem is sucks in Canada , not me, 1 of the 3 people in Canada on a welfare

same times a old british man in canada going and pay $100,00 to buy travel van, form his camping or a million to buy land in mexico or....for his winter vacation . you must be british and have british blood to have good times in canada... 

housing in years 2000 from $ 100,00 jumping to over $700.00 by 2007 and in 2008 they are talking to jup housing to up a one million dolors because government of canada collect more TAX if cost of the living get up they macking more money when we are working and living like slaves, is not me, is all about %80 of canadian and immigrant living like me...I have car, I have office I have my own job but no money to save....all back to government and expensive....are we have so many land in canada?

%80 of land in hand of the government ? for what? why we should pay such like this? canada is not like Iran dry land , canada have best water and land , but in hand of the british queen not a people, are gas and oli in canada same as are TAX go to support old british people here ,

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

This guy has no source of income yet managed to blow $40 grand in Vegas? I don;t know who is more stupid? The guy or the people who gave him this money to squander.


There are people who are homeless who need to be pointed in the right direction and they can take it from there and get back on their feet. This guy prefers to live this way, so I think it is best to leave him that way and ignore him. I seriously doubt he is mentally ill. Just immature and lazy.


I was be homeless

by hajiagha on


1999 Toronto i get to sale my blood to pay my rent.

i get help and publish cartoons magazine in Toronto no one give me advertise or support we close the magazine after one years , I get and study 3D Maya animation but there is no job in Canada,

i was working as handyman and painter, because no one like to give full times job to born Moslem's in Canada,

life is sucks but do not give up, work hard , I work as handyman, painter, cleaner, security, landscaping ...any job came ....but you live in USA, every one have dream's to move there, i know in Iranian community we have some stupid people and never help any one , but not all of them some of the are so friendly , they was helping me , and thanks from them, American are not racist as Canadian and why you free on street in Canada police keep the homeless in jail, mostly when is times for tourism to came to Canada to show we don't have problems in Canada . i hops united nation get with Canada and watch the Canada , because Canada pay large money to U.N , perhaps the U.N never get over this country, do not give up man, I was collecting garbage , like VCR and TV from street bring home and if was working I had free advertisement on Internet people are calling me and I was sold so many TV or VCR oe CD player where I find in garbage or on street,some times I never had any food in a week i just eat the dry bread where i pick up from salvation army .some times I was wish to die and never land here,  yes life can be sucks when you skin color and you land in racist country, USA is not racist country. look how many African and spanish are working for government of USA, we have only %1 multiculture are working for are government.